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Leap Day...March Tour...Spring Break


Thursday February 29, 2024


Thursday morning and how in the world can it already be the end of February? The heavy rain that came in Monday cooled our temperatures off.  I had to grab a jacket yesterday. And the high is just 50 here today before it warms back up in the 70’s this weekend.



With nothing big on the calendar yesterday I caught up on a few things. Took care of renting a car for trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas for next Wednesday and Thursday with “Hits & Grins” (Steve Dean & Victoria Venier). We play in the gorgeous Woodlands Auditorium Theater in Hot Springs Village next Thursday night.



It’s a 7 pm show and it will be our second time there as a trio. I’ve been blessed to play in the beautiful village 4 times now and I always look forward to it. Our sponsors there take such great care of us. They even put us up in home overlooking one of the lakes inside the village so how can you not like that?



And the folks in Hot Springs teed up a radio interview for me early this Monday morning on KVRE radio when morning host Tracy Simpson will give me some air time to help promote our concert on Thursday night. And we appreciate that.



My friend-co-writer-American Idol star Alex Miller announced he’s releasing a new EP in April titled “My Daddy’s Dad”. Six songs on the new project that our mutual friend Jerry Salley produced that will include the song “Never Saying Never” that I wrote with Alex and Josh Shilling.



Alex was very close to his Grandfather who shared his love of music and farming with Alex growing up in Kentucky. The first song Alex recorded after his appearance on American Idol was “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya” that I wrote with Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson. This VIDEO they made of the song is very fun and you’ll see Alex’s family in it.


Looking forward to the release of his EP. This nice REVIEWwill tell you more about the new EP.



With today being the last day of February I thought I’d share my March calendar. Hope to see some of you at these events.


March 4 & 5…Freedom Sings USA songwriter retreat in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.



March 7…Hot Springs Arkansas with “Hits & Grins” at the Woodlands Auditorium in Hot Springs Village.



March 11…Dollywood with “Hits & Grins”. 3 shows at the Palace Theater. Noon, 2, and 4 pm.



March 13…Mile Marker 158 in Orange Beach, Alabama with Brent Burns.



March 15…Mobile, Alabama at the People’s Listening Room with Juanita Smith.



More details on these shows are in the TOUR section here on my website.



The CDC is recommending that older adults roll up their sleeves again for second updated COVID shot.


A new study says that using marijuana as little as once per month can be linked to a higher risk of heart attack.


A USA Today report claims a mental health crisis has caused a post-pandemic rise in medication use.



I was sorry to see comedian and TV star Richard Lewis passed at the age of 76. I used to see him on TV doing stand-up a lot…then he moved over to TV series work. He was great with self-effacing humor and his approach was different than most.


He once said, “When you’re in love it’s the most glorious two and a half days of your life.”





Major League Baseball says they have listened to the players complain enough about their see-thru uniforms that’s had a lot of press. And they say they’re going to take care of it. Which should mean new uniforms that will cover up what needs covering up. So fans will only be seeing baseball with seams on them.



It’s coming. Beach towns are bracing. Miami decided they no longer want them and have new rules that will help keep them away. Fort Lauderdale seems to be the new hot spot for the big teenage gathering.


Someone joked that police are handing out special DUI’s at Spring Break. These are for “Driving Under The Intelligence Level”.



I did go to Spring Break as a Senior in High School. Small school so there were like 32 or 33 of us on a bus to Daytona Beach. It was the first time I’d seen the ocean and that was memorable as I’ve had a love for the beach, ocean, and beach music ever since.


I remember the husband and wife who were in charge of our trip were cool. We stopped in Georgia I think and they took us into a bar where the drinking age was 18…in case we wanted to try that. I didn’t at that time…that happened in college.


And the only partial trouble I remember on the trip was that a friend of mine stole a putt-putt putter. Went down his pants as I recall. And yes, he looked weird walking down the sidewalk back to the motel we were staying in.



If you’re a Leap Year Day baby…today…you can get a free dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme. No other purchase necessary. Just show them your driver’s license and enjoy. You’ll be on a sugar high for a week. Happy Birthday.



The online publication Yardbarker listed what they believe is the top 25 opening lines in songs. Here’s 3 that caught my attention.


Jeremiah was a bullfrog. (Joy to the World…3 Dog Night…written by Hoyt Axton)


And I’d certainly agree with:


On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair, warm smell of colitis, rising through the air. From Hotel California of course by The Eagles.


And how about, One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go from Blue Suede shoes?


Here’s the rest of that LIST.



I might have chosen “A bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rose instead” from Billy Joel’sScenes from an Italian Restaurant” masterpiece.



I’m writing with young Taylon Hope online this morning. I’ve been watching her career, wrote a few songs with her, did a couple of songwriter shows with her, and I’ve watched her grow up. She’s now a student at Belmont University where my daughter graduated. So I’ll have a chance to ask her how she’s enjoying that experience and then we’ll try to create something new together.



Have a great Thursday!













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