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Tornado Month...Music In The Mail...Pearl


Tuesday April 2, 2024


And a happy Tuesday morning to you. All eyes on the weather here in Nashville today. Storms, hail, and the weather folks are looking out for tornadoes.  A bunch of our schools decided to close because of that. 72 high today, but then that weather moves through and tomorrow’s high is only going to be 54. Fingers crossed that this storm doesn’t get crazy on us. It’s April…part of the deal anymore in middle Tennessee it seems.



I had a free day to do that catching up thing. Got a few things struck off that list. We’re already doing that pre-packing thing for our trip a week from today to see our daughter and her husband over in Germany that we’re really starting to look forward to. Now if we only could find a Star Trek machine to beamed there in minutes instead of a LOT of hours flying…that would be great. But we’re certainly looking forward to seeing scenery with our kids like this.


I did get this nice gift in the mail yesterday from Carley Arrowood who’s a bluegrass artist and great fiddle player.


Carley recorded the song “Deeper In Love” that was her first single off this great CD that I wrote with my friend Josh Shilling. I’ll be listening to this a bunch over the next little while. Thank you for loving our song Carley!



On the Greek island of Ikaria, many residents live to be 100. 13% of the population live to 80 or older. Folks who live there kind of swear by the foods they eat to help make that happen. They include fava beans, chickpeas, split peas, garlic, herbs, nuts, olive, olive oil, sea salt, honey, dried fruits, yogurt, and feta cheese.


Experts suggest if you want to increase your good cholesterol to drink Rooibos Tea which is made from South African shrubs of some kind. 



The top 5 healthiest cities were just listed. In reverse order they are…Washington, DC, San Diego, Seattle, Honolulu and the #1 healthiest city is San Francisco.





I’ll try and remember this next time I have a hankering for tacos in Mexico.



Getting expensive folks. According to some of those folks in the know 22 states require a six-figure income just to buy a typical home in the US. Everything seems to be going up.


Years ago when I was doing some stand-up comedy in comedy clubs one of my lines was, “the price of beer and gas are both sky high so you really can’t afford to drink and drive anymore.” So…there’s that.



The last survivor of the Japanese attack on the Arizona at Pearl Harbor, Lou Conter passed away at the age of 102. Lou wrote a book about that awful day, and he spoke countless times about it. It’s hard to not be moved when you visit the Arizona Memorial in Honolulu. It’s eerily quiet, much like the experience I had standing in front of The Wall in Washington, DC. God bless his soul as well as all of those men we lost on that day of infamy.




A boyfriend and girlfriend got pulled over by the cops and boyfriend is getting busted with a kilo of weed when the girlfriend tells the cop, “Oh, we weren’t going to smoke it. We were going to sell it.” Pretty much a duel set of handcuffs went on after that.



If you believe what you read, there are 8 countries where a US citizen could retire that’s a better choice than the US economically speaking. Those countries are Panama, Costa Rica, Portugal, Ecuador, Greece, Belize, Nicaragua, and Malta. And most if not all those places are beautiful and many are on the water. I see more people buying flip-flops in their future.


And so this would be a good place to leave you with song I wrote with Brent Burns that Ray Stevens recorded “Retired”.



Yep. Apparently there is an app you can download that allows you to see what the eclipse will look like where you live in advance of the eclipse itself.  And it has a ton of eclipse info to go along with that feature.


So there’s really no reason for one to be left in the dark about the eclipse. Oh…wait.



Nothing really big. Some gotta do’s and then monitoring the weather that could get dicey here today.


Have a great Tuesday!





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