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Kitchen Heat...Back To Memphis...Porcupine Humor


Friday March 22, 2024


Friday morning and a March weekend is upon us. Up to 72 with a little light rain here in Nashville today.



I finished up a song with Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard at their studio which is built inside their home. And their one year Bear joined us part of the time. Never hurts having a cute toddler thrown in his two cents on the lyrical content of a song. Jenny’s trying to be a Mom and an artist these days which is not easy to do but she’s pulling it off with grace. She’s been on the red carpet for a couple of movies recently doing that “glam” thing with industry folks AND…she has a brand new song out next Friday that she, Dave, and I wrote “If You Can’t Stand The Heat” (Get Out of My Kitchen)


Jenny’s a great cook (healthy recipes) and she’s doing clever videos like THIS ONE where she combines her cooking in the kitchen with our little kitchen song. Check it out. You get just a little tease of the new song in this video. And I’ll share the complete song here next Friday.



On April 3 Troy Engle, my bluegrass friend up in Pennsylvania will release a gospel-grass song the two of us wrote “Never Too Lost”. Troy is just one of those talented guys that can write, play every instrument, produce, AND sing the heck out of songs like this one. Proud to be his co-writer on this tune that reminds us that we are never too lost to find our way home.



Our Freedom Sings USA group will return to write with veterans once again in Memphis. We’ll be in Elvis’s backyard over the weekend of June 28 & 29…our third trip to Memphis. There will be a free concert Saturday night June 29 where each Nashville songwriter whose part of this retreat will sing the song they wrote about their assigned veteran that same morning. Always goose bumpy stuff for sure. Looking forward to being back. 





A new study has found that COVID-19 can damage a person’s heart even if the coronavirus doesn’t directly infect the heart tissue.


A leading neurologist says we can improve our memory in five ways. Lots of sleep…8-10 hours daily. Exercise, meditate, do brain boosting activities like learn another language or learn to play an instrument. And do retrieving exercises where you try to recall things with your memory and not Google.


A new study concludes that taking calcium and Vitamin D together may reduce the risk of dying from cancer.


I’ve long been a fan of the comic strip guy Gary Larson. His pictures and captions still make me laugh today. He obviously can really just let his mind go and sees the world…and lots of times it’s the animal world with a very different eye than most.


When I was working radio in Cincinnati this strip that the created hung on a wall above my desk for years. It made me laugh, and it made anyone who walked into my office and saw it laugh as well. Maybe this classic will make you smile today as well.



I turned on the TV last night and landed on the Kentucky-Oakland basketball game as part of March Madness. I figured I would watch for a few minutes and then switch to another game as Kentucky…he HEAVY favorite seeded #3 would surely take care of the #14 seed…tiny Oakland College up in Michigan. Not so much. I watched every second of it as Oakland pulled off a massive upset against the Wildcats. And now those rabid KY fans are questioning why they have not let their head coach John Calipari go yet. Well, they’d owe him 35 million…so that’s part of it.



But this is why we watch the games come March Madness time. I most surely caught some madness last night.



February home sales unexpectedly jumped 9.5% the highest jump in a year. Mortgage rates are dropping and people are buying again. Might be a good time to check and see how much your home is worth right now. You can check on Zillow…but a lot of folks don’t think they’re very accurate.



Two travel experts Rick Steves and Samantha Brown suggest you pack an item you would never think of. Duct tape. Uh huh. It can fix a broken suitcase, seal the curtains in your hotel room or VRBO, and is just handy for a lot of little emergencies. Never thought about that before. My wife thinks maybe it would be handy to duct tape my mouth when I’m snoring. I voted no.



A leading travel blogger…who admittedly loves nature just listed 6 states he was visit over and over again and 4 states he would not.


The good states he listed are California, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, and Colorado. Hard to argue with those choices.


The 4 states he’s in no hurry to revisit include Kansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, and North Dakota.



I finally got around to watching the musical documentary on “TheWrecking Crew” which is all about those amazing set of musicians in Los Angeles who played on a TON of hit records you know and love. The general public for the most part had no idea who these musicians were or are. It’s a remarkable story told by the late guitar player Tommy Tedesco’s son who lovingly told the story of these amazing musicians. The only name you’d recognize would be Glen Campbell who of course would leave those session players one day and become a big singing star himself. I highly recommend watching it if you have any love of music at all.



I’m going to be rhyming with my Aussie friend Angus Gill today at my publishing company. Normally we write online when it’s breakfast time for him and dinner time for me because of the time difference. But that’s all changed as Angus just MOVED here full time!  We’ve been blessed to have had several of the songs we’ve written in the past to be recorded by Australian country artists like this one recently “SheAlways Danced Alone” by Alan Mackey and TC Cassidy…two well-known artists down under. It’s going to be a lot more fun writing face to face now in the states for sure.



Have a great weekend!


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