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Wednesday April 10, 2024


And hello from Germany. It’s Wednesday where you are I think…Thursday here in Germany. So weird.



Yesterday we made the long trip from Nashville to Germany where my wife and I will be hanging with our daughter and her husband who are stationed just south of Frankfort where we flew into for the next couple of weeks. My sleep cycle is completely out of whack at the moment but we’ll soon have our legs under us and we’ll be out and about seeing the sites.


Watched a couple of movies while on the plane and the first couple of episodes of “Masters of the Air” that’s running on Apple+ that Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks produced about those World War II bomber pilots. Two thumbs up for sure from me. Now I might have to subscribe so that I can see the other episodes.


I have decided that there is no airplane seat that’s comfortable if you’re flying 8 or 9 hours straight. My tuckus is sorus today.


But we got here and our daughter and son in law picked us up at the airport and there were lots of hugs passed around. Really great getting to spend some real quality time with our kids over here.



So we got the tour of the Army base where Casey works and flies fixed wings and we made a stop at a grocery store-restaurant and more.


I had no idea what the chef was saying but these look delicious don’t they?




On the way back to the house which is on the base here we stopped at a Tulip Farm.


You pick up a pair of clippers and wander out into the field and cut whatever tulips you want.


Rows and rows of tulips that have bloomed, and some that have not.


You can pick un-bloomed, put them in water and they’ll bloom in a day or two.


65 cents per tulip. Pretty good deal. It was a nice day to wrap up our first day here.



We did find out that the exit sign in German is an attention getter…to say the least.


I held my nose every time we passed one of these until I found out it meant “exit”.



My young friend Alex Miller put up this fun VIDEO yesterday of him staring into a young girls eyes while singing “Ain’t Ever Saying Never” which is the song I wrote with Alex and our friend Josh Shilling that’s on Alex’s new EP that’s out this Friday. Have I mentioned that my young Kentucky friend here is C O U N T R Y?


And did I mention that Alex has a “country” sense of humor as well? Yesterday, with him knowing I’m in Germany he texted me this question.


“What do you call a German bra?”


I replied, “Oh no…what?...trying to brace myself.


Alex replied, “DashuaStoppenFramFloppin


Yea, I’m still groaning as well.



Researchers in Australia have concluded that exercising in the evening hour of 6 to midnight is most beneficial.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics that In-Home-Care for the elderly increased 14.2% in the last year.


A new study finds that avocado consumption is linked to a better diet.



Arguing with your partner is like trying to read the ‘Terms of Use” on the internet. Eventually you just give up and say, “I Agree”.  



Word is that the demand for Spam is on fire as inflation is forcing some grocery shoppers to scale back. Good ole Spam. Carried it to school in a brown paper bag many a time. If folks rush to the stores and buy enough of the Hormel delight it might make my Spam song a big ole hit!



McDonald’s just put up this advertising sign in the Netherlands that smells. They say if you’re within 15 feet of it that it smells like a “Happy Meal” or their French fries depending on your nose…I suppose. And then of course you want some of those fries!



I would think that would be a great billboard idea for Starbucks as well…smell the coffee.



Word is that the influx of rich folks to Florida from New York and California has made a round of golf REALLY expensive. Especially in South Florida-Miami area. Some golf memberships now are in the six figure range, and a couple of country clubs are in the 7 figure range.

 No wonder Pickleball has caught on in Florida.



Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead.” Ya think?



We’re making it up over here across the pond. I’m sure we’ll get out today and check out some scenery here in Germany. I’ll post some pictures here tomorrow.


Have a great Wednesday!







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