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Bowling Green Show...Gatlinburg...Americanaville Show

BILL BLOG Tuesday June 13, 2023   Tuesday morning be here. Expecting a high of 80 with sunshine today.   YESTERDAY My songwriting appointment got cancelled at the last second, so that gave me some time to drag fallen limbs and branches up a hillside half acre at our house yesterday morning trying to clear the lawn after that windstorm that hit us Sunday evening and knocked out our power while downing a bunch of limbs. Geez. ‘   All in all…I would have much rather have been writing a new song. My back is talking to me in a very colorful language this morning. Something like, “What the heck were you thinking!”   LAST NIGHT Lauren Mascitti and her “ Nana ” whom many of you saw when Lauren was on American Idol a few years ago, jumped int car with me to play the “Water Wheel Round” hosted by Dan Modlin in Bowling Green, Kentucky at Lost Cave.     Man what fun night in an intimate listening room environment. Great crowd and the songwriter show had too