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Nice Words...Selfies...Studio Today


Thursday April 4, 2024

Thursday morning be here and it’s most surely cooler. A high of just 50 today.



I polished up not one but two songs with Irene Kelly yesterday at my publishing company. She had gone through her songs that we have written together and thought we might be able to make those two songs stronger. And we did…she was right. That’s part of the craft sometimes. Going back and listening again and then making some time a make a good song better. Time well spent.


Irene and her two daughters sometimes do shows together that features great HARMONY. In fact, the three of them are headed to France at the end of the month to do some songs there. Here oldest daughter speaks fluent French, and sometimes performs shows singing songs in that language so I’m sure they are going to have a wonderful and fun time in France amazing some of the folks over there.




Yesterday Troy Engle’s new song “Never Too Lost” was released as his new single on Pinecastle Records. You can click on the link and listen to this bluegrass gospel tune if you have not already. Yesterday Pinecastle put out this press release that included these thoughts that Troy wrote about this new song that the two of us wrote.

 “I was driving past a church one day close to my house and saw the sign out front which said something like; ‘You’re never too far from God’, and I thought, yeah ‘you’re never too far and you’re never too lost,’” explains Engle. “So my pal Bill Whyte and I wrote it at our next writing session. I really like the mid-tempo groove of the song, and I was excited that we wrote a song with the word Timbuktu in it!”

He adds, “Bill is really fun to write with, as he takes a tune to places I didn’t know they could go and comes up with great ideas I would have never thought of. Bluegrass Gospel music is close to my heart, and I love singing and playing it. The song is a great reminder that there’s nowhere we can go, that God’s love can’t find us.”

 Those are really kind words from my  friend. I think I may owe him money for that. Thank you Troy.




Scientists have found out that cutting back on One Amino Acid increases the lifespan of middle-aged mice up to 33%.


A new study is revealing that eating a lot of watermelon for those with kidney disease is not a good idea as the watermelon has potassium which is not good for those that suffer from that disease.


A sleep expert says that sleeping on your back is the healthiest way to ensure a good night’s rest.





I’d vote for all stop signs to flash this reminder. We’re consumed with taking selfies. That’s why I wrote a song titled “Get Over Your Selfie” that’s on one of our “Hits & Grins” CD’s.


The chorus goes:

Get over your selfie

Step away from that phone

Get out in the real world make some friends you won’t be so alone

Hey everybody’s sick of the way

You keep click, click, clickin’ all day

Get a little self-helpie

And get over your selfie



How bad is it? In the last decade McDonald’s has increased prices by 100%. A double cheeseburger with cheese cost $5.39 in 2014. Walk into the Golden Arches today and the same cheeseburger will set you back $11.99. Yep, that’s pretty much “Hamburglery”.



Jeff Bezos, the Amazon kazillionaire just dropped 90 MILLION on a THIRD property in south Florida. Pretty sure ole Jeff is not worried about the high price of a double cheeseburger at Mickey D’s.



Pretty cool way to promote a tour headed to LA from Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band using the Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song. Who’d have ever thought we’d get to hear Springsteen and his band sing this TV theme song acapella? Check it out HERE.  Scroll down a couple on the page and you'll find it.



I swear I don’t know when people lost their BS antennae’s to help them recognize conspiracy theories for what they are. Seems like there are folks who will believe anything printed or anything some bedroom announcer throws out on his or her podcast or You Tube videos. Besides the world is going to end, stock up on supplies, they are out to get us (whomever “they” are)…there are also some dandy celebrity theories that some buy into. Here’s a handful of those.


Britney Spears is a clone.


The Church of Scientology auditioned for Mrs. Tom Cruise.


Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landings.


Hollywood has ties to Satanism.


Elvis is still alive. (That one’s true…I saw him flipping burgers at Burger King the other day in his jumpsuit)



My friend Eric Erdman captured that thought in this great song he wrote that I wish I had written…”Who Is They”?



Man Pleads Guilty To Stealing Solid Gold Toilet Worth 6 Million Dollars. Yep. The “Porcelain Bandit” will be spending some time behind bars where the toilet is not made of gold.



I’m writing with the talented and young Caroline Owens who’s already turning musical heads in the bluegrass world. It will be our third time writing together and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can come up with today. Hard to not like a young artist who likes to fish!



Then I’m off to a recording studio to lay down musical tracks for a song that I wrote in Murfreesboro, TN with a veteran nurse several weeks ago Rachel Blankenship for Freedom Sings USA. We’ll lay down the tracks and then later in the afternoon my friend and artist Jenny Tolman will show up and sing the song I wrote about Rachel and her service as a nurse titled “I Learned To Laugh So I Can Cope”. 10 veteran nurses songs will be recorded over the next couple of days that will be turned into a 10 song album to honor those veteran nurses. It will be available for sell at I’ll let you know when.



Have a great Thursday!


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