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Miller Time...More "Heat"...Literally Anyone Else


Tuesday March 26, 2024


Tuesday morning be here. Some heavy rain and loud thunder last night…more rain in Nashville today with a high of 71 on tap.



I had a great day writing with my friend Alex Miller at my publishing company yesterday morning. Alex was in town for a couple of days to write before going back out on the road. He had a cancellation yesterday morning as did I so we wound up in a writing room together. That turned out to be fruitful as Alex brought a great idea that came to him in a dream. He was smart enough to get out of bed and write a lot of what he was dreaming down, and that turned out to be a great song that fits very much into the “Country-Bluegrass & even Gospel” world. Might even be something he records one day…would not surprise me.


And then I had half an idea I brought in my hip pocket that we also wrote that was fun…and kind of rockin’ a bit. So two very different kinds of songs all in one writing session.



We have this little tradition where we have lunch after we write at a great little Mexican place just up the road from my publishing company. The staff there always lights up when he walks in the door. And yesterday as we were leaving a lady stopped him who just lit up and couldn’t believe Alex was in front of her.  When we finally got out to the parking lot I muttered “I am SO sick of you”…to which he replied, “I knew you were going to say that” which made both of us laugh hard.

 Good day at the office.



Check out this adorable little video of my friend Jenny Tolman teasing her new single coming out Friday “If You Can’t Stand The Heat” (Get Out Of My Kitchen). This is Jenny in her kitchen, her husband Dave Brainard on the kitchen floor playing guitar, here one year old boy “Bear” trying to play drums on pots and pans! 

 Good job Bear!  This is the song the three of us wrote in the very kitchen you see in this little video that turned out to be so much fun. The full song will be available this Friday.



A long time hospice nurse says the thing most people see who are close to death are their loved ones who have passed away, thinking they’re alive.


A new study is warning that bright outdoor lights can increase the risk of stroke.


Cold therapy technique (those folks jumping into a tub of ice) is coming under scrutiny by researchers saying that any overall benefits remain uncertain.



Married men should forget their mistakes. There is no need for two people to remember the same thing.


Can I get an Amen guys?



Wow. Pretty startling pictures this morning of the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore collapsing into the water after a ship hit it. Several cars in the water with rescue teams searching. Gosh…how in the world does that happen?



Nissan is going all in on electric vehicles announcing they will have 16 different models that are electric. That’s 16 out of 30 in their fleet. I know I can’t predict the future but it does seem like I’m seeing more and more electric cars when I’m out driving around these days. I probably should have invested in charging stations instead of VHS stores.



So yesterday the highest paid baseball player on the planet…Shohei Ohtani denied all charges of gambling on baseball through his interpreter. And of course Pete Rose commented. The “Hit King” said he would be” scot-free if he had an interpreter”.


And so it goes.



A dream expert says if you dream about fish that could mean a myriad of things that can allude to creator, pregnancy, and spiritual fulfillment. I don’t dream about fish a lot but when I do dream about fish it’s about whether I should fry or grill them. Not once, at least so far have I dreamed about a big mouth bass and thought about being pregnant.



True story. A guy in Texas legally changes his name to “Literally Anybody Else” and is running for President. You can’t make this kind of stuff up folks.


Can’t wait to see his TV campaign commercials. And yes, I’ll be happy to wear his T-shirt and put that sign in my yard as well.



The boxing shorts Muhammad Ali wore in the “Thrilla From Manila” boxing match against Joe Frazier is going up for auction. Expected price?  6 million dollars.




I’m fairly certain someone forged his signature here.



I’ve got nothing that I have to do today…so I’m going to work hard at doing nothing. I think that might be in my skill set.


Have a great Tuesday!






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