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A New Christmas Tune...Cledus...Heather's New Year's Eve Birthday

BILL BLOG Friday December 30, 2022 (Last Blog of the year)   Friday morning in Nashville. Happy New Year’s weekend! Up to 63 degrees here in Music City today.   YESTERDAY I wrote with my “Hits & Grins” pal Steve Dean yesterday, the last writing session of 2022. And Steve was still in a Christmas mood and brought a Christmas song idea with him that was very fun. So we wrote that and are making notes on our 2023 calendar to start asking about who might be making Christmas albums in the New Year so that we can pitch this news song to folks it might fit. It was certainly a fun way to wrap up writing for the year.     DOLLYWOOD Our “Hits & Grins” partner Victoria Venier e-mailed the two of us while we were writing, letting us know that final details about two shows we’ll be doing next year at Dollywood are coming. We’ll be part of a great little songwriting series they’ll be doing at the park that Victoria will be hosting for 6-8 weeks. Worse places

Snow Gone...Road Dates 2023...New Movie Idea

BILL BLOG Thursday December 29, 2022  Thursday morning in Nashville and we’re racing towards the end of the year. And it’s starting to feel like Spring around here this weekend. At 5 am this morning the temperature is already at 51 with a high of 56 on tap today. And they’re talking about above normal high readings this weekend.   YESTERDAY With the sun shining down and the snow disappearing I got out and got the salt and crud off my vehicle that had piled up after driving it in the snow a few days ago. The car wash had a line almost as long as the Southwest Airlines complaint line yesterday. Loooong. I got to the gym too and realized that everyone had the same idea of trying to get rid of those Christmas pounds in one day. It too was very crowded. Add a little college football yesterday evening (the Arkansas-Kansas game was crazy with three OT’s) and I saw some of the Kennedy Center Honors last night.   George Clooney, Amy Grant ,(with Vince Gill sitting

Post Christmas..."Details"...Flamethrowers

BILL BLOG Wednesday December 28, 2022   Wednesday morning, the last Hump Day of December boys and girls. The snow is mostly gone here in Nashville and we’ll reach 55 today. This Sunday it’s going to be sunny with high of almost 70. Yo-Yo weather for sure.   YESTERDAY We had a little post-Christmas breakfast with our daughter Heather and her husband Casey before they pulled out and headed home to Alabama. Nothing better than having your kids home for Christmas, even if it’s a short while. We’re grateful they are close enough to drive considering how many horror stories I’ve heard from friends and family who have missed flights and have been stranded. Some horror stories for sure.   TRACK OF THE DAY Today I’m going to feature a song I helped write titled “ Details” that Nick Dumas not only recorded and released as a bluegrass single this year, but it will also be the name of his album that will be out in a few weeks.   Tim Stafford , a great bluegrasse

Family...Retired...Gifts You Really Need

BILL BLOG Tuesday December 27, 2022   Tuesday morning in Music City. We’ll get up to 44 today, so the 2 inches of snow that accumulated yesterday will probably be gone later today or tomorrow.   YESTERDAY Family day here at the Whyte House yesterday as our daughter Heather was here for one more day with her husband Casey . They leave to go back home to Alabama in just a few hours. To say that my wife Kathy and I enjoyed their company would be a huge understatement. And with the two of them getting ready to move to Germany with Casey’s Army pilot job, we treasured this time more than ever.   It surprised us and snowed early yesterday morning and covered up the roads. But Casey has 4-WD on his pickup so we actually got out for a bit and enjoyed the “white” scenery everywhere we looked. Then we hung out on the couch and watched the first Fisherman’s Friends movies, which has become one of my favorite true story movies ever about those Fishermen in Cornwall who

Blackouts...Christmas...Looking For Audrey

BILL BLOG Monday December 26, 2022 Monday morning and I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas! They’re actually calling for a little light snow in Nashville this morning with a high above freezing. Almost 40 degrees for a high today and back up close to 70 by the weekend.   CHRISTMAS WEEKEND Well, we went through the really cold weather too. Down near zero part of the weekend, and e we had a little snow mixed with power outages, cars off the roads   and rolling blackouts… a first in the history of Tennessee. We did not get a notice from our electric company so it was a surprise when the power went out in 15-minute increments four different times early Friday morning. About the time I’d find the flashlight and light a candle or two the power would pop back on and I’d walk around resetting every clock we have. Nashville is not prepared for sub-zero and the power grid here was not capable of the high demand from folks who were cranking up their heaters. I’m not political but,

Snow in Tennessee...Crickets...Merry Christmas

BILL BLOG Friday December 23, 2022   Friday morning headed into Christmas weekend. And we may actually have a trace of snow on the ground for Christmas since we got a dusting last night. It’s 1 degree above zero this morning with a whopping high of 10 above today in Nashville. Our driveway though is NOT snow covered which is a problem as it goes straight up. We don’t get a lot of snow and ice in the south, but when our driveway gets hit, and the curvy little road we live on, we have to wait for a thaw as you just can’t get out. And the road crews never touch our road. We’d be last on that priority list. So, I’m grateful that we’re not going to be snowed in here.     Others I know are not so lucky. Geez. Some huge snow and ridiculous temperatures being recorded. My sister Rita and her husband Terry are freezing in Rochester, Minnesota. My other sister Vickie out east is probably getting hit, and my brother Gary and his wife Kay ?   They’re in Florida. They’ve got falling iguanas,

Hoop Time...Cowboy Jazz...Twerking

BILL BLOG Thursday December 22, 2022  Thursday morning in Nashville. Getting might close to Christmas kids. And that cold weather that’s on the way for so many is now being described as a “once in a generation” storm. It going to get cold really quick. It’s never good when the weather folks come up with new terms like “Bomb Cyclone”.   It will be 51 for the high today but only 12 above tomorrow. Yikes. And flight cancellations are already piling up. Here’s hoping folks don’t spend Christmas stuck in an airport.   YESTERDAY Just did a little catching up and working forward yesterday. Got to the Y and jumped on one of those bikes that you can pedal forever and never move an inch. Weird. But last night I got out and caught a little Belmont basketball at the Curb Center here in Nashville. And the good guys won so that was fun.     TRACK OF THE DAY Today I want to feature the song “ All That Cowboy Jazz” that Paul Bogart recorded, released as a single and

Person of the Year...A New Cut...Tangled Lights

BILL BLOG Wednesday December 21, 2022 Another Hump Day to get over. Wednesday morning. Bracing for the big freeze that’s   coming Friday night.   YESTERDAY It was fun writing with my friend Gerald Smith again at my publishing company. Gerald had been under the weather so it was great seeing him and knowing he was feeling better. Seems like the whole world is sick or has something wrong with them these days for sure. But he was in great spirits and brought a really fun title with him that we wrote yesterday. And Gerald can really write fun stuff. Here’s his most well-known funny song that he sings at most of his shows, “ You Play Like Chet” . Enjoy.   TRACK OF THE DAY Today’s song I’ve selected is “ Person of the Year ” that Kristy Cox recorded, a song I wrote with Jerry Salley that was meant to salute the front-line workers in the COVID battle. Kristy fell in love with it the minute she heard it as it touched her heart. She has some family and friends i

Arctic Blast...Gumby...Tom Browning

BILL BLOG Tuesday December 20, 2022   How can it be the 20 th of December already. Tuesday morning arising in Nashville. High of 50 today but the forecast is calling for a chance of light snow Thursday evening with a forecast of DANGEROUS cold coming this weekend. A high of just 15 on Friday.   That Arctic blast is on its way making me glad I don’t live up north anymore. 50 below with wind chill predictions for Billings, MT, and Bismarck ND with below freezing for several northern states on the way. Nope. No thank you. Nashville is about as far north as I ever want to be again.   Meanwhile a bunch of folks in California are without power after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit there. So maybe the cold weather is not so bad after all.   YESTERDAY I spent part of Monday learning how to submit songs that I’m a writer on to Hollywood to be considered for TV show and movie placements. A couple of months ago a song I’m a co-writer on was played on the Fox TV sh