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Home...A #1 Album Surprise...Margarita Smile


Thursday February 22, 2024


Thursday morning and it’s good to be home.



Linda Davis, Lang Scott, and I got up in Ocala, Florida and drove home to Nashville after two wonderful “Evening in the Round” shows. One in Hawkinsville, Georgia last Thursday and another in Avon Park Florida on Tuesday of this week.



A long drive that went quickly because we got some wonderful news to celebrate all the way home.


I mentioned in Wednesday’s Bill Blog that Lang and Linda’s daughter Hillary Scott of Lady A went on The Today Show Tuesday morning. We all watched as she sang a faith based song off of the family’s album “Love Remains” that won two Grammy Awards in the Contemporary Christian category. Hillary sang “Savannah Guthrie’s favorite song “Beautiful Messes” off of that album.  Savannah Guthrie of course being a co-host of the “Today Show."



Well guess what happened after Hillary sang that song?  The song went to #2 on the iTunes chart for COUNTRY and the album went to #1!  This is the album that contains the song “Safe Haven” that I wrote with Hillary, Jimmy Fortune, and Sydni Perry. And the album was not only #1 on the Country chart, but it was also #2 and maybe even #1 later in the day on the All Genre chart! And the song Hillary sang “Beautiful Messes” went to #2 just behind Beyonce’s big new song.



Unreal. We talked to Hillary a couple of times on the phone and she was pretty much speechless. And her Mom and Dad were besides themselves with joy. What an amazing blessing.


When the album launched 7 and a half years ago it went #1 on the Christian Music Charts. And now seven and a half years later…it’s #1 on multiple charts.


It made our long ride home to Nashville pretty danged joyous.


I’m so THRILLED for Lang and Linda and Riley Jean (their youngest) for this honor. And yea, I’m thrilled for myself and my co-writers on “Safe Haven” as well.


This album obviously resonates with people. And now it’s getting an amazing amount of new love and attention. Just so proud to be a small part of this, and even prouder for my friends “The Scott Family.” Nobody saw this one coming.



Change of date for the show my friend Brent Burns and I will be doing in Orange Beach, Alabama at Ginny Lanes at The Wharf. That show will be Wednesday March 13 at 6 pm instead of March 14 as previously announced. Dinner at 5 pm and our show is 6-8 pm. Ginny Lane’s sits on the intercoastal so come join us for the fun and a water view.




This one with “Evening in the Round” with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. We’ll play at the Pines Theater in Lufkin, Texas on September 12, a Thursday evening at the Pines Theater. We’re going to have a few dates in Texas towards the end of this year and you can look for more details about those dates on the Tour Calendar here on the website.



Some trainers are saying gym attendance is down partially due to folk who are taking Ozempic to lose weight and then they get sick during their workouts.


The FDA is saying not to use Smartwatches and rings that measure blood sugar levels without piercing capabilities.


A study of 6,000 women ages 63-99 says that if they do 3,600 steps a day they will have a 26% less risk of developing heart failure.



Someone got honest with their yard sign here I think.



That would be today. Crank up your blender and salt the rim of a glass. I know that Brent Burns and I have done our part to celebrate the day by writing this song that Brent recorded “Margarita Smile”.



If you believe what you read or what you might see from influencers on TikTok…more and more people are walking barefoot again. Not sure if that’s really true or not but I’m hopeful it is considering how much money I’ll save on my wife’s shoes!



Hard not to notice that it’s gotten expensive to eat. On the 5 day road trip I was just on it was impossible not to notice how the bill for eating out has increased. Statistics came out today that reveals that last year we spent 11.3% of our disposable income on food…and it’s still going up this year. If this keeps up I’ll be back on the college diet of Raman Noodles and Spam Sandwiches.



That would be this coming Sunday when I play a songwriter show with my long time co-writer friend Steve Dean. The show is at 6:30 pm at the beautiful Westhaven Resident’s Club in Franklin, Tennessee. Steve and I will be playing from 6:30 to 8 pm. We’re both happy to be playing their Songwriter Series for the first time.



Again…courtesy of the funny folks at Babylon Bee.


“Woman Forced To Go Back And Redo Gym Workout After Forgetting To Hit Record On Phone”.



I’ve got an off day to catch up on a bunch of stuff after getting home off the road. Let the “catching up” begin.


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