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  Tuesday morning and here we are at last day of May. 92 and hot here today. YESTERDAY It was a lazy Memorial Day here at the Whyte House. The sun was out, and it was really a gorgeous day even though the mercury jumped up to almost 90. The heat is right on cue with this time of year in Nashville. I got out and took advantage of the weather and got a little hike in around nearby Percy Priest Lake on a little two-mile paved path that has a point where the patch ends onto a long wooden bridge you walk over that gives you a terrific view of the lake that was filled with paddleboarder and canoe enthusiasts. Pretty good way to spend Memorial Day. ROAD AHEAD This week will start a pretty good run of shows on my schedule. Here’s a quick peek of where I’ll be in June and July. June 4 At the Grinder House in Crossville, TN for a 6 pm show with “Hits & Grins” that includes my buddies   Steve Dean   and   Victoria Venier  . June 18 Marion, Virginia with   Linda Davis  , and   Lang Scott   and


  Happy Memorial Day to all. Feels like Memorial Day too with sunshine and high near 90 in Nashville today. THE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND Mine started Friday morning writing with one of my “Hits & Grins” partners in crime,   Victoria Venier   at my publishing company. We tour and play music, but we don’t spend enough time writing together and Friday we made up for that by writing not one but two songs. And one is really fun that Victoria brought to the table with help from her husband Matt from a true-life experience they heard about from some friends. I’m thinking this could be one we work up and add to our “Hits & Grins” show in the future. BARN DOOR LINE DANCE I got a great little video gift from my friend   Jerry Salley   who was the guy who loved the song “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit Ya” enough to pitch it to American Idol star Alex Miller and then record the song as one of those that landed on Alex first album “Miller Time” that’s out now on Billy Jam Records. I wrote this tun


  And here comes Memorial Day weekend. Friday in Nashville. 77 is the high today and then it will start getting hotter each day over the weekend as should be expected for Memorial Day. YESTERDAY Nothing big yesterday but back to normal later today with a writing session. It’s a little lull in my calendar right now before things really start picking up come June with a lot of road trips ahead for shows. So I’m trying to take advantage of any day and just chill a bit, like yesterday. Grateful for those when they come along. RAY LIOTTA The actor died at the age of 67. Too young. Way too young. Always loved his work and especially love his role in my favorite all time film “Field of Dreams” where he played  Shoeless Joe Jackson  and was part of this unforgettable scene with  Kevin Costner  . “No Ray, it was you.” RIP UP IN SMOKE The stock market jumped almost 500 points yesterday. It’s been a volatile market time for sure. Which stocks to buy? I never know. But I wish I had bought a few sh


  Thursday morning in Music City. More rain and a little thunder this morning which has dropped our temperatures significantly. A high of just 75 here today. YESTERDAY I spent part of yesterday afternoon doing a radio interview to promote a “Hits & Grins” show with   Steve Dean   &   Victoria Venier   that’s coming up June 4 at Grinder House on Main Street in Crossville, Tennessee which is a bit less than 2 hours east of where I live. Radio host Katie from Lite Rock 95.9 in Cookeville spent about 10 minutes or so with me to help promote this show and I do appreciate her doing that. That interview will air this Sunday morning around 8:45 AM. You can hear it online if you’d like to listen at this link. Thank you, Katie! SPEAKING OF HITS AND GRINS I got all the details for 7 new shows for the trio with the first one being in November in Culpepper, Virginia followed by one at West Point, VA. January 12 of next year we’ll play Lodi, California followed by a date in Redondo Beach, CA


  Last Hump Day in May. We had some more storms move through last night, so temperatures remain a bit on the cool side. Cloudy and 83 here today. YESTERDAY I wrote for the first time with   Stephen Lee Veal   who lives with his wife in a small town in Mississippi near Mobile. Stephen reached out wanting to co-write an idea he had after we met in Mobile at a comedy show I played there last year with   Juanita Smith  . FYI…we’re going to be doing that again July 31 of this year at the People’s Listening Room and I’m surely looking forward to working with stand-up comedienne Juanita again. Steve had a half fun half gospel idea that we wound up writing in a bluegrass groove that turned out to be great fun. Stephen is also one of those songwriters that’s played the   Frank Brown Songwriters Festival   for a very long time as I have. So it was nice getting to know him better online when we wrote yesterday. THE BALLAD OF TRYING TO BUY A CAR Well, yesterday I wrote that a new car had finally a


  Hello Tuesday. Cloudy again this morning with a high of 83 in Nashville today. YESTERDAY Pretty non-eventful around the Whyte House yesterday. We’re on a gloomy run lately of weather and I’m ready for the sun to start popping its head back out again. I did get to the gym and did start a couple of song ideas so there’s that. Oh, and I may finally have a new car after ordering one last September. It took so long that the 2021 turned into a 2022. I read this morning that the average age for a vehicle on the road is at an all-time high for the 5  th   year in a row. 12.2 years! Folks are keeping and repairing their cars since they’ve had trouble getting new one and saving money by driving them until the wheels fall off. Pretty much what happened with the one I’m driving now. VIRUS NOTES The Army is reporting nearly 100% vaccination, claiming only a 1% refusal among troops. Pfizer says 3 doses of their vaccine provides strong immunity against COVID for kids aged 6 months to 5 years. Meanw


Monday…all day. THE WEEKEND It twas a very hot weekend in Nashville with temps over the 90’s although it felt comfortable Friday night at the Nashville Sounds baseball game that I went to. Some rain moved through here Saturday night and cooled things off a bit. In fact, the high here today is only 72 degrees! IDOL My wife and I did watch the finale of American Idol last night. Although I’m disappointed my friend   Hunter Girl   did not win, 2  nd   place with all the exposure she’s had will surely give her a career she never would have dreamed of before the show. It was great to see them put the spotlight on her writing songs with our veterans with the organization Freedom Sings USA which is where I got to know her. Both of us have written with veterans at retreats in Little Rock and Montrose, Colorado and the veterans just love her. So happy for her. And I do love the young man who won the competition as well   Noah Thompson   who has a great country voice and should have some hits on


  Sneaking towards the weekend this Friday morning. And then next weekend will be Memorial Day weekend…already. It does feel like that time of year here in Nashville with the temperatures now hitting 90 degrees. 93 for a hot high today. YESTERDAY I’ve found out that quite a few bands-singers in bluegrass have a murder song tucked away in their arsenal. Not all…but a lot. So yesterday I got to write one of those kind of songs with my buddy   Troy Engle   up in Pennsylvania. I had a pretty good start on it when Troy popped up on my “Google Hangout” screen and he got into it quick as he loves that kind of stuff too. So, a complete work of music fiction with a cool story line in it got created yesterday. I grew up in Missouri, and near where we live flows the Cuivre River. (Cuivre rhymes with river). And I’d always wanted to write a song that would reference that river. Yesterday it happened as the song itself is titled “Cuivre River.” SPEAKING OF SONGS I wrote a song with   Jimmy Fortune 


  Thursday morning in Music City. Mid 80’s here today. Snow in Denver on Friday. I’ll take the heat. YESTERDAY I spent another 5 hours or so in studio with   Brent Burns   as he laid down vocals on three more songs that will be on his next album. So, a total of 5 of have been laid down so far and there will be at least 5 more added a few months from now. My friend   Lang Scott   dropped by and listened and laughed with the rest of us. There’s always a lot of laughter during Brent’s session. We should video some of it for sure to share with the world. Just watching Brent get animated and loud as he was singing “Get Off My Beach!” was danged funny stuff. We wrapped about 3 pm, had some lunch with Lang then I got him to the airport for his direct flight to Pensacola where could drive home to Gulf Shores and sleep in his own bed last night. Can’t wait for folks to get some of what we laid down yesterday. FYI Brent and my next show together is coming up Thursday evening July 21 in Hot Sprin