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A Christmas Song...Great Bluegrass Evening...A Finished Book


Thursday July 11, 2024


Thursday morning with another hot summer July day on tap. 80 today…by Monday we’ll be up near 100 degrees. Wow. Beats Las Vegas though. They’ve broken a heat record with 5 straight days and counting of 115 degrees each day! But hey it’s a dry heat right?



My writing appointment was with my east coast friend Rick Lang who’s riding a high with the success of his album “Blue Collar Gospel-Songs of Rick Lang” that’s getting a lot of bluegrass spins across the country and overseas right now. Almost anyone who plays bluegrass-gospel songs seem to be on board with this album and it’s not always the same song they choose to play which is a tribute to how good the album is front to back end.


Twelve different artists singing 12 songs that Rick had a hand in writing including the two that I’m on, the title track “Blue Collar Gospel” with Jerry Salley and The Oak Ridge Boys and “Church Bells A Ringin’” featuring Danny Paisley.


We took some time and talked about the passing of Joe Bonsall of The Oak Ridge Boys who sang of course on our song “Blue Collar Gospel”. Both of us were saddened and surprised to hear that news  that broke on Tuesday. A reminder to both of us how short life truly is.


 Rick is developing a Christmas album down the road so I brought a Christmas song idea yesterday and we finished that up together. It was fun bringing the song to completion with Rick.



Last night I got out the world famous Station Inn here in Nashville to watch my friends Darin & Brooke Aldridge perform.


They never disappoint. The two of them were so entertaining last night with their great band and they sang a couple of tunes we wrote together including “The Grand Ole Circle”. Their record label where I write for their publishing company surprised them with a plaque for their current album “Talk of The Town” because it hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Bluegrass Charts for a couple of weeks and I have a couple of tunes on that album including “Wildflower Too” that they also performed last night.


And my friends Adam and Amy Pope were in the crowd with their two young kids and Darin and Brooke got the two of them up to sing a song I wrote with that couple called “Alabama Coast” and that sounded SO good. Darin produced their album with that song on it.


Truly a wonderful evening of music last night getting to see my friends do their thing.



My wife Kathy has written her first ever book. A real life phenomenon thing wrapped around a detective story. And this past week she turned in the final rewrite of it. It’s been a 4 year process of her writing and working with editors and learning. But she’s close to the finish line now so we should be talking about a release date by maybe end of year or first of next year. I’m her husband, but even being biased?  It’s a really good book. Fiction. And I’m proud of her. She’d had the idea for years, and finally took the idea and brought it to life.


The first publishing company she sent it to love it and agreed to publish the book. How about that? Much more to come.  I can’t wait until its out and folks have a chance to read it.



A new COVID variant is out and about here in Tennessee. This one is called KP.3. Great.


A health expert says it takes 2 months of an exercise plan before you start to see any real results.


A rare voice box transplant helped a cancer patient speak again. Love that.



I put in an order myself.



The weather folks say that 25 already named hurricanes are expected this year on the heels of Beryl. 25! Extremely hot weather has got a lot to do with that I’m sure. Good time to buy stock in chain saws and backup generators.



The publication Thrillist took a survey and their readers said the MOST DISAPPOINTING TOURIST ATTRACTION in the United States is the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. I’m surprised. Our family toured it many years ago and I remember loving it at the time.


Gosh…it can’t possibly be more boring that this tourist attraction can it?



Bored Panda printed 50 frugal lifestyle tips that folks swear by. A couple caught my attention.


1 Buy a Toyota, pay it off quickly, keep up with maintenance, drive till the wheels fall off.


2 With every raise you get?  Put half into retirement.


3 Don’t order cable TV.



What is considered formal attire for retirees?

Answer: Tied shoes



Nothing huge on my calendar for today except for packing the guitar and a suitcase for a trip across the state to Memphis tomorrow morning where I’ll join 5 other songwriters to write songs once again with veterans for Freedom Sings USA. Looking forward to that as always.


Have a great Thursday!