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Sarasota Parrot Heads...Brent Burns Framed...Happy Halloween

BILL BLOG Monday October 31, 2022    And a good Monday morning and “Happy Halloween” to you from Florida City, Florida where it will 88 degrees for a high today.   THE WEEKEND And what a weekend it’s been. Friday morning I drove about 13 and a half hours with stops from Nashville to Sarasota, Florida to play Donny Brewer’s “Karavan To The Keys”. It started in Texas and this stop was the last before all the folks who signed up to follow Donny to Key West and the big “Meeting of the Minds” there starting Tuesday.   This event was held in a RV park, part retirement community it looks like and the event was incredible. First, the place was PACKED with Parrot Head fans. Second, it was so well run by Donny and his wife Michelle and others who make this happen year after year.   And the set Brent Burns and I had was so well received the room full of flip flops, beach shirts, and lover of beach music. They laughed, they sang along, they clapped…just a great show an
BILL BLOG Friday October 28, 2022    Friday morning, bags are packed and I’m off to Sarasota, Florida for a Trop Rock show this evening at 6:30 pm with my friend Brent Burns and a bunch of other songwriters and performers who play beach music.        So there’s no time for a full Blog here this morning. Monday from somewhere in south Florida I’ll post a full blog.   Have a great weekend!

A Money Song...Mobile Homes...Sarasota Show Tomorrow

BILL BLOG Thursday October 27, 2022   Thursday morning and it’s time to pack for a long beach run of shows. I put on a pair of shorts this morning without realizing it’s only 37 degrees as I begin this blog. That was a mistake!   A high of 67 here in Twang Town today.   YESTERDAY I had fun chasing a song idea with my buddy Jerry Salley at my publishing company yesterday. A twist on the familiar Willie Nelson-Lefty Frizzell classic “If You’ve Got The Money” …and I do mean a twist with a smile. We got it mostly home before we both had to leave, so we’ll find another date to rough out the edges.   One of the things I love about having a publishing company home is that when you walk in it feels like family, and you never know who might be in the studio or the other writing room. In one room yesterday was Rick Lang, a great bluegrass writer along with one of the best southern Gospel music writers ever Lee Black . And in another room was former American Idol star Alex Miller who

Lunch With A Star...Song On TV...New Nashville Show Added

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 26, 2022    Doing that ole “Hump Day” Wednesday thing. A little rain popped up yesterday and cooled Music City down a bit. A high of just 65 today.   YESTERDAY Well, somebody got killed in a song yesterday. That from an idea American Idol star Alex Miller brought into the writing room with him at Billy Blue Publishing yesterday. Alex is in from his small town of Lancaster, Kentucky to write and finish recording his second album for Billy Blue Publishing and had this “murder” song idea that’s a little dark, with mystery in it, and I was more than happy to wade into those murky waters and help him shape his story into what turned out to be a very cool song. Alex is working a ton all over the country these days after the attention he got from being on American Idol a couple of seasons ago. I found out what an impression he made on folks when after we finished writing and we grabbed lunch at a great Mexican restaurant nearby. Three diffe

Sarasota Show Next...Halloween Stuff...American Idol Co-Write

BILL BLOG Tuesday October 25, 2022   Tuesday morning coming at us with some rain on tap in Nashville along with a possible severe thunderstorm. Mid 70’s here today.   YESTERDAY Monday was a day of unpacking and resetting for what might be the longest road trip I’ve ever had since my band days way back then. It begins this Friday with a stop in Sarasota for a show then on to Key West, Gulf Shores and finally 2 shows in Virginia before the calendar empties for the rest of the year just before Thanksgiving and Christmas. I got out and enjoyed a bit of the 80-degree sunny day which was gorgeous here in middle Tennessee. And I got in a very long nap as I was wiped out after the 8-hour trip home from Port St. Joe to Nashville on Sunday. And there’s a lot more road ahead starting dark and early Friday.   THAT FIRST SHOW       I should name this concert run I’m on because it’s a dandy. The first one is indeed in Sarasota, and it’s called Flip Flop Stock . A 2-day

Blast On The Bay...Charmin...Back To The Beach

BILL BLOG Monday October 24, 2022    Monday morning back home in Nashville. And it will feel like I’m still in Florida as we have a sunny day on tap with a high of 80 today.   THE BEACH WEEKEND Man what a great “Blast on the Bay” Songwriters Festival this year in Port St. Joe, Florida. I don’t even know where to start. So let’s start at the beginning.     My first show was with “Hits & Grins” with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier at the Krazyfish Grille early Friday afternoon, Krazyfish has become one of our favorite venues in Port St. Joe. The place was packed and LOUD and folks were just so great. Steve sang his big hit for Rodney Atkins “Watching You” and the crowd sang along on the last chorus, and it was an incredible sound hearing that coming back at us. And the laughter on “Going Ugly Early” was pretty incredible too. I have to mention how great the food is at this place too. Run by a really nice young couple who own two restaurants in town, I’d

Hello From Port St. Joe...Song In A TV Show...Hand Fishing

BILL BLOG Friday October 21, 2022   Good morning from beautiful Port St. Joe, Florida home of “Blast on the Bay” Songwriters Festival. 43 degrees as I begin today’s blog. It will be 73 for a high with sunshine here on the beach today.     YESTERDAY My “Hits & Grins” trio with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier left Nashville at about 6 am our time and hit 65 south for the long drive here to Port St. Joe. But there’s as much fun in the car as there is on the stage lots of time and that helps make the miles roll by faster.     We hit the small town of Port St. Joe about 4 pm their time, found the house the festival provided us (thank you!) then headed to the Port Inn to register, sign some posters and a guitar for the festival and grab our credentials. The old Port inn got blown away by a hurricane a few years ago, but it’s mostly up and running again with the same great front porch that has a view of the water.       When that was done, we headed for the VIP party where e

Road Bound To The Beach

BILL BLOG Thursday October 20, 2022    Thursday morning and I’m headed for the coast. I’ll be in Port St. Joe by this evening.   YESTERDAY It was just a day of packing and getting the road details in order for the trip this morning from Nashville to the panhandle region and Port St. Joe, Florida. Good to go. Our Hit’s and Grins trio has three shows this year at the Blast on the Bay Songwriters Festival that starts tomorrow with two shows for me, one with Hits and Grins and another some other songwriter friends.     The full schedule is here.     This evening there’s a VIP down by the water with a great shrimp boil and music where all the writers will hang for a while with sponsors and organizers and volunteers of the great festival. I’ve been part of this festival almost since opening year and it’s one on the calendar that I always look forward to.        Time to hit the road. Tomorrow morning I’ll put up a full blog here.   Have a great Thursday