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2 for 1 Thursday...Umpire Stories...Traffic

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Home From Indy...Airports...Good Cup of Coffee

BILL BLOG Thursday September 21, 2023 Thursday morning and I’m home in Nashville. 85 for a high today and I’m noticing some leaves are giving up and dropping off the trees already.   YESTERDAY After 2 days of showcasing our “ Evening In The Round” show doing what we do in Indianapolis before buyers from the Midwest we loaded up early and got back home to Nashville before noon. We had a great time not only playing our two showcases, but just getting to hang out together with Linda Davis and Lang Scott is always fun.      Here’s how stupid it gets. On the trip home Lang showed me and Linda the picture you see below asking Linda if she snuck out in the middle of the night while he was sleeping?   She of course said not and then produced what he called “proof”…in the photo you see. A Cheeto. Linda likes Cheeto and Lang is convinced she tried to sneak out and grab a bag leaving this tell-tale trail like Hansel and Gretel back to their hotel room. For the rec

Indy...The Love Boat...Face Yoga

BILL BLOG Wednesday September 20, 2023 Wednesday morning and I’m getting ready to roll home to Nashville from Indy. 82 for the high today.   YESTERDAY Day 2 in Indianapolis for the Showcase Convention we’re doing. We spent some time in the Convention Center shaking hands with buyers and visiting different booking agency booths of which there were MANY including our own Alkahest out of Chattanooga and I also visited with the folks that represent the “ Hits & Grins ” trio I’m part of Live Arts & Attractions.   We also stuck our head into a huge room to hear a bit of the keynote speaker who was Ted Lange . Remember this guy...from the "Love Boat"?  Interesting choice for a music-buyer-artist thing. If we come back again I'm hoping Gopher will be the keynote speaker.   Then a little before 3 pm we did our soundcheck at the venue the Westin Hotel downtown. There are a lot of acts all doing what we’re doing, playing 15 minutes, and hoping to

Indianapolis Showcase...ACM Awards...Disney Bear

BILL BLOG Tuesday September 19, 2023   And a good Tuesday morning to you from Indianapolis. It’s 49 degrees right now in Indy with a high of just 77. Very fall like weather and nobody is complaining.   YESTERDAY Linda Davis , Lang Scott , and I made the 4 to 4 and a half hour trip from Nashville to Indianapolis for a big Artist Showcase here where buyers from the Midwest gather and listen to a bunch of acts over the next couple of days and then book the acts they want into their theaters for next season. We’re one of those acts they took a look at last night at our 15 minute showcase at the Westin Hotel in downtown Indy. And we’ll be one more showcase for them tonight before going home on Wednesday morning.      There are a lot of acts here from all over the country performing and a ton of booking agencies are here as well including ours Alkahest Entertainment out of Chattanooga. In fact, Abraham Lincoln was on just before us. Yep…a guy dressed like Lincoln delivery words of

Double Song Friday...A Polka...Indianapolis Trip

BILL BLOG Monday September 18, 2023   Monday morning has rolled in along with a road trip to Indy today. 78 comfortable degrees for a high today.   Meanwhile hurricane Lee has mostly come and gone except for some flooding but out in the Atlantic another powerful one named Nigel is forming. That time of year.   THE WEEKEND Well, it started with a writing session with my friend Thomm Jutz in his home studio that he built himself. Great place to write songs. Thomm is not only a great writer and guitar player, but he’s the fastest of all the folks I write songs with. And I’m pretty fast myself. SO…I brought a verse and a chorus and we quickly added two more verses and recorded that. Then Thomm says, “wanna write another”?   He had a great title so we wrote that as well with a particular artist in mind to pitch it to. So we had a two for one day Friday morning. In fact, we were done so early that it gave me time to take a little two mile walk around a nearby la

The Bear...Safe Haven..."Houdini"

BILL BLOG Friday September 15, 2023   The weekend has arrived…it do be Friday all day long. 85 the high today but come Monday the high will only be 79!   YESTERDAY I wrote a fun new tune with Jenny Tolman at her house yesterday morning along with her 7 month old baby boy Bear who is now crawling and reaching and making more noise. Too cute for the room. Always fun writing “fun” songs with Jenny who has a funny creative wit about her. She’s recorded one such song like that “ If I Could Invent A T-Shirt ” that we wrote with her talented husband Dave Brainard . Dave normally writes with us, be he had a recording session going on in their basement with an artist yesterday, while Jenny and Bear and me were writing upstairs. So a lot of music was going on in their home yesterday morning.      SAFE HAVEN That song that I wrote with Jimmy Fortune , Sydni Perry and Hillary Scott of Lady A has been a blessing in my life for sure, and it’s been a blessing for others through the ye

Cowboy Songs...Ugly Cruise...The Canyon

BILL BLOG Thursday September 14, 2023   Thursday morning and we’re already in the middle of September. How many shopping days until Christmas?   It has turned cooler here in Music City with a high of just 83 today, and early this morning as I’m starting today’s blog it’s just 54.   YESTERDAY I finished up a legit “Cowboy” song with my friend Victoria Venier who’s love of horses is second to nobody else. In fact, she’s got a brand new horse on the way to her pasture in just a few weeks that she showed me a picture of. So when I wrote the chorus to this idea, she came to the top of my mind as someone who would not only love the idea but should also help finish it. And she did just that. It turned out to be a waltz like the song “ My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys ” is. At the very least, I know this will be a song that Victoria will be singing in some of her shows and maybe some “Hits & Grins” show with our trio. But we do plan on sending it to a few artists we think migh