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Australia Rhymes...A New Website Look...A Pilot In The Family

 BILL BLOG Thursday June 30, 2022   Thursday morning, the last day of June, and the wheels are getting ready to roll to Missouri. A warm 93 degree high today here in Nashville.   YESTERDAY I had a writing appointment at 5 pm last evening with Angus Gill online. He was in Australia where it was like 9 AM. He’s on his first cup of java, and I’m at almost dinner time which is always weird. Angus is a busy young man, an in-demand producer working with several notable acts down under. The song we wrote together for TC Cassidy , a female artist in Australia will be released tomorrow so we’re both looking forward to that as we think it has a chance to do well on the country charts there. And we did get a new song written to add to our growing stack of tunes we’ve co-written. So a fun evening.   NEW WEBSITE Sometime today this website will have a brand-new look. The blog will still be here along with the calendar and other features. Look around, check it out, and let me know what y

New Writer...Stars In The Studio...Colt Ford On A Song

  BILL BLOG Wednesday June 29, 2022     Wednesday, the last Hump Day of June. And it’s time to pack for a road trip back home to Missouri.   YESTERDAY I wrote with talented Grammy winner Andrea Pearson yesterday for the first time. She sings, she writes, she produces video, rides horses and she paints. And yesterday, we wrote a song I truly loved about “painting” at my publishing company. She likes to hike and LOVES Sedona, Arizona as I do. She’s shot this video of one of her songs herself showing off that amazing red rock scenery. In fact, my screensaver on my computer is a snapshot of me standing on that infamous Devils Bridge that is so beautiful. She stood there too. So we had some things in common before we sat down to write. And that helped break the ice.   It was just a heck of a day all around at the Daywind Studios because at one point I looked down the hallway and saw unexpectedly my musical friends and Grand Ole Opry stars Darin and Brooke Aldridge who were the

Writing With Jimmy...New Cuts...New Website Look

 BILL BLOG Tuesday June 28, 2022     Hello Tuesday. And where has June gone to? We’ll be blowing up firecrackers soon. 86 for a high here today in Nashville.   YESTERDAY It’s always a pleasure to write with Jimmy Fortune . Something good always comes out of that writing room. And yesterday was no exception. While neither of us really had a great idea, we talked about a young artist I know who’s looking for “radio friendly” songs right now to put on his new album, so Jimmy almost instantly came up with a radio friendly guitar groove that allowed us to be inspired enough to write lyrics over that made sense. It just turned out great, so it was a win-win day as I got to rhyme with Jimmy, and we got something worth pitching to this artist at the same time.   Jimmy is truly one of my favorite folks and talents in this music town. Here’s his schedule . If he ever gets near you, get a ticket and then you can thank me later. Such an incredibly pure tenor voice that he used masterfull

The Bluebird Experience...A Commercial Jingle...A Statler Brother

 BILL BLOG June 27, 2022 Monday morning has rolled around and right into the last week of June. And the weather dude is saying that below average temperatures are on the way for the south. That won’t hurt my feelings any after the sauna we’ve been living in for a bunch of days now. 87 for a high today.   THE WEEKEND This past weekend started with a co-write with Kristen Leigh Bearfield of the group “ High Road” and my talented young friend Lauren Mascitti on Friday morning at my publishing company. The two of them are as busy as I am out on the road. Kristen has a new solo bluegrass single coming out in a week or so that she’s excited about that she played for Lauren and me. No wonder she’s excited! And Lauren is also recording and singing shows all over the place, a lot of them here in Nashville recently. And she’s also put together this little girl trio with two of her friends that’s so good. Check them out in this video from a “live” show recently.   When we got down t

New Gospel Song Coming...Podcast...Bluebird Cafe

  BILL BLOG Friday June 24, 2022   Friday morning in Twang Town.   YESTERDAY It was a full Wednesday for sure that started with a co-write with Irene Kelley who I had not seen in a bit. Irene is such a great writer-singer and she surprised me a bit by playing some of a new song we had written last year that’s going to be on her new album out soon. A gospel grass thing that just turned out great. Our mutual friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge will be adding harmonies on it, and I can’t wait to hear that. The duo also put their voices on this song Irene, and I wrote that was on her last album and it’s one of my favorite gospel things I’ve ever written, “ Walk With Me .” If you listen to Darin and Brooke’s harmony on that song, you’ll hear why we are excited that they’ll sing harmony on the new tune also.   Thank you for loving the song, Irene!     Irene has been spending more and more time over in the Smokie Mountains and I’d do the same if I had bought a lot

New Writers...Pythons & Flying

 BILL BLOG Wednesday June 23, 2022 Thursday morning with a busy day on tap in Nashville.   YESTERDAY On a sauna like Wednesday I was in a writing room with a new duo named Caleb and Leann that my friend Mark Hauser , who’s also a singer songwriter, introduced me too. And their guitar player Andrew Buckner also showed up. So we had a room full of writers yesterday for sure, and we also had a lot of fun finishing up an up-tempo duet song idea I had been working on. They are getting ready to go into the studio with noted producer-singer-songwriter Keith Stegall in a few days to start laying down tracks for their first major project. Fingers crossed that this little song might make the final cut. We’ll know soon.   I know the song itself is fun and just rockin’ so that’s all you can do as a writer is help deliver a good song, they sit and wait to see what happens to it. Really enjoyed getting to know them and working with them yesterday.   OBI WAN I finishe

Another Radio Interview...Christmas Song...Pig N Ford Racing

 BILL BLOG Wednesday July 22, 2022 Smack dab in the middle of the week. Wednesday. 99 degree high today here folks. Toasty.   YESTERDAY Full day that started with a radio interview in Bowling Green, Missouri at the radio station where I started a radio career way back. The station is now KJFM The Eagle, back then it was KPCR Radio. The radio station now is still housed in that red brick barn where I worked for several years a kid right smack dab in the middle of a cow-pasture. Marianne Everhart was kind enough to record an interview with me that they will now air in different time slots to help promote the 50th Anniversary of “Mo Mo” the Missouri Monster that I will be part of July 1 in Louisiana, Missouri with a 7 pm concert . Looking very forward to that. Tickets are selling well from what I hear so we should have a great crowd. All the info is in the “calendar” section here on my website.   CHRISTMAS Moments after I hung up with Marianne, I was online

Summer Solstice...Another Radio Interview...Amazing Chart News

 BILL BLOG Tuesday June 21, 2022 Tuesday morning and it’s Summer Solstice. The longest day of the year. And it’ll be hot like summer. Almost 100 again here in Nashville.   YESTERDAY I was on air at another radio station in Missouri where I worked when I was young KWRE in Warrenton, Missouri. My old friend Mike Thomas was nice enough to give me a chunk of airtime to talk about the big anniversary show coming up July 1 in Louisiana, Missouri and he played that 50-year-old song on the air. It never ceases to amaze me that this story about a sasquatch roaming the neighborhood in that little town on the Mississippi could still be going strong. All I know is that July 1 show is going to be way too much fun, and it’s going to be great to see so many old friends that I’ve not seen in years. Come join us if you can.   AND…this morning I’ll be on The Eagle 102 in Bowling Green, Missouri to talk about old Mo Mo again. I think I’m chatting with Marianne Everhart who

Radio Interview...Chart Action...Top Gun

 BILL BLOG Monday June 20, 2022     Monday morning in Nashville. Sunny and hot. That sunny and hot thing brewed up a pretty good storm here on Friday that was not on the radar. Winds were stiff, and a lot of folks had downed trees and no power. We lost power for about 5 hours, but no trees this time so we felt good about that. Calmer today. Just blazing hot.   Getting ready to do a “live” interview on KWRE Radio in Warrenton, Missouri at 9 am my time with my buddy Mike Thomas. We’re going to talk about the 50 th Anniversary of “Mo Mo” the Missouri Monster as I’m getting ready to be part of that anniversary by doing a concert July 1 in Louisiana, Missouri where the whole thing started. If you catch this in time, you can listen in “live” right HERE . It sounds like we’re going to have a big turnout, and I’m looking very forward to this event.   For the many of you who don’t have a clue about the Big Foot that became a legend in the Show Me State, check out this new article that

2 Bluegrass Tunes...Rocky Mountain High...Dad's

 BILL BLOG Friday June 17, 2022   Friday morning. Bring on the weekend and the heat.   YESTERDAY I wrote not one but 2 new bluegrass tunes with Troy Engle yesterday. Troy was at his home in Pennsylvania, I was here in Music City. I mentioned yesterday that Troy and I have yet to meet and write in person, but we’ve written several songs now together online. And yesterday Troy had a verse and a chorus start on an idea, and so did I go we had a two for one bluegrass special yesterday.   Every time you write with someone you learn more about them. That’s been the case with Troy who plays every instrument you can name seemingly, and he sings and writes great too. He was here in Nashville a lot of years before moving back to his home state in PA. And I knew he had worked with and played with Tom T. Hall and knew him and Miss Dixie well. He wrote about that relationship a bit in this song he released . And I knew he was in the Patty Loveless Band for a while to