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BILL BLOG Tuesday May 21, 2024 Tuesday morning do be here bringing more sunshine with it. 86 and very summer like today in Nashville with a 100% chance of noisy cicadas.   YESTERDAY I had a great day hanging and writing with Wil Nance and Brian White at Nance Acres yesterday…Wil’s little mini-farm complete with a writing cabin that’s cozy place to write songs in.   Wil is almost done building a big old home up high on one of his hills that will have an amazing view out the massive windows of the Tennessee country side up on the second floor. Takes a LONG time and some suffering to build a house, especially if you’re a first time. It’s been a two year process for Wil but boy will it be worth it when he and the family move in. Massive stone fireplace, and a danged elevator up to the second and 3 rd floors. Can’t wait to see the finished project.   And we got a cool new country love song out of the day as well. So a fun productive Monday was had by all.

Bluegrass Rhyming...Blue Collar Gospel Feature...Underwear On Heads

BILL BLOG Monday May 20, 2024   Monday morning and the start of a new work week. And sunshine has finally returned. High of 85 in Nashville today.   THE WEEKEND Friday morning I rhymed a new song with young talented Caroline Owen s who was just signed to a record-publishing deal with Billy Blue Records , the company I write songs for as well. Caroline is going to become a very recognized name in the bluegrass genre in the very near future.   I had an idea that I brought with me into the writing room, and Caroline took it and changed the music and the feel and we both tore apart what was on paper and made it better…together. What was pretty good I thought going into the session turned into something much better because of the way Caroline added her magic. She’s a country girl for Carolina, loves to fish, and she wore bib overalls into the writing session. How in the world ya gonna beat that?   Fun Friday morning.     BANJO RADIO I did have a chance to

Farm Girl Singer...Three Times A Lady...Blue Collar Gospel

BILL BLOG Friday May 17, 2024 Friday morning and the weekend is on us. And today…more heavy rain. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. High of just 70 today.   YESTERDAY I had a great writing session with Sarah Davison at my publishing company. The second time we’ve had a chance to work together. Sarah just came off the road on the Blake Shelton tour where she played piano with our mutual friend Emily Ann Roberts who many of you will probably remember being on “The Voice” and on Blakes’ team.     Sarah is from Iowa and she’s a farm girl and she ain’t faking it. Catching up we talked about Massey Ferguson’s and the cost of a combine these days, Spotted Poland China hogs, skinning catfish, and planting corn. She’s country.     Sarah is also the leader of a wonderful girl group “High Road” who have toured all over the place. She majored in piano at Belmont University here in Nashville so we took advantage of that and wrote a gospel song that sounds good

Pennsylvania Writing...Weird Dreams...Album Party Tonight

BILL BLOG Thursday May 16, 2024   It’s already Thursday morning y’all. And it will be sunny and 81 here today. We’ll take it after all the rain and cloudy weather we’ve had.   YESTERDAY I jumped online and wrote a new song with Troy Engle up in Pennsylvania. Troy is truly a talented one man band as he can play ANY instrument well. His new album out in August of this year is pretty much him doing everything.     To give you an example of his talent listen to his current single we wrote together “ Never Too Lost ”. Troy is playing every instrument you hear, is singing lead and harmony parts as well. The ONLY outside person involved is yours truly as a co-writer. Troy was in Nashville for a long while and played with a ton of folks. Tom T. Hall, Eric Church, The Isaacs and on and on.   It’s just a pleasure to rhyme song with someone that nice and ultra-talented. And yesterday’s song was great fun to write.   HEALTH NOTES The online publication