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Home From Texas...Coaching Session...Wichita Lineman

BILL BLOG Tuesday April 30, 2024 Tuesday morning back home safe and sound in Music City. A little rain here today with high up to 80.   YESTERDAY I caught a 9:45 AM Southwest flight out of Houston back to Nashville. There was thunder, rain, and lightning early in the morning, but by the time I turned the rental car in things had quieted down and we had a smooth flight home to Music City. Always grateful for that. Again, thank you Jerry Diaz , Brent Burns , and Jon Burns for having me at Gulf Coast Days 2024 in Kemah. It was a really fun songwriters round Sunday at a great venue T-Bone Tom’s in front of a large crowd. Always a treat to play beach songs and funny songs for the “Phlock” and the Parrot Head nation.     COACHING I got home in time to do an online evening coaching session with John Wetzel who’s   a songwriter from out east that signed up at to do so. John has a great full time job but his passion is writing songs and he’s tr

Long Lines...Gulf Coast Days in Texas...An Oak Ridge Boys Cut!

BILL BLOG Monday April 29, 2024   Monday morning and I have a flight to catch here in Houston to get home to Nashville. Keeping an eye on the morning forecast it’s raining, windy and skies are rumbling here. Nothing like what Oklahoma had to deal with yesterday though with the tornadoes that ripped through. So I’m grateful for that, and I’m hoping the weather won’t make for a long day at the airport.   THE WEEKEND Saturday I was back on a plane again. Southwest direct to Houston to go play at Gulf Coast Days in Kemah, Texas. Only way to fly if you can…direct. And with Nashville expanding its airport…just like the city has expanded more direct flights are being offered. About 2 hours and I was on the ground and that’s when the fun begin. I rented a car from Budget. Off site of course. Sigh. Just what you want when you’re tired and just want to get to your hotel. So I took the shuttle over and I could not believe the line I saw in front of me. Everyone was co

Home...Three Times A Lady...Hello Texas

BILL BLOG Friday April 26, 2024   And a good Friday morning from Music City. Good to be home, but I’m already repacking for another flight tomorrow morning to Houston. More on that at the end of today’s blog.   82 in Nashville today with a little rain this morning.   YESTERDAY My wife and I reluctantly hugged our daughter and son in law goodbye at the Frankfurt Airport and then took the long flight home to Nashville. The flights went great, but our connection in Charlotte got a little dicey. First, we did not have a whole lot of time before our connection to Nashville. So the long line at customs had us holding our breath a bit. We cleared that…we thought. And then for some reason they pulled my passport and made us sit and wait for an official to give approval so that we could get to our gate on time. He finally did. Just in time.   Worried with about 20 minutes to spare maybe, we go through security. The alarm goes off as I’m trying to go through to c

Wiesbaden Day...The Farm...Homeward Bound

BILL BLOG Thursday April 25, 2024 Thursday morning and we’re saying goodbye to Wiesbaden, Germany.   YESTERDAY On our last full day here our daughter Heather took us into Wiesbaden for breakfast at garden-flower kind of place.   A big store with lots of flowers and gardening stuff and more.   For breakfast we took a long escalator up to the second floor where the bright and airy restaurant sat. Might be the best scrambled eggs I’ve had anywhere in a long time. And the coffee over here has been “off the hook” great everywhere we’ve sipped some. Truly a great final German breakfast here with our daughter while her husband was off flying for the day again.     After breakfast, on the way home, we stopped at a Farmer’s Market. A real farmers market that grows and stocks food almost entirely from the large farm it’s attached to.   The fruit and veggie section was impressive.   And you could pick from a variety of eggs laid by the various f

A Day In Frankfurt...New TV Theme Song...Home Tomorrow

BILL BLOG Wednesday April 24, 2024   It’s Wednesday morning and it’s our last day in Germany.   YESTERDAY It was a plane, train, and automobile kind of day here yesterday. Our daughter drove us to the train station in Wiesbaden.   And we took a train ride into Frankfurt to spend the day.   The train stations are clean and beautiful, and they’re busy. Gas is like 8 bucks a gallon here, parking spaces are tiny because most folk drive small cars…also to save gas I’m sure. And there are lots of folks on bicycles. We had maybe 8 or more stops before we arrived at our “get off” stop in Frankfurt.   Frankfurt is a big city. A mix of old and new. Skyscrapers and a gorgeous old town section that they rebuilt after allied bombers destroyed it in World War II. They built the old town back to look as much like the original looked. And to say they did a great job would not describe it.   Busy, bustling, lots of shops and outdoor cafes.   Bridge