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Opening Day Baseball...Frank Brown Songwriters...Moonpie Kit


Thursday March 28, 2024


Thursday morning and I’m happy because today Major League Baseball returns!  Play ball!



Pretty laid back day yesterday on Wednesday so it was catch up on loose ends day here at the Whyte House. I pitched a few songs to artists yesterday, lined up a couple of studio days to record a couple new songs and worked on a song idea to use later this morning in my writing session. So even when there’s nothing on the calendar musically, there’s still music stuff going on.



I got a note from the folks at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down in Gulf Shores locking in the dates of November 8, 9, 10 AND 12 this year. Some of these dates will be with our trio “Hits & Grins” but November 12 will be an extra date for a Freedom Sings USA event where like last year a few of the songwriters that participate with Freedom Sings will perform songs we’ve written with and about our veterans on the stage at the Florabama Main Listening Room.


I did this event last year and the place was packed with folks who love our veterans as I do. So it will be a really special night again this year as well. The venues and start times for the other dates will be announced closer to festival time so stay tuned.




A new study says that diabetes, air pollution, and alcohol consumption are big risk factors when it comes to dementia.


There’s a new nasal spray that show signs of helping those with sleep apnea.


Oxford researchers say that religious people are happier than non-religious.





And baseball is back. Right now I wish I was in Cincinnati to catch the opening day parade, festivities, and the Reds game against Washington this afternoon. Nothing like it. Working in radio in Cincy for a lot of years allowed me to be part of the parade, interview a lot of the players, and attend the opening day game. Pretty sure they should let me pitch today.


In Milwaukee, the first year I was there working radio at WMIL…I went to the Opening Day game at old County Stadium where the Braves used to play before they left for Atlanta. We had light now that day so it was COLD in the ballpark but it was still awesome watching the Brewers for the very first time. I remember taking a portable radio with earbuds to listen to Bob Uecker call the game. Vice President Dan Quayle joined him in the booth for a couple of innings and the back and forth was hysterical. And to this day Bob Uecker is STILL calling the games. He’s still an absolute treasure in that city.



And if you’ve never seen his acceptance speech when they put Uecker into the Broadcast Wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown…do yourself a favor and watch this. And watch the Hall of Famers behind Bob wiping tears out of their eyes because they are laughing so hard.


I got hooked, completely hooked on the game the first time my Dad took me and my brothers to old Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis to watch my first Major League game. I’ll never forget the site of seeing the field for the first time. The Cards lost to the Pirates that night 18-2. But it didn’t matter. I got to watch Stan Musial play that night. 




So let the games begin! I’m ready.



The folks at AccuWeather are predicting a “potentially extreme hurricane season” this time around. They expect to name up to 20-25 storms.


And no matter the category rolling in…there will be folks who sit out on their deck grilling instead of evacuating. Some of those grills wind up in Minnesota later…but you get the point. Sometimes “hunkering down” do not be the best option.


That total eclipse is coming up April 8. The Moon Pie folks down in Chattanooga have me smiling this morning because they are offering up a Moon Pie Solar Eclipse Kit. Complete with four moon pies, and two pair of eclipse glasses. Tell me companies can’t be clever.



It’s official now. Beyonce has recorded Dolly Parton’s song “Jolene” to be on her new album. Consider this. Dolly Parton wrote “I Will Always Love You” AND “Jolene” on the very same day…by herself! Whitney Houston made Dolly an absolute fortune by recording “I Will Always Love You”…and history may be repeating herself with Beyonce doing the same thing for “Jolene”. Amazing.



Woman Left With Kidney Damage After Visiting Hair Salon. (I don’t think I want to know)



I’m writing for the second time with a great Father and Son combo Barry & Will Hutchens who are in town recording some track. They were kind enough to invite me and our mutual friend Jerry Salley to perform at the world famous Bluebird Café last Fall and that was a special night. Barry and Will are from North Carolina, and their music that leans country and bluegrass reflects that. And both sing and play great.


So I’m looking forward to creating something new with them again today.


Have a great Thursday!



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