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Leap Day...March Tour...Spring Break

BILL BLOG Thursday February 29, 2024   Thursday morning and how in the world can it already be the end of February? The heavy rain that came in Monday cooled our temperatures off.  I had to grab a jacket yesterday. And the high is just 50 here today before it warms back up in the 70’s this weekend.   YESTERDAY With nothing big on the calendar yesterday I caught up on a few things. Took care of renting a car for trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas for next Wednesday and Thursday with “Hits & Grins” ( Steve Dean & Victoria Venier). We play in the gorgeous Woodlands Auditorium Theater in Hot Springs Village next Thursday night.     It’s a 7 pm show and it will be our second time there as a trio. I’ve been blessed to play in the beautiful village 4 times now and I always look forward to it. Our sponsors there take such great care of us. They even put us up in home overlooking one of the lakes inside the village so how can you not like that?   RADIO A

New Writer...New Show...Gators and Golf

BILL BLOG Wednesday February 28, 2024   Wednesday morning…last Hump Day of February and we’re getting some more heavy rain and thunder today. A parts of Tennessee will be under a tornado watch as well. Fun stuff. It’s thundering big time and LOUD heavy rain is falling right now as I’m beginning this morning’s Blog.   YESTERDAY I wrote for the first time with Travis List yesterday…from Australia. He and his wife Kristy Cox who’s a great bluegrass artist, have been here for a long while. When Travis first came to town he was playing the California circuit and eventually made his way to Nashville. He and Kristy knew each other in Australia but they did not REALLY meet until many years later here in America and THEN wound up getting married. Pretty cool story.   So we sat down and wrote a new song from a great title Travis brought into the room and got to know each other better. He’s been busy with “life” stuff and real work here in the states as he and Krist


BILL BLOG Tuesday February 27, 2024   Hello Tuesday morning. Warm again today with a high of 74 with some light rain in Nashville. Yesterday it was like summer time here. It confused my lawn as I’m seeing patches of green.   YESTERDAY I had a double header writing wise that started at my publishing company Billy Blue with Kristen Bearfield and Tim McGraw’s guitar player Bob Minner . Kristen and I have written several songs together but it was our first time writing with Bob who such a gifted guitarist.      Kristen is going to host a cable TV show called “ The Singing News ” in a few months and she and the network are looking for a theme song for that show.  Kristen wanted to write it as both a theme song and a full song as well that she can release as a single. So that’s what we attempted to do yesterday. Now we’ll wait to see if the folks making the decision like the song. We all feel great about it…hopefully they’ll feel the same.   Bob is getting

Great Concert...Beach Festival...Theme Song Writing Today

BILL BLOG Monday February 26, 2024   Monday morning in Music City y’all with a beautiful spring like day on tap. Sunny with a high of 74 today. And we’re just one place that’s going through a warming trend in the country. Over 300 warm records are being broken this month across the country according to those folks in the know.   THE WEEKEND Mine started Friday morning with a writing session alongside my American Idol friend Alex Miller . It’s always fun creating something with this talented young man.     Alex and his band were just a few short miles from their home in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago when a driver swerved right into the path of the bus that Alex’s Dad was driving that killed the driver of the other vehicle instantly. Nobody on the bus including Alex had any injuries but the bus is pretty much beyond repair. Can’t imagine. So we spent some time talking about that…and how your life can change on a dime and then wrote a song that addresses that

No Phone...Nurses Retreat...Show Sunday

BILL BLOG Friday February 23, 2024   Friday morning…let the weekend begin. Lot of sunshine in Nashville today with a high of 61 today.   YESTERDAY It’s amazing how much “catch up” stuff there is to catch up on after you’ve been gone for 5 days. And that’s pretty much what I did…checked of some of those “gotta” do’s and “need” to do’s" off my list. I was glad to make some of those disappear especially considering the fact that I’m going to be on the road a lot this year.   NO PHONE And my catching up slowed down a bit for several hours as we lost our cell phone service like a lot of folks did yesterday…especially those of us who are on an AT&T plan. One AT&T posted this picture showing what his life had become with no cell phone for over 5 hours.   AT&T says it was not a cyber-attack. It was on them apparently and they’re blaming it on a software update that crashed the system. And here I thought an update made things better.   W

Home...A #1 Album Surprise...Margarita Smile

BILL BLOG Thursday February 22, 2024   Thursday morning and it’s good to be home.   YESTERDAY Linda Davis , Lang Scott, and I got up in Ocala, Florida and drove home to Nashville after two wonderful “Evening in the Round” shows. One in Hawkinsville, Georgia last Thursday and another in Avon Park Florida on Tuesday of this week.     A long drive that went quickly because we got some wonderful news to celebrate all the way home.   I mentioned in Wednesday’s Bill Blog that Lang and Linda’s daughter Hillary Scott of Lady A went on The Today Show Tuesday morning. We all watched as she sang a faith based song off of the family’s album “Love Remains” that won two Grammy Awards in the Contemporary Christian category. Hillary sang “Savannah Guthrie’s favorite song “ Beautiful Messes ” off of that album.   Savannah Guthrie of course being a co-host of the “Today Show."     Well guess what happened after Hillary sang that song?   The song went to #2 on the iTunes chart