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Michigan-Washington...No Polar...Jim Cantore


Tuesday January 2, 2024


Tuesday morning in the New Year’s first week. 44 for a high in Nashville today.



The first day of 2024 was lazy around the house. Very lazy. Watched a little of the Rose Bowl parade and then a LOT of football. The two big games did not disappoint as both games were close. Michigan survived Alabama and Washington held off Texas at the end. So this coming Monday night it will be Michigan vs Washington for the national championship.


I’d never bet the game but I really do love that QB for the Washington Huskies. So if I had to pick?  I might choose the guys in purple to win it all.



I should probably bet Michigan and someone won 842 million in the Powerball on the first day of the year. Guess where they’re from?  Uh huh. Michigan.



And just so you know…we live off of Old Hickory Lake. A really large lake here in Nashville. I resisted the urge to take a Polar Dip yesterday in my speedo to welcome in the New Year. You’re welcome America.



Now that the holidays are over its time to get back to work. My writing appointments will start picking up again tomorrow and I have 2 road shows this month.


Sunday January 21 in Wright City, Missouri at the Lions Club for the Gateway Country Music Association as I’ll be their headliner for a 2:30 pm matinee show. That’s my home area so I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and family there.




Then Friday and Saturday January 26 & 27 I’m in Memphis with Freedom Sings USA to write with veterans. And don’t forget…Elvis was a veteran too!




That huge New Year’s Bash held here in Nashville is growing in popularity more and more each year with all those country stars performing. This year 250,000 folks attended. 46% of those were tourists who came here and booked hotel rooms out the wazoo, paid for their tickets, paid for expensive parking, and drank a lot at the honkytonks on Lower Broadway. We thank you for leaving you money and noisemakers behind.


We dropped a musical note at midnight while in NYC they were dropping that apple. Speaking of which…



The first baby delivered in the New Year in New York City was delivered by a doctor who delivered that baby’s Father some 23 years ago. The Doctor didn’t know until after the fact. But that’s pretty cool. He should be getting Christmas cards for a long while from both of them.




650,000 cases of infant formula has been recalled over bacterial infections.


A French study says an earlier breakfast and an earlier dinner can reduce heart risk.


Officials suggest we get active 150 minutes a week. If you walk they suggest 10,000 steps a day. That’s like walking 5 miles. So choose. Or hire someone to go exercise for you like I’m trying to do.



Years ago my friend Brent Burns and I wrote the Jim Cantore song…about the weather guy that shows up only when there’s bad news. That went into the song. At the time I didn’t know if the song would have enough broad appeal but Brent assured me it would. He was right. Whenever I play the song…especially when I’m on the coast…audiences howl


Years ago the Weather Channel folks were raising money for hurricane relief and a CD was put together with a lot of Trop Rock artists contributing their songs. Our song is on that CD that helped raise some money.


His TV partners surprised Jim Cantore by making him listen to a bit of it on set. I don’t think he was particularly amused…but boy we were. Recently Brent found that video clip and posted it on his Facebook. Check it out HERE and scroll down a couple of posts


And to fully understand why it’s funny to many on the coast… listen to the entire song HERE.


You just never know where songs might wind up.



One of the TSA agents here was interviewed about weird things he’s seen scanned at our airport. A weed whacker, a copper sink, and a boa constrictor all went through the machine. A boa constrictor!  Emotional support snake I guess.



Did you know that police cannot ticket a driverless car?  At least that’s the case in California where they are testing more and more of them. They need to get more miles on them testing to make sure they’re safe so for now even if one runs a red light (and they do)…no ticket.


So if a driverless car hits you in California…how do you exchange insurance info?




I keep telling my wife that but the woman is not amused.



Last day off before it starts getting busier so I’m going to try and enjoy that. I’m getting better and better at it.


Have a great Tuesday!