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Last Of January...Australian Gift....Pothole City

BILL BLOG Wednesday January 31, 2024   It’s Hump Day Wednesday and the very last day of January. A high of 57 with sun today.   Meanwhile Anchorage got hit with 100 inches of snow!   YESTERDAY I was online writing with Larry Frick who I’ve written with a few times. Larry resides in North Carolina. And he invited a friend of his Allie Lamb who’s from Nashville whom he writes with some as Allie had an idea she wanted to write. So it was my first time meeting Allie.      Allie graduated Belmont University with a business degree. Belmont is where my daughter Heather graduated as well…so we have that connection that we talked about. Allie had an idea that was kind of “beachy” and since I write a lot of those kinds of songs with my buddy Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores, it wasn’t too difficult jumping in and helping her and Larry finish up the idea and turn it int a song.   Allie and her boyfriend play in a duo together and travel and play. This new song

Virginia Grass...Upcoming Schedule...Ghostbusters

BILL BLOG Tuesday January 30, 2024   It do be Thursday morning and it’s the next to last day of January already. Starting an early spring warm up apparently. 60 for a high today and 68 by Saturday. No complaints from me.   YESTERDAY It was back to writing again at my publishing company Billy Blue. Yesterday morning Addie Levy , a Virginia native joined me and we wrote a bluegrass song about her Virginia roots. Something specifically for her that might work well when she’s on stage singing and picking. And she does both. She sings, but also plays guitar, fiddle, and mandolin. With mandolin being her primary instrument of choice.   Addie played for years at Dollywood as a strolling musician for the tourists and in some of the shows there. These days she’s traveling the country and playing a lot in bands. She just returned from a tour of California, Idaho, and Colorado. So her name is getting out there more and more. She walked into a writing session I was lea

Blue Collar Gospel...Memphis With The Veterans...Rat Selfies

BILL BLOG Monday January 29, 2024 Monday morning…back home from Memphis. 49 for the high today with some sunshine.   THE WEEKEND Mine started early Friday morning with the “ Blue Collar Gospel ” listening party that took place at the Daywind Recording Studios in Hendersonville, Tennessee. A bunch of songwriters including me sat in a big recording studio in the building where I write a lot of songs for Billy Blue Publishing. “Blue Collar Gospel” is the gospel bluegrass album out soon on Billy Blue Records. All of the songs were written or co-written by my friend Rick Lang who was there, in from Maryland and we all got to meet his lovely wife who made the trip with him.     Each songwriter got to hear the recordings of their songs. Jerry Salley who produced this amazing album talked about each song before the song was played as did Rick. The title track was first “Blue Collar Gospel” that I wrote with Jerry and Rick and it features Jerry’s singing with the

Bluegrass Fathers & Songs...Online Interview...Memphis Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday January 26, 2024   Friday morning and there’s a road trip to Memphis ahead today. 63 for the high here and about the same for Memphis today.   YESTERDAY I met upright bass player-banjo player-guitar player-songwriter Eric Marshall for the first time. We’ve written online twice, but yesterday he was in town for the big bluegrass convention going on all weekend and we got to write something new face to face. Eric is from North Carolina and plays in a great group Carson Peters & Iron Mountain . His son Ben plays in that band with him, and young Carson Peter’s Dad also plays in the group. Two Dad’s and two sons. Pretty cool.      I found out yesterday that at the age of 32 Carson joined the Army. He learned out to fix track vehicles but wound up being sent to Iraq as a gunner. Imagine that. Thank you for your service. The things you find out about folks when you sit down to write.   And we did write a very up-tempo-fun bluegrass tune s

Bluegrass Writing...New Recordings...Penguin On The Runway

BILL BLOG Thursday January 25, 2024 Thursday morning arises with some heavy rain on the way for the second day in a row with a high of 63. How much rain? I called for an Uber yesterday and the guy showed up in an Ark.   YESTERDAY I had a busy and fruitful day yesterday that started with a songwriting session with Caroline Owens who’s getting a lot of notice already at a young age. She’s nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year for SPGMA which is one of the big bluegrass organizations and their annual event and awards show is this week in Nashville and she’ll be playing with her band. Fingers crossed that she wins the award!   Caroline has such a gentle and pure voice that’s easy on the ear. Here’s an example of her singing.   I brought an idea that I had written quite a bit of that she fell in love with and we finished writing it together and then made a recording of the new song as well as the first song we wrote a few months ago together.   Ke

Music Row...Album Listening Party....Beatles

BILL BLOG Tuesday January 24, 2024   Hello Hump Day Wednesday. It’s not so much getting over the hump today as it is avoiding some of the potholes that have sprung up with our melting snow.   Heavy rain here today but a high near 60 and then 66 tomorrow. Snow be gone.   YESTERDAY I wrote down on Music Row for the first time in a bit…downtown Nashville with Irene Kelley and Wil Nance . Wil is a writer for Curb Music Publishing and they have a big ole building on 17 th Avenue. Cool place to write but I’ve gotten spoiled because my publishing company is located in Hendersonville which is where I write a lot. There’s no traffic going to mine. There’s a LOT of traffic anytime night or day when you’re trying to get downtown. I used to write on Music Row a lot before my publishing deal. Now I’m grateful for that deal in small part because it allows me to not have to deal with the crazy Nashville traffic.     At any rate we had a great time shaping up a song