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No Phone...Nurses Retreat...Show Sunday

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Home...A #1 Album Surprise...Margarita Smile

BILL BLOG Thursday February 22, 2024   Thursday morning and it’s good to be home.   YESTERDAY Linda Davis , Lang Scott, and I got up in Ocala, Florida and drove home to Nashville after two wonderful “Evening in the Round” shows. One in Hawkinsville, Georgia last Thursday and another in Avon Park Florida on Tuesday of this week.     A long drive that went quickly because we got some wonderful news to celebrate all the way home.   I mentioned in Wednesday’s Bill Blog that Lang and Linda’s daughter Hillary Scott of Lady A went on The Today Show Tuesday morning. We all watched as she sang a faith based song off of the family’s album “Love Remains” that won two Grammy Awards in the Contemporary Christian category. Hillary sang “Savannah Guthrie’s favorite song “ Beautiful Messes ” off of that album.   Savannah Guthrie of course being a co-host of the “Today Show."     Well guess what happened after Hillary sang that song?   The song went to #2 on the iTunes chart

Beautiful Messes...Avon Park Show...Home

BILL BLOG Wednesday February 21, 2024   Wednesday morning and I’m waking up in Ocala, Florida with a long trip home to Nashville in front of me this morning.   YESTERDAY Our “ Evening in the Round ” trio was up early with Linda Davis , Lang Scott , and me and before the three of us checked out of our hotel in Avon Park we watched Lang & Linda’s daughter on NBC and the Today Show where she sang “ Beautiful Messes ” which is on the family’s Love Remains album that won two Grammy Awards. Hillary has become great friends with Savannah Guthrie of “The Today” show as Savannah has written a faith based book. So she invited Hillary to come to New York to sing the song as it’s one of Savannah’s favorite songs period. It was really a nice moment for Hillary, the album and of course her Mom and Dad. Very cool.   And then it was on the beautiful Performing Arts Center for our 1:30 pm matinee show that was truly spectacular in every way.     We had a crowd

Rain...Avon Park, Florida...Show This Afternoon

BILL BLOG Tuesday February 20, 2024 Tuesday morning arises in Avon Park, Florida where I’m getting ready for an early show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott today.     YESTERDAY Florida has had a LOT of rain. It chased us all the way down from Nashville, rained again yesterday before finally stopping around mid-day. We talked to one couple from Michigan who were staying at our hotel who were down from Michigan hoping to have sun. They decided they’d seen enough precipitation and were leaving that morning for Sedona, Arizona where there’s always sun. They've never been to Sedona so I was able to tell them what a great choice they made as it's one of my favorite sunny places.  PLACE TO EAT Our “ Evening in the Round ” trio had the day off so we found a great local diner for breakfast where the locals go. Delish.   And by the time we got done with breakfast the sun FINALLY popped out and all of a sudden we had real Florida weather that was more

Hawkinsville, Georgia...And OLD hotel...Ugly Early Folks

BILL BLOG Monday February 19, 2024   And a good morning to you from Avon Park, Florida where we’re expecting sun and a high of 67 today.   THE WEEKEND Friday morning our “ Evening in the Round ” trio with Linda Davis , Lang Scott and myself turned 7 and a half hour drive to Hawkinsville, Georgia into 10 hours or so. TRAFFIC. Chattanooga was one thing…and then good ole Atlanta was what you’d expect.   We had plenty of time to get to the small town of Hawkinsville, Georgia so we took it. Best part of the trip down was discovering a new cool place to eat in Jasper, Tennessee.   Great food with a great view at the top of the mountain. We’d go back for sure.     HAWKINSVILLE About 4,000 folks populate the town of Hawkinsville, Georgia. The towns been here awhile. And the little hotel we stayed at doubled up on us in the shower department.   Don’t know that I’ve seen a shower with two heads like this before. I finally figured out one must be f