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Sheet Music...Exit Tax...Play Ball!


Wednesday March 20, 2024


Hump Day…Wednesday. And what a nice day it is with sunshine and a high of 71 in Nashville today.



I hooked up with my friend Rick Lang yesterday who was in to write from New Hampshire where he and his wife have lived for years. Rick is the guy I’ve been blogging about who has the new album “Blue Collar Gospel” that’s going to be released in mid-May. I found that out yesterday from Rick. He and I along with our friend and producer Jerry Salley wrote the title track that features Jerry and the Oak Ridge Boys. And Rick and I wrote a second gospel-grass song titled “Church Bells Are Ringing” that’s also included on this great album.

Yesterday Rick gave me a nice present.


And sheet music for the second song as well.


Pretty cool. I’m not sure if I have sheet music on any of the songs that I’ve had recorded by other artists.  The first album of Rick songs, or co-written songs was nominated for a Grammy. So I’m excited to be part of this great project that I found out will have a follow up in 2025 to be titled “Blue Collar Gospel 2”. The concept for these albums is that these are all songs from Rick or folks he’s written with, and each of the songs features different artists or groups singing these songs.


There is also going to be a Christmas album done in this vein as well as a flat-out gospel album done this way. Since Rick and I have songs that fit all these I have a feeling some of our collaborations will wind up on these projects as well for Billy Blue Records.


We wrote a new gospel-grass song yesterday, and I got a lot of great news. So that’s a pretty good Tuesday!



I found out yesterday that the new Darin & Brooke Aldridge album will be released April 19th. I’ll be in Germany when that happens so I may celebrate with a beer and a pretzel. I’m excited to have two songs on this. One of those being the last single they released “WildflowerToo” that got a lot of airplay on bluegrass radio stations. Thank you for that. And there’s a second song that’s new titled “That’s Where You’ll Find Me” that I wrote with my friends Lauren Mascitti and Kristen Bearfield. Can’t wait for folks to hear that little mountain song as well.



I’m hearing that Kristy Cox’s new album will be released on May 31 that will include three of my songs and one of those will also feature the great Jimmy Fortune who helped me write a very personal song titled “How Lucky Am I” that the two of us also wrote with our talented friend Sydni Perry who’s out touring with Carrie Underwood right now. So the next couple of months is going to be pretty exciting with all the new songs coming out.



Apparently some young folks have found something from the kitchen they can now sniff that will make them “high”. Hide your nutmeg parents.


Researchers have genetically modified a brown cow in Brazil to produce insulin in its milk which is a breakthrough in diabetes treatment research.

Quaker has recalled some Granola bars due to a salmonella risk.



 Yep…me too.



That line for from classic “Eagles” song is now real life stuff in California. The Golden State has two new taxes. A new tax for the wealthy AND…a tax for those who choose to leave the state! It’s called an “Exit” tax.  So it’s really expensive to live there, and now it’s expensive to leave. Just when I thought I’d heard it all about taxes.


Mark Twain once asked, “What is the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector”?  His answer was, “The taxidermist only takes your skin.”



Forbes just released its list of the “Happiest Countries In The World.” Finland landed in the #1 spot for most happy for the 7th consecutive year in a row followed by Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Israel. The U.S. dropped out of the top 20.


The least happiest country they say is Afghanistan with Lebanon, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, and Congo joining them in the bottom 5.



Hard not to stop at one when you’re traveling these days like I do. The clean bathrooms alone makes one pullover. An article this morning describe the place as “The Walmart of Gas Stations”. Hard to argue that. I use them for my workout. I enter the door farthest away from the clean bathrooms and by the time I get back to my car I’ve got my steps in for the day.


So it’s about 7 AM Central Time as I’m working on this Blog this morning and I’m watching the opening day MLB game right now!  The Dodgers are officially opening the season playing the first game of year in South Korea against the San Diego Padres. I guess it’s good press for Major League Baseball but it doesn’t seem right for the AMERICAN pastime to have its first game in a foreign country. Geez.


The Padres are leading 2-1 at the moment.



Poverty Meeting Attracts Poor Turnout. The editor of that newspaper apparently took that day off.



An off day. Pretty exciting stuff on my agenda. Clearing the lawn for the first mowing of the year. That time.


Have a great Wednesday!



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