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A Big Horse...Parrot Head Gathering...Freedom Sings Trip Today

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Father's Day Weekend...An Irish Blessing...TV Theme Song

BILL BLOG Monday June 17, 2024   Monday morning be here with a warm high of 93 today. Some kind of heat all week across the country. We got up to around 98 here in Nashville yesterday.   THE WEEKEND Mine started Friday morning with co-write with North Carolinian Caroline Owens . I KNOW I’m writing with a country girl when she asked, “have you ever eaten bass”?   Yes I have. A whole bunch of it growing up in Missouri where we regularly fished for them. Good way to start a writing session.  And we got a “young” kind of bluegrass song written that fits her voice that sounds just a little like the great Alison Krauss who is one of her artists she idolizes. Caroline’s first major album is out right now and doing well. Here’s an example of her singing on one those songs. She’s going to be a name folks are going to be hearing a lot for the next many years in bluegrass circles.   FATHER’S DAY I hope you had a great Father’s Day. Certainly being a Father is

Germany Co-Write...WSM Moves...Father's Day

BILL BLOG Friday June 14, 2024 Friday morning…and how can it be weekend time already? 91 warm degrees on tap for Nashville today and getting up near 100 on Sunday.   YESTERDAY I wrote with my friend Thomm Jutz yesterday at his studio-house not too far from me. It was the first time we had written since both of us got back from 2 separate trips to Germany. I went over a couple of months ago with my wife and visited our daughter and son in law for 2 and a half weeks.   Thomm is from Germany originally and he was over there with a. musical friend touring and doing 14 shows over a month period of time.      It was great creating a new tune with him and making another song come to life in his studio. Thomm is one of those “can do it all” kind of guys. Produces, sings, writes, teaches music and songwriting at Belmont University here in town, tours, and is a gifted guitarist having played out on the road with the late great Nancy Griffith for several years.

2 For 1 Day...And Irish Tune...Back To Texas

BILL BLOG Thursday June 13, 2024   Thursday morning y’all. And the heat is on here in Tennessee. 91 and going up the next few days.   YESTERDAY I got together with my American Idol tall drink of water artist Alex Miller at recording studio B at Daywind-Billy Blue Records and Publishing and we wrote not one but two new songs yesterday.   I took a sentimental idea sort of kind of about the way Alex grew up on a farm in Kentucky that involves his late grandfather who Alex was very close to. A country song for sure. Alex was close to his Grandfather and he put his Grandpa in into the " Don't Let The Barn Door Hit Ya " video from the song I wrote with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson . That's his grandpa coming out of the outdoor bathroom on the farm. And when I thought we were finished Alex told me he wanted to write a funny song with me and had an inappropriate (sort of) title so we stayed and wrote that and laughed almost the entire time we wrote

Big Music Day...Fighting Mules...Acoustic Hits

BILL BLOG Wednesday June 12, 2024   “Hump Day” Wednesday has rolled up on us. Up to 84 sunny degrees here in Nashville today.   YESTERDAY It was quite the day. It started with a quiet celebration after we got the news that the new Kristy Cox album went to the top spot on the Billboard Chart with three songs of mine on it including “ How Lucky Am I ” that you can see and hear me talking about with Kristy here on this VIDEO .  This album from the former Australian has turned into some kind of blessing for sure. Again, thank you Kristy for recording these songs!   WRITING Then I spent some time creating a very cool almost Beatlesque type song with another Aussie friend Angus Gill who now lives here in the states full time. Angus brought in this different idea and melody that he sang for me while sitting at the piano.      Different and very cool. It was a pleasure to bring his idea to musical life. I don’t get to write with a whole lot of writers who p