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Day 2 Germany...Pizza from Pisa...O.J.

BILL BLOG It's Friday April 12 where I am.   66 for a high over here today with sunshine.   YESTERDAY Day 2 here in Germany was relaxing. My son in law Casey had to fly for the Army so my wife and daughter and I did a little local trip here in Wiesbaden.   While we were doing that our son in law was having lunch in Pisa, Italy on a training flight. He left at 10 in the morning and was back here at the house around 9 pm. How cool a job is that? Pisa is beautiful, a little touristy but well worth seeing as my wife and I did a few years ago on a trip to Italy with Brent Burns and a bunch of Parrot Head fans that was pretty incredible.   The great part was that we got to watch Casey bring the plane home from Pisa and an Army buddy of his who is also a pilot gave my wife and I a tour inside an aircraft that was in the hangar just like the one Casey flew to Pisa and back yesterday. Kathy sat in the co-pilot seat and we got a great overview of the instruments, what they


BILL BLOG Wednesday April 10, 2024   And hello from Germany. It’s Wednesday where you are I think…Thursday here in Germany. So weird.   THE TRIP Yesterday we made the long trip from Nashville to Germany where my wife and I will be hanging with our daughter and her husband who are stationed just south of Frankfort where we flew into for the next couple of weeks. My sleep cycle is completely out of whack at the moment but we’ll soon have our legs under us and we’ll be out and about seeing the sites.   Watched a couple of movies while on the plane and the first couple of episodes of “ Masters of the Air” that’s running on Apple+ that Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks produced about those World War II bomber pilots. Two thumbs up for sure from me. Now I might have to subscribe so that I can see the other episodes.   I have decided that there is no airplane seat that’s comfortable if you’re flying 8 or 9 hours straight. My tuckus is sorus today.   But w

It Got Dark...Lederhosen...The Chair

BILL BLOG Tuesday April 9, 2024   Tuesday morning…ready to catch a flight to Germany. 61 and rain today in Nashville. It will be a 67 high with rain where we’re going in Germany today.   YESTERDAY How was the eclipse for you?   I had an eclipse nap. It was dark…didn’t see a thing. And I’m checking, but it looks like the world is still spinning and did not come to an end. We didn’t have any glasses or a welder’s helmet…so my wife and I  passed on looking up. It was actually cloudy here, so those looking up really did not see as much as they could have. And yesterday was all about packing, checking our tickets, making sure everything is ready to go for the long flight that starts this morning from here to Frankfort, Germany where we’ll meet out daughter Heather and Casey and then spend some time with them seeing the sights in both Germany and Austria. And yes, I packed my lederhosen.   FRIDAY I did get news that my young friend Alex Miller’s new EP w

Trash Pandas...Dollywood...Overseas Bound

BILL BLOG Monday April 8, 2024   Eclipse Monday in Music City…and everywhere else too! So the forecast here is partly dark today.   THE WEEKEND I rolled into Pigeon Forge, Tennessee Saturday afternoon and on the way got note from my friend Monique Henry who lives in Wisconsin. She had read my Facebook Page noting I was playing three shows in Dollywood. So she was texting to let me know her husband Doug Henry , a former Major League pitcher was just up the road on the coaching staff for the Huntsville Trash Panda’s (love that name) playing the Tennessee Smokies AA team. So I called Doug and he left a ticket for me for the game Friday night.   We got to spend quite a bit of time down in the bullpen area catching up.   I got to know Doug and Monique when Doug was the closer for the Milwaukee Brewers and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. His baseball career as a player and coach has kept him in the game for long time and he’s still enjoying working wi

A Writing Session...A Recording Session...New Shows

BILL BLOG Friday April 5, 2024   Friday morning and a weekend is upon us. Still cool here in Nashville with a high of just 54 today but warming back up into the mid 70’s in a couple of days.   YESTERDAY It was a really busy Wednesday that started with writing a new song with Caroline Owens at my publishing company. Something up-tempo and commercial that was very fun to write. You’re going to be hearing more and more about Caroline who’s young and gifted. Plays great guitar…and piano…and sings a bit like Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton if you will.     But the big news from yesterday was after we finished writing and I left my publishing company and our record label signed her as both an artist and a writer. So welcome to our little musical family Caroline!   A great decision by the label for sure.     INTO THE STUDIO I had to fly out of the publishing and make a 45 minute trip to a recording studio where Freedom Sings USA was recording the latest so