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BILL BLOG Monday June 1, 2023   Thursday morning…back home in Nashville. 86 for the high here today. And it’s the first day of June!   YESTERDAY My wife and I made an uneventful trip home to Music City for Cincinnati getting back early in the afternoon after spending a couple of days there at the cutest little VRBO cottage.     Complete with a Mama cat and her kittens on the porch!      We had a wonderful celebration of life for a family member up there that went as well as those things can go. And watching two Navy officer in their whites fold, unfold and salute a flag and then present it to my Mother In Law was incredibly moving. Thank you to the men and women who serve and do such things. We appreciate you.   Despite the solemn occasion we had time to catch up with family and pass out hugs and love. A good trip despite the somber ocassion if you will.   AUSTRIA On our trip home from Cincinnati my daughter Heather and her husband Casey called

Last Day of May...Busy June...Bluegrass Awards

BILL BLOG Wednesday May 31, 2023 Wednesday morning and getting ready to leave Cincinnati for a return trip home to Nashville. 88 for a high here in the Queen City today.   YESTERDAY We had a good day with family and friends yesterday despite the fact that we were gathered for a sad occasion. It was truly great to see everyone, hug everyone and help comfort some folks as best you can for things like this. It’s a shame it takes things like this to sometimes draw families back together, but nonetheless we celebrated a wonderful life and we found lots of time to hang and talk and laugh. I was once again reminded of short life truly is these days and reminded myself again not to take a single day for granted.   GOOD NEWS I did see some great new yesterday. The second round of nominations is in for the International Bluegrass Music Association Awards that will be passed out this September in Raleigh, North Carolina. My dear Carolina friends Darin and Brooke Aldri

Cincinnati...HOA Rules...Put Some Clothes On

BILL BLOG Tuesday May 30, 2023  Tuesday morning and I’m in Cincinnati this morning. 86 and sunny here in the town once known as Porkopolis today.   YESTERDAY My wife and I made the 5 hour or so drive from Nashville to Cincinnati where my wife Kathy is from. We’re getting to see her Mom and family for a celebration of life here. We wish it were a happier occasion, but it will be good to spend some her family members, nonetheless. Her family is scattered. Some of them still live in Cincinnati, some in east Tennessee and others in North Carolina. We’ll do our best to enjoy the day and then make our way back home to Music City first thing in the morning.   VRBO We rented a little cottage in Cincinnati for our two night stay on VRBO. That choice turned out to be a really good one because the cottage is so well kept that I would recommend it for anyone who needed a place to stay if they were in Cincinnati for any reason. And one of the things that really caugh

Memorial Day...Skyline...Vets

BILL BLOG Monday May 29, 2023   Hello Monday morning…getting ready for a little trip to Cincinnati this Memorial Day morning.   THE WEEKEND Pretty lazy Memorial Day weekend here at the Whyte House. Caught a ballgame Saturday night and an exciting Indy 500 on Sunday on TV. I was blessed to cover the race when I was doing morning radio in Cincinnati and saw the race three different times. One of those things most folks should do once if you can.      I also did   some prepping and packing for the trip to Cincinnati this morning with my wife for a family thing today. Wish it were a happier occasion we were going for, but we are looking forward to spending a little time with my wife’s side of the family there today and tomorrow.   And somewhere during this little run I’m sure I’ll make a stop at my favorite restaurant Skyline Chili. It’s the law if you’re anywhere near the Queen City.     MEMORIAL DAY And here’s to those brave men and women who protec

Mascot Racing...Good Hearted Tina...Celebrity Pets

BILL BLOG Friday May 26, 2023 Friday morning in Nashville headed for Memorial Day weekend stuff. 81 with sunshine here today.   YESTERDAY It was kind of a lazy day for me but somewhere in the lazy I found some time to tweak a new song I had written with Brady Seals on Wednesday as we worked to make it better…and I think we might have done that. Brady took it and re-recorded it in his home studio so it’s good to go with a new coat of polish.   And then last night I did that baseball thing again on a perfect weather evening in Nashville.       Not a bad way to kill a Thursday watching baseball and our country music celebrity race with George Jones , Dolly, Johnny Cash and Reba . Johnny won by a mile last night. Weird…I know.      And ours pales in comparison to the Sausage race in Milwaukee where I lived for years and watched “meat” race out on the ballfield. I’d pay good dollars if they combined those two races just to give me a chance to see Geo

Rockin' Tune...Tina...Canyon Trail

BILL BLOG Thursday May 25, 2023   Thursday morning coming up in Music City with sunshine and 82 on tap today.   YESTERDAY Brady Seals joined me on my computer to write yesterday morning. Still one of my favorite creative people in this creative crazy music town. I got to know Brady first when I was doing mornings on WUBE Radio in Cincinnati. I had a little side hustle job for a while where I DJ’d at a club called the Mineshaft that also held a talent contest that I emceed on those nights. A very young Brady Seals (think underage) would sneak in and compete…and win. It was easy to hear how talented he was at 15 or 16 or however he old he was back then. And then he of course was part of the hit group Little Texas for years, then Hot Apple Pie , and then he was a solo artist with multiple big record label deals.   Yesterday Brady was drawing on his past with Little Texas and his rock star youth and all that entails. Amazing some of those guys live to tell about it!   But we wro