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Up The Chart...3 Songs On A New Album...Old Driver

BILL BLOG Friday May 31, 2024   Friday morning the LAST day of May. How can that possibly be true? Beautiful last day of the month though with sunshine and a high of 82 here in Twang Town today.   YESTERDAY I wrote with the Father and son team of Barry & Will Hutchens . The two of them were in town from North Carolina to make a couple of recordings in studio and play a couple of Nashville shows so we found time to write something new together that was a tad quirky but fun.   Both are really good “country” singers and players and for me it’s fun to watch and hear them interact musically. This picture is of the two of them with me and my friend Jerry Salley after playing a show last year at the Bluebird CafĂ© which we are hoping to be able to do again later this year.   And this is an example of the song Will singing here .   Always great to work with family.   UP THE CHART! Some great news today. The song “ Blue Collar Gospel” that I helped

Vocals Going Down...New Song...New Duet Recorded

BILL BLOG Thursday May 30, 2024   Thursday morning. Don’t look now but May is almost gone. Sunny and a high of 78 here today. Perfect.   YESTERDAY I had an early morning studio call to lay down vocals on a song written with Wil Nance and Irene Kelley that we wrote a few months ago at Curb Music which is where Wil has his publishing deal. His publisher listened and liked the song enough to order a “demo” session so that we can pitch the song to major country artists. A “demo” is short for “demonstration” meaning it sounds a little like what the real record might sound like if the song is ever recorded. So Wil did the lead vocal and Irene laid down some great harmony parts. So now they’ll mix it and it will be ready to present to some folks. It’s always fun to hear songs come to life like it did in the studio yesterday.     WRITING I had to leave the session a bit early because I had a writing session at my publishing company with Addie Levy and the publ

Hump Day...Up The Chart...Jerked Chicken

BILL BLOG Wednesday May 29, 2024   Wednesday is here and it’s the last “Hump Day” of the month. And it’s going to be really nice in Nashville with sun and a high of just 78.   YESTERDAY I had an open day yesterday so Tuesday was spent getting to the gym and doing some work to get ready for the studio and a writing session today. More on that at the end of today’s Blog.    Rick Lang who’s new album “ Blue Collar Gospel ” is out now with a couple of songs of mine on it. One that you’ve been reading about here, the title track that was written with Rick and Jerry Salley and was recorded by Jerry Salley & the Oak Ridge Boys continues to land on some music charts. Nice to see it at #5 on this one! So proud to be part of this tune. And it’s really fun watching it take hold on a few charts.   JERKED CHICKEN So I have this funny tune I perform a lot when I do shows titled “ The Question Song ”. The song was inspired by the kind of comedy that

Memorial Day Weekend..."Chief Cluck"...National Burger Day

BILL BLOG Tuesday May 28, 2024   Tuesday morning and it’s back to work for everybody today. Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. And we finally have a sunny day coming at us. No clouds, high of 82.   YESTERDAY I wrote online on Memorial Day with my young friend in North Carolina Larry Frick . Larry and his wife have a little farm that’s been in his family for years which is why he’s not here in Nashville. He’s got cows to take care of. But he finds time to play plenty of shows in his area and as far east as Ole Red’s in Gatlinburg. I love his young traditional voice and yesterday we wrote an Alan Jackson kind of song that will fit his voice well. And we had fun putting it together…together.     Today he’s on a plane with his wife for a little he and her time away from their young kids for the first time in a bit. Stopping in Miami and renting a Jeep and then the two of them will head over that long stretch of beautiful water that will land them in Ke

Memorial Day Song...Reds Ballgame...Swinging High

BILL BLOG Monday, May 27, 2024   Monday morning and I’m back in Nashville. I hope that we all spent a minute or two over Memorial Day weekend being grateful to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. At the end of today’s Blog I’m sharing a memorable song I helped write that’s appropriate today, more than any other day of the year. Be sure to check that out.   And yea…people got out and traveled. On Friday TSA broke a record as 3 million passengers went through airports. Busiest ever on record.   THE WEEKEND Friday night I saw some kind of great Reds baseball game as the Reds beat the visiting Dodgers. And Great America Ballpark that sits on the Ohio River was packed…sold out.     There were a LOT of Dodger fans in the house. Funny story. A husband and wife sat down right in front of our little group and the husband was wearing a Reds shirt, but his wife was wearing a Dodgers jersey shirt. I told him that he seemed like a nice man, HOW could