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Cold Season...Schedule Ahead...Hot Dog Hall of Fame

BILL BLOG Tuesday October 31, 2023   Tuesday…Halloween….already. 52 for a high with a low of 30. Colder for sure, but Chicago and Minneapolis have snow already. No thanks.   YESTERDAY I had the day off and needed as I got back home from my Gulf Shores trip with a cold that’s knocking me down. That time of year. Odds go up that you’re going to catch something if your around a ton of people and that's part of my job so every now and then that’s going to happen. So I spent most of the day sleeping, drinking honey and tea, and cleaning out everything in the medicine cabinet that’s related to knocking out a cold. And sleeping...a lot. Rip Van Whyte yesterday.   For the record I’m drinking anything that ends in Quil. Day or night. I’ve kind of reconciled to myself that the only way to steer clear of a cold, flu or COVID this winter is to just stay locked up until Spring rolls around. And that obviously doesn’t work with what I do.   So here’s to Z Packs,

Back From The Gulf...Back To The Gulf Again...Traffic

BILL BLOG Monday October 30, 2023   Monday morning and I’m finally back home where a ton of leaves have dropped from our trees…and cooler temperatures are arriving as well. 51 the high today dipping down to a cold 31 tonight with heavy rain. Yikes.   THE WEEKEND I was in Gulf Shores on Friday to finish up my run at the “Meeting of the Minds”. Over 2,500 Parrot Heads came into town for the parties, the music, the award shows, and Rum!   Colorful to say the least.     Early Friday afternoon I got up on the Main Stage located at the “Hangout” which his located on the beach and sat in with my friend Kelly McGuire for his Lighthouse Series. I did three of my songs with Kelly’s All Star Band of musicians who are so great…each of them. And all of them nice guys. Whole different thing singing with a full band as opposed to singing just solo as I do a lot. My thanks to Kelly and the guys for having me again this year.   Then I busted it over to Lulu’s to get u

Trop Rock Awards Show...New Australian Single...Two Shows Today

BILL BLOG Friday October 27, 2023   Friday morning here in Gulf Shores. Last day of shows before returning home. And it will be perfect weather again. Sunny with a high of 81.     YESTERDAY It was all about the Trop Rock Awards last night that took place at the Civic Center here in Gulf Shores where awards were passed out in several categories. I was the first presenter of the evening and handed out the “Wave” award for Best Trop Rock radio station to my friends Eric and Gina Babin and their internet radio station Radio Trop Rock . Could not have given it to better folks. They retired Navy and launched what has become the “go to” radio station for those who love Trop Rock music. Check them out sometime.     Several of my friends won awards last night. Eric Erdman won Songwriter of the Year and Male Vocalist of the year. This is him performing with his talented girlfriend Carrie Welling last night. Eric and I write some, and I’ve done a couple of show wit

Parrot Head Double Header...Aldridge Honor...Awards Show Today

BILL BLOG Thursday October 26, 2023 Thursday morning arises in Gulf Shores after a late night of laughter. And after another postcard weather day down here. And today?   More of the same with sun and a high of 79 predicted. Look up the word perfect and you’ll see pictures of where I’m at right now.   YESTERDAY Wound up doing a double header of music. I was not expecting to play at Lulu’s here in Gulf Shores yesterday afternoon for the Meeting of the Minds Parrot Head event but Brent Burns pulled me up on stage and I did a few songs for the folks gathered there. Saw some friends who had been with us on both the Italy tour and the Rhine River Cruise we did a few years ago. Always great seeing old friends.      LAST NIGHT Our little group fueled up at the Oyster House here in Gulf Shores last night where Brent’s son Buster has worked forever and he took great care of us. The blackened grouper with red beans and rice? I highly recommend. So good. Buster se

MOTM Day 2..."Bubbles Up"...Fools on Stools Tonight

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 25, 2023   Waking up to a Hump Day Wednesday here on the Gulf Coast. 78 perfect degrees with sunshine today. Meanwhile parts of the north and northwest are expecting SNOW this week.   YESTERDAY My Tuesday changed as I was planning to drive over to Pensacola from Gulf Shores to visit with some radio friends and tour their new radio station that I almost worked at. But a death in their family changed my plans and theirs unfortunately. My heartfelt condolences goes out to both of them this morning.   So with that I stayed in Gulf Shores and went back to Lulu’s where the boats pull up to the venue   HOLDING COURT My friend Brent Burns is hosting songwriters every day this week during this big Parrot Head gathering called MOTM and Lulu’s is packed and will be packed every day this week. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to Lulu’s and witnessed the lot running out of room to park cars. Folks are lining up and waiting quite a while f