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Bad Weather...New Single Release...Mr. Uecker


Wednesday April 3,, 2024

Wednesday and it’s the first “Hump Day” of April.



We escaped the worst of the weather where we lived. A huge swath of the country was under extreme weather watches…us included. It got dark, and stormy, HEAVY rain, and it got loud a couple of times but no significant damage as far as I know. There were maybe three waves of storms that rolled through and I have a feeling I’ll be clearing some limbs from the yard later today. We pulled our deck furniture into the house just in case…something we learned after owning a condo in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Tropical storm?  In comes the deck furniture. But overall, we were lucky.

 The storm brought cooler weather as we have a high of just 55 today after being in the 70’s yesterday.



Today is the day that my friend Troy Engle’s new song “Never Too Lost” is released. This is a song we wrote a couple of years ago from an idea I had. It was an online computer collaboration with Troy at his home in Pennsylvania and me here in Nashville. I brought a start to the song and Troy jumped in and made it better. It’s got kind of an old country feel to it and I love the way Troy left the production pretty acoustic and then just sang the heck out the song. Check it out HERE




It’s sneaking up. 3 more shows at Dollywood at the beautiful Palace Theater with “Hits & Grins” this coming Sunday.  It’s the second time Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and I get to play this great songwriter festival at the park that Victoria is hosting for the second season in a row. Hopefully it’s something park will continue to do. Show times Sunday are noon, 2 and 4 pm and it’s free with your park admission.



I watched some baseball yesterday. In the afternoon I landed on the Brewers-Twins game and it was opening day in Milwaukee. That mean once again Bob Uecker was in the booth calling the game and yesterday he was 90 years old when he called that game. 90, going strong, and still one of the funniest, and best announcers ever to grace a baseball broadcast booth.


I listened to him call a lot of games when I worked at WMIL Radio in Milwaukee over the course of 6 years. He was on my show a few times and he always had me howling with laughter. So cool that Bob’s still doing it. And when he waved from the booth to the crowd at Miller Park yesterday he got a huge standing ovation. A Milwaukee native, he is truly beloved there.



Hard not to love a guy who as a player with the Cardinals went out and shagged a few fly balls with a tuba.



A new study in mice found limited intake of Isoleucine, an amino acid, slowed the impact of aging and lengthened their life span. (Early in the study…but can I have some of what they’re having?)


The 2nd case of bird flu in the US has now been confirmed.


Survey results this week by Sleep Doctor found nearly half of US workers snooze during work hours at least a few times each year. And 1 of three nap weekly on the job.



This one courtesy of the Mullet Wrapper newspaper in Gulf Shores.


A guy said to God, “God , is it true that to you, a billion years is like a second?”

God said yes.

The guy said, “God, is it true that to you a billion dollars is like a penny”?

God said yes.

The guy said, “God, can I have a penny?”

God said, “Sure, just a second.”



Taylor Swift if officially a billionaire now. All those boy bashing songs she wrote has taken her to the bank many times over. A global super star with incredible influence and social reach. And while not all love her (no artist is loved by everyone) I read something from a successful artist that I agree with when the artist said, “I want to study Taylor Swift because she’s so successful”. Doesn’t mean you have to like her music, or any successful artist’s music but…it makes more sense to spend one’s time studying successful people than to study people who spend their time criticizing successful people.



And after carefully studying Taylor Swift I think the only way I will become a billionaire is to win the next Powerball drawing. It’s worth over a billion now.



How about the man who bought a storage locker and then found 7.5 million inside a safe? He paid 500 dollars for the locker. What did he do?  He returned it to the original owner. Some in the know say it’s a good thing as there’s no telling where that money came from. Who leaves 7.5 million dollars  of “clean” money  in a storage locker and then doesn’t pay the monthly rent for six months? There’s probably more that will come out on this story.



It’s space debris! And a chunk of it fell through the roof of a home in Florida narrowly missing the owner of the house. NASA is studying it to figure out where it came from.


Brent Burns and I wrote a song recently titled “I Don’t Want To Die THAT Way”. I don’t want to die from space junk hitting me in the head. We may have to add that to the tune.



This one again from the funny folks at Babylon Bee.


In hilarious April Fools joke, Congress announces they are working hard to serve the American people.”



Back at the songwriting table today with my friend Irene Kelley. We’re tweaking a couple of lines on a song, and then writing something new today as well.


Irene has recorded three songs that we’ve written together that landed on a couple of her albums. This one, “Walk With Me Today” that features harmony parts of our friends Darin & Brooke Aldridge may be my favorite.


Have a great Wednesday!





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