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Three Times A Lady...Freedom Sings...Electric Buggies Anyone?


Thursday March 21, 2024


Thursday be arising here in Music City. 66 with sun here today.



I had the day off so when that happens I do what any one does with an off day. I go see the Doctor. Right? All good. Got a shot to help alleviate some pain I’ve been walking around with for several months. With a trip to Germany coming up in just a couple of weeks I’m figuring it was a good move as we’ll be walking quite a bit in both Germany and Austria.


What’s the old Doctor joke? Oh yea…Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? Only if your aim is good enough.



I got some more good music news yesterday. The first album from this all girl trio “Three Times A Lady” will be released May 16.


This incredibly gifted trio recorded a song I wrote with one of its members…Lauren Mascitti and our friend Kristen Bearfield that’s on this new album titled “Come Back To Me”. The girls have spectacular harmony and folks at Dollywood are getting to hear that 5 days a week right now as the three of them are doing a residency there at the Palace Theater. They’re singing the songs that were recorded by “The Trio” featuring Dolly, Emmy Lou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt. Heck, Dolly herself dropped by to see one of their great shows!


There will be an album release party on May 16 at the club 3rd & Lindsley so if you’re in town go catch their show. I’ll be there for sure. Thanks for recording the song girls!



The folks from Freedom Sings sent me this picture that was included in the 2023 National VA Office Of Nurses Annual Report Magazine that featured our group of songwriters writing with VA nurses in Murfreesboro. Nice picture of me and the VA nurse Christine Brooks who’s story I turned into a song titled “Welcome Home” that you can find a bit of in this great VIDEO they produced from that retreat.


Our group of songwriters recently returned to Murfreesboro and I wrote with VA Nurse Rachel Blankenship who’s song is “I Learned To Laugh” (So I Can Cope). I’m getting ready to go into the recording studio in a few days and record her song and that will be included on an album that will include all those veteran nurses songs that will then be available at


Again, it’s just an incredible honor to be involved with such a great organization like this.



Women are now living about 6 years longer than men. I told my wife I think women live longer out of spite…but maybe not. Lots of reasons were cited in the study but the thing that stands out the most might be the fact that in 2021, COVID-19 killed 131 per 100,000 U.S. men but only 82 women per 100,000.


Doctors say they now have a simple skin test that can detect Parkinson’s disease that they believe can help solve some of the mysteries of that.


A study reveals that loneliness is worse than smoking, alcohol, and obesity.



The More You Weigh, The Harder You Are To Kidnap. Stay Safe. Eat Cake.



With the new Biden EPA bill they’re saying that two thirds of us will be driving either electric or hybrid vehicles by 2032. Unless we elect and Amish President of course. I don’t think Detroit is going to manufacture electric buggies.



I can build a fleet of Electric or Hybrid Amish buggies if I win the Mega Millions drawing this week. By the time they draw the numbers the pot could be one BILLION dollars.



Some lawyers revealed some crazy reasons they’ve had clients get divorced.


A husband claimed his wife was possessed by the devil.


A wife dropped her husband because he didn’t like the Disney movie “Frozen”.


Another divorced her husband because he kept leaving dishes in the sink.


And this one made the divorce lawyer shake his head:


A young woman got married at 19 in Wisconsin so she could drink in bars. She was 19, and in Wisconsin you drink at age 19 if accompanied by a parent or spouse. The minute she turned 21 and could drink without him?  She got a divorce.



The fun begins today. Something like 16 games on tap for college basketball. I’ll be rooting for Tennessee to do well. After that I usually root for the underdogs. It’s really the only time of year I get into college basketball and I’ve learned to not fill out a bracket because it always goes to the shredder after the first day of games. Good luck to your teams.



This one once again from the folks at Babylon Bee who create the funniest false headlines and stories.


Mexico Begins Constructing Wall To Keep Illegal Immigrants From Coming Back.


I’ll be sitting with my friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard today attempting to finish a song idea we started a couple of months ago. Jenny’s new single is going to be out in just a few weeks that the three of us wrote titled “If You Can’t Stand The Heat” (get out of my kitchen) which is a really funny sassy song that Jenny pulls off so well. Can’t wait.



Have a great Thursday!




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