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The Quacker...Good Movie...Cledus Rhyming

BILL BLOG Monday August 8, 2022   New week.   A busy Monday morning coming up in Nashville.   THE WEEKEND Fairly quiet over the weekend, although I did get a fun new drinking song written with Gerald Smith this past Friday morning at my publishing company. Gerald has had a few #1 songs in his career along with a George Jones song, as well as songs recorded by Johnny Rodriguez , Moe Bandy , Joe Stampley and even this song that the great George Strait recorded. At one point in his career Gerald pitched songs for George Strait’s publishing company and he was the “Georgia Quacker” on Hee Haw for several seasons doing his “duck” thing. And yea, he has a “funny” side too. So it’s always fun to hear some of his great stories and create something new together.   A MOVIE I watched the Amazon Prime movie “ 13 Lives ” last night produced by Ron Howard and starring Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen . Based on the true-life story of some very brave cave divers rescuing 13 young boy

Sarasota...Bugs and God...Garth Concert Memory

BILL BLOG Friday August 5, 2022   First weekend of August is just ahead. 88 for the high, and we have a chance of getting some needed rain today in Nashville. We don’t want the rain that Kentucky, Vegas, or Orlando had where Disney World got flooded, but we could use some precipitation here in middle Tennessee.   YESTERDAY I had a little business meeting at my publishing company Billy Blue. Mostly touching base and talking about some new songs I’m a part of. We’ll be in studio soon to record a couple of those as “demos” so we can pitch them to artists. It’s always amazing to me how great the demos sound when they come back from a group of talented “on call” folks we have at our disposal. Singers, players, producers, and we have a couple of folks who can do it all. Play every instrument, sing, do the harmonies and produce the danged thing. Amazing. Looking forward to hearing these new ones when they’re done.   NEW DATE It looks like I’ll have a stop near Sarasota, Florida on

New Gulf Coast Dates...Blast on the Bay...Bosses

BILL BLOG Thursday August 4, 2022    Thursday morning the 4 th of August. 89 degree high on tap today with a possibility of rain for the next several days here in Tennessee.   YESTERDAY   After running hard for the last three weeks with a lot of writing and road trips to Colorado, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, and Missouri, I had a little lull in the action. And I’m trying to use the time to catch up some things I’ve gotten behind on. And at the same time, I’m trying to enjoy the “down” time because it’s going to get busy again, sooner than later.   BACK TO THE COAST To that point, I did another date in Mobile, Alabama with my friend Juanita Smith at the Peoples Room for our 4 th comedy show together. Thank you, Jim Pennington , for not getting enough of us!   The show is October 9 at 6 pm, a Sunday.        The day before I’ll be in Baton Rouge for a Pirate and Poets songwriter round at the home of Buddy Roussel and his wife Karyn the regular hosts of Bu

Chips...Another Beach Tour...Vinyl Release

  BILL BLOG Wednesday August 3, 2022   First Hump Day of August is on us. 95 warm degrees on tap here today.   YESTERDAY We were humping to get a replacement refrigerator in the house. The first one we ordered took forever to arrive. I’ve decided it’s impossible to get anything to arrive these days in a short amount of time. We got the new fridge, loved it, but the icemaker did not work. We waited another 6 months for them to get another one. So yesterday, the new-old one went out, and a new-new one came in. It’s dropping ice. Progress…slowly…progress.     Heck, for a while I could not even find the “normal” size Frito Chips, so it’s gotten to the point that I blamed that too on a danged “chip” shortage.   And then I also spent some time going through and trying to learn new features on the new car that I’ve blogged about that also took a year to arrive. I don’t have the patience to figure out how every new feature works, so I’ll be sitting with a car guy today trying to

Gatlinburg Ahead...CMA Hosts...A GAC Memory

BILL BLOG Tuesday, August 2, 2022   Tuesday morning, and it’s great being back home in Nashville after a road trip to Pensacola and Mobile. 91 warm degrees here today.   YESTERDAY Got to sleep in my own bed last night after being on a run to Pensacola and Mobile for shows. Both were so much fun with great turnouts at both shows. One with Brent Burns , the other with Juanita Smith . Thank you again to all of you who bought tickets for those shows and supported “live” music and comedy. So I’m unpacked, reset and ready to catch up on stuff that I’m behind on. I’ve had quite a bit of traveling recently. Colorado, Arkansas, Missouri, Florida, and Alabama over the past 3 weeks. I never get tired of it. But I will say, it’s always good to go, and it’s always great to get back home. That’s the “ying” and the “yang” of it for most entertainers. I’m happy to still be doing this, going out, entertaining folks, and making them laugh. I never take this privilege for granted.   UP NEXT T

Pensacola Show...Mobile Show...Rubber Chickens

BILL BLOG Monday, August 1, 2022   Monday morning, the first day in August and I’m on the way home to Nashville from Gulf Shores.   THE WEEKEND My show Saturday with Brent Burns was in Pensacola. A House concert hosted by Judd & Gayle Williams who are huge fans of Trop Rock music. They host the Concert on Canal Series featuring folks that sing about the beach like Brent at their beautiful home that sits right on the canal in Pensacola. From our stools we could watch the boats go up and down the canal, many of them honking their boat horns as they cruised by and heard some of the music. To our right, some Parrot Heads were floating in the pool. Just a beautiful view and a great place to play music. My daughter Heather and her husband Casey made the 3-hour trip down from Fort Rucker, Alabama to hang with Dad for the day and that made it even more special. And Brent’s daughter Nicole flew in from Texas to be here for the show too, and to help celebrate Brent’s girlfriend Collee