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Father & Son Co-Write...Jenny Tolman's New Song...Easter Weekend


Friday March 29, 2024


Friday morning and the last weekend of March is here. 73 here today and getting warmer over the weekend.



I had a great and fun writing appointment with Dad and son Barry & Will Hutchens from North Carolina who were in town for some studio time to record a couple of their songs. But they had enough time to get together and create a new tune…our third as a writing team.


Both of them sing AND play great. So I brought an idea that Barry immediately made better by tweaking the melody on his guitar and then Will sang the heck out of it. One to be proud of.


My friend Jerry Salley who runs our record label Billy Blue introduced me to Barry and Will last year and suggested we write together. His instincts were great as there’s really good musical chemistry in the room with those two.

And after our write, Jerry joined the three of us for lunch and we had a great time talking about the business and catching up. A good day.


I got home and watched my Reds team win their opening day game against Washington. A perfect way to wrap up a Thursday. I’m loving our young team and they’re a ton of fun to watch. I got a text from a couple of old softball buddies…brothers Jack and Jim Menninger from Cincinnati last night, both of whom are in the Northern Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame as they were both outstanding softball players…and they invited me to join them in late May to watch the Reds play the Dodgers and Shohei Ohtani. Uh…I said yes. Can’t wait. I hung with them last year at the ballpark for a couple of games and could not have more fun.



A couple of changes on my calendar with the group that writes songs with veterans. We were set to return to Montrose, Colorado again in July but things have changed and that’s been cancelled. So instead we will be returning to Memphis July 12 & 13 to write with veterans at the VA Center there. Happy to be going back.





The new fun single from Jenny Tolman is out today “If You Can’t Stand The Heat” (Get Out of My Kitchen). Sassy, sexy and very fun…and very Jenny. This is the tune I wrote with her and her husband Dave Brainard. Here’s hoping this song will garner some more attention for my friend who truly deserves it. Check out the song right HERE.



Here’s a true Irish lass for you singing a song off her new Irish album that my friend Steve Dean and I wrote with her titled “Dear Old Irish Dad.” This is a video of Clare singing it “live” last week at the City Winery here in Nashville. Did I mention she’s Irish? VERY Irish. You’ll pick that up quickly when you hear her talk and sing in this video. Thanks for recording the song Clare!



A new study found that people who ate 12 fortified eggs per week had cholesterol levels similar to those who follow a non-egg diet.


A leading dietitian suggests eating these 7 kinds of protein snacks to lower high cholesterol. Oat energy balls, bean & avocado toast, salmon salad, apples & peanut butter, almonds, edamame, and seed crackers & hummus.


The world’s oldest doctor who still practices just turned 101. He must be eating some of the above.



A woman tweeted this. “One of my classmates said he’s going into consulting because he likes giving people his opinion but he doesn’t like doing anything.



The folks who know about “shark” things are predicting a spike in shark attacks this summer. That could kind of spoil a summer vacation pretty quickly. I think I’ll just sit in my beach chair in the sand and not dip my toes in the water.



The most popular travel destinations for 2024 according to Google Flights searches are New York at number 5, Rome at 4, Tokyo 3, Paris is 2 and the most popular travel destination according to them is London. Ole Big Ben is popular this year.



9-Year-Old Boy Tries To Drive To School, Crashes Into Police Car After Wild Chase. There surely had to be a really interesting conversation between the Cops and the boy. Wonder if they asked for license and insurance info?



I’m writing with my friend Troy Engle online today…he’s up in Pennsylvania. And his new single “Never Too Lost” that we co-wrote is being released next Wednesday April 3. Can’t wait for folks to hear his voice on this wonderful old gospel-grass tune.



And then it’s the weekend…and baseball…and more March Madness.


Have a great and blessed Easter weekend yourselves!




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