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No Phone...Nurses Retreat...Show Sunday


Friday February 23, 2024


Friday morning…let the weekend begin. Lot of sunshine in Nashville today with a high of 61 today.



It’s amazing how much “catch up” stuff there is to catch up on after you’ve been gone for 5 days. And that’s pretty much what I did…checked of some of those “gotta” do’s and “need” to do’s" off my list. I was glad to make some of those disappear especially considering the fact that I’m going to be on the road a lot this year.



And my catching up slowed down a bit for several hours as we lost our cell phone service like a lot of folks did yesterday…especially those of us who are on an AT&T plan. One AT&T posted this picture showing what his life had become with no cell phone for over 5 hours.


AT&T says it was not a cyber-attack. It was on them apparently and they’re blaming it on a software update that crashed the system. And here I thought an update made things better.


We actually still have a land line in our home. Remember those?  My wife insists we have one…even though I’ve said many times we should get rid of the danged thing. Guess who was saying, “See…I told you so” yesterday?



I found out yesterday that I’ll be in Murfreesboro, Tennessee Monday, and Tuesday March 4 and 5 with Freedoms Sings USA where I’ll join a few other songwriters to sit down with a Veteran Nurse to write their stories into songs with a concert on Saturday night to perform those songs and honor those veterans.



This will be our second outing with the nurses. The first time about a year ago I sat with AFC Airman Christine Brooks and listened to her story and then wrote “Welcome Home” that described her amazing story. Really proud of this song. This VIDEO was taken of the first retreat with the nurses and it gives you a nice overview of what this organization does and is all about.


And I got a couple of posters promoting the “I Will Always Love You” music festival getting ready to happen over several weeks at Dollywood.


Our “Hits & Grins” trio will play there twice this year, and we’re all looking forward to being there for the second time. 



I should mention that one of my partners in “Hits & Grins” Victoria Venier does an amazing job putting the lineup together. She’s there for every show as she’s THE person for this great event.



A new study concludes that women get more benefit than men do from exercise.


There’s a new olive oil drug being developed that could be used to treat devastating brain cancer.


Meanwhile, the fastest growing cancer is oropharyngeal cancer, the medical definition of throat cancer.



This one from the late comedian Joan Rivers who made a lot of jokes about her husband.


“My husband wanted to be cremated. I told him I’d scatter his ashes at Neiman-Marcus-that way, I’d visit him every day.”



When flying 53% choose the window seat. 46% prefer an aisle seat. Only 1% want the middle seat. I’m an aisle seat guy myself so I was interested in an article I ran across tossing about six benefits if you sit in the aisle seat.


Extra space.


Unrivaled toilet access. Yes!


Fewer awkward interactions.


Easy access to the overhead bin.


Better service.


And finally…swifter exits.


Yep…I knew my seat choice was right!



The Airlines made over 33 BILLION dollars last year by charging us for our baggage. My wife and I are going to Germany in a few weeks and I’m already trying to see if I can’t get everything I need in on carry on bag. Now if my wife can pull that off…it will be more amazing than the Moses draining the water miracle.



It was kind of cool seeing that we landed a commercial lander on the moon yesterday. It’s been 50 years since the USA has done that. We should be seeing some pictures from the“Odie”lander for a while. Another small step for mankind.



Dave Ramsey…the all-knowing money guy listed the best and most economical cities to retire in. His top 3 were Lancaster, Pennsylvania (cheap to live with the Amish) Sarasota, Florida and then Pensacola, Florida.


I played a show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott in Lancaster a few year ago at a beautiful theater there. We opened for Gene Watson that day. As we were driving to the theater we got behind an Amish buggy. I sang my song “I’ll Join The Amish” that night to howls of laughter. Pretty place…but it snows!  I’ll take Sarasota or Pensacola.



Spring Training baseball games are on my TV. That makes me happy. Sunshine and the Boys of Summer are stepping up to the plate again. BUT…we’re seeing more of our favorite players than we need to be seeing according to those that play the game. MLB has made some new uniforms and apparently the jersey pants are see-thru according to the players. They don’t like them. 



Makes you wonder what the umpire is thinking when he calls a lot of balls doesn’t it?  Okay, maybe just me.



I’m writing with my young American Idol friend Alex Miller today. Some of you may have seen the story of a woman veering into Alex’s tour bus a few weeks ago in Kentucky as Alex and his band were returning home. Alex’s Father was driving, and unfortunately the woman who hit their bus was killed. I know that deeply affected my friend, and I’m sure I’ll get to hear exactly what happened before we write anything today.




Steve Dean and myself play a songwriter show in Franklin, Tennessee at 6 pm at the Westhaven Residents Club.


It’s an hour and a half show and Steve and I hope to see a bunch of you there.


Have a great weekend!