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Dollywood Again...Single Folks...Way To Go Minnesota


Wednesday March 27, 2024

Hello Hump Day Wednesday. All that rain the past day and a half is gone with sunny skies on tap but the high is only 60 today.



It was a lazy, gloomy, and rainy Tuesday here in Nashville. And I had nothing big on my calendar. It was my birthday and we celebrated it the way I love to…very quietly. But thanks to family and friends who sent text messages…I appreciate it.


My wife did get me a great birthday gift though. This T-shirt.


Perfect for a baseball fan like yours truly. She doesn’t believe me but I’m pretty easy to buy for. Buy something related to baseball or music…and I’m more than good with that every time. My Cincinnati Reds opening game is tomorrow so I’ll be wearing that on the couch while I root on Cincy.


That would be Sunday April 7 as I head back to play 3 shows at Dollywood with "Hits & Grins" with my musical partners Victoria Venier & Steve Dean. Showtimes are noon, 2 and 4 pm inside the beautiful Showstreet Palace Theater in Dolly's park. Make plans to join us if you can.





The CDC released a grim statistic. Nearly 108,000 people died of drug overdose in 2022…and the numbers keep growing.


And expert says the best way to lose belly fat is to curb your carbs, keep moving, and focus on the way your clothes fit more than reading a scale.


Meanwhile a new study is suggesting that smoking may lead to more belly fat.



Just when I though electric vehicles might be a thing…uh…maybe not.



Some guy in New Jersey just became a billionaire after his Mega Million numbers came up last night. 1.13 BILLION to be exact…the 5th largest jackpot ever. After reading that I didn’t even look at my ticket. Straight to the recycle bin…again.



That’s a line my good friend Lauren Mascitti uses on herself when she’s out singing to folks. She’ll tell them with a laugh, “I’m single as a Pringle.”!


The online publication "Stacker" just listed the 30 jobs that lead to a lot of folks being single. The top 5 list looks like this.


5          Umpires, referees, and other sports officials


4          Residential advisors


3          Fast food workers


2          Host and hostesses, restaurants, lounges, and coffee shops


And this job has more single folks than all the others.


1          Protective service workers…90.1% have never been married and 92.13% are single.


Here isa look at the rest of their list.



Some folks think the sky is falling. And they get caught up in the thought that the world is going to hell, or that everyone is up to something, or they’re mean spirited, or they’re “this and that” and on and on. When quietly there are way more good folks than bad. The bad just make for easy press…train wreck stories.


A great example of how good folks really are came when Minnesota lit up one of their bridges last night with the states color of red, black, and yellow to show support to the victims and families of those that were lost when the Baltimore bridge collapsed. Pretty cool gesture Minnesota.



Yep…he’s climbing back in the ring. And don’t forget “Iron Mike” is selling these.


Edible ears…laced with a little something that can help get you high. Mike bit a piece of ear off of Evander Holyfield back in the day. Might as well cash in on that right?


How about this guy in Georgia who got so fed up running over screws and bolts and nails on his bike that he rigged up his bike with a powerful magnet and now rides around sweeping those bad boys up. They’re calling him the “Atlanta Magnet Man”.


Very creative. Now if I can just get him inspired to create a bike that repairs potholes when he bikes over them?  Even cooler.




My co-writer had to cancel this morning so my day has opened up again. I have to figure out what to do with myself.


Have a great Wednesday!











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