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Lazy Germany Day...On The Radio...Frankfurt Today


Tuesday April 23, 2024


Tuesday morning and sun is about to come up in Germany.



We had a VERY lazy day yesterday here in Germany and one that was needed after a long day on Sunday traveling to the south of this country and back

My son in law Casey had to fly yesterday and was gone the entire day, so my daughter Heather and my wife Kathy and I made a little grocery-Starbucks run and just settled in for the day which was cool and a bit rainy again.


My daughter did make this yesterday at the house. How cool is that?


I have no idea where her love of sewing came from but it’s another skill set in her bag and she’s good at it.


I got a good Germany nap, and then watched 3 more episodes of “Masters Of The Air” on Apple+ that’s really great. If you like war movies, and World War II history, and the B-17 Flying Fortress…you’ll love it as well.


A late dinner when Casey got home and then an early bed. Easy Monday in Germany.



I found out yesterday that the show I’ll be doing in Kemah, Texas with my longtime friend Brent Burns will air “live” on Just go to the website and you can listen to us sitting at the beach playing tunes at T-Bone Tom’s for Gulf Coast Days. The show starts at 1:15 pm with fiddle player JD Edge joining the two of us. We’ll be closing out this three day Parrot Head event that afternoon. Tune in for the fun.



My friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge delivered a living room performance of the song we wrote together “Wildflower Too” from their home in North Carolina. The song was their last single and did very well for them and has resonated with their audience it seems. The recorded version is great, but I always love seeing and hearing songs stripped back to how they were written with just a guitar and vocals. Check this out.



Some men’s bathrooms in China have futuristic urinals where you can pay about 3 dollars and have your urine analyzed for health problems.


There’s an active E Coli Outbreak linked to ground beef right now nationwide.


Some research has found that flavanols in cocoa (and dark chocolate) seem to reverse age-related memory decline.




I’ve looked everywhere for them with no luck as well.



While out running yesterday here in Germany at a grocery store folks were setting up tables outside to sell plants and soil etc. As I passed by on of them said in German and then repeated it in English “Happy Earth Day”. First time anyone in any country has said that to me.



Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” is the most “Googled” for chords search. More than any other song. Jeff Buckley’s version helped that happen. Over 163,000 people Google for the chords to that song monthly. Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” was second, and Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” was third.

Not that many people googled for the chords to my song “If I Had Boobs.” Their loss I suppose.



A leading travel publication just listed the “Most Overpriced Tourist Attractions In The World”. Three of them are in the US. The Empire State Building, the Magic Kingdom, and Universal Studios were on that list.


At #1 in the world for most “overpriced” is the Warner Brothers Studio “Making of Harry Potter” tour in the UK.


It is interesting that our family toured Europa Theme Park in Germany a few days ago. Admission price was a little over $60 per person. Disney World is now what $120?  And the experience was pretty close to the same.



I told my wife she was packing the suitcase wrong so guess whose vacation clothes are in a tree right now.” Yep, that’ll do it…every time.



We plan on driving over to Frankfurt today. The girls want to do a little shopping and we’ll have dinner in the evening there. Frankfurt is famous for it’s production of high quality sausages…like in “Frankfurter”…hence the city name. So it’s probably a law that you have to have one while you’re there. And I’m not going to break the law.



Have a great Tuesday!





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