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New Cledus Cut...Australia Good News...Fall Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday September 23, 2022   Friday…bring on the weekend. A comfortable 77 here on the first day of Fall in Music City.   YESTERDAY I finished up an idea with my friend Katrina Burgoyne at the publishing company yesterday that we started a month ago. Something very fun and up-tempo fitting of her contagious Australian personality. She has a ton of creative energy and is always fun to write songs with. And she’s as busy as anyone I know these days doing gigs and producing videos with her equally creative husband. Fun writing day.       GOOD MUSIC NEWS My friend Mark Hauser brought me a funny idea that involves country artist Brad Paisley . We wrote it funny, and yesterday he sent me a note letting me know that Cledus T. Judd is recording the song today. Awesome. I think this might be the 6 th song that Cledus has recorded that I’ve been a writer on, so I’m grateful for that. Thank you, Mr. Judd.   MORE GOOD NEWS And I got word this morning that the new CD from TC

George & Tammy Show...Hurricanes...Single Wide Expensive

BILL BLOG Thursday September 22, 2022   Thursday morning has showed up. After being up to 99 yesterday in Nashville, the 84 high predicted for today is going to feel great.   WEATHER And after having a very calm hurricane season, folks on the coast are looking at Fiona being upgraded to a category 4 storm after gaining strength as well as keeping their eyes on 3 brand new disturbances forming out in the Atlantic. One of those has been deemed a “significant threat” that could target the panhandle of Florida in a week or so which is where I’m headed for some shows. One hurricane expert is saying it could be a “monster”. Great.   So my eyes are on those too. Go away!   YESTERDAY Wednesday was pretty much a free day to catch up on stuff, but last night my wife and I went to see a tribute to George Jones and Tammy Wynette that our talented young friend Lauren Mascitti hosted. Full band, and she invited several guests to sing their favorite George Jones song, Tammy Wynette song

Song For A Queen...Frank Brown Schedule...George & Tammy Night

BILL BLOG Wednesday September 21, 2022    Hump Day again and we’ll have the AC cranked up. 97 for a high today then the next couple of days it will finally start to cool just a bit. A high of just 77 for on tap for this Friday.   Proof again that it’s hot and getting hotter on the planet. More than 300 all-time heat records were broken in the US alone this summer.   YESTERDAY My day flipped yesterday from the norm, which is usually the case when I songwriter with someone from Australia. It was breakfast time there for Angus Gill when he joined me, and dinner time for me. Always odd to know that he’s just getting out of bed and downing some coffee while it’s the end of the day for me.     We had a very productive creative meeting miles a world away from each other, despite my internet dropping a couple of times. We tweaked a very funny Christmas tune that Angus is going to record “Cheapskate Christmas” and then we tackled something very different.   Angus

Bluegrass Trio...Key West Change...Black Coffee

BILL BLOG Tuesday September 20, 2022   Hello Tuesday morning. I’m turning the AC up for you today. 95 and sunny here today.   YESTERDAY My Monday morning had me on the computer with Rick Lang in Maryland and Troy Engle in Pennsylvania writing a new bluegrass up-tempo tune with the two of them born from an idea Rick had that he sent the two of us. I dug into early on my end and had a couple of verses attached to a chorus idea Rick had e-mailed, and then Troy jumped in with some great thoughts on the last verse and tweaked the melody just a tad. Troy is one of those guys who plays every doggone instrument you can name…and well!   So it’s a pleasure writing with such a great idea guy like Rick, and such a great musical guy like Troy.   Both Troy and Rick will be busy at the International Bluegrass Music Association festival and awards show coming up in a few weeks in Raleigh. Rick is on the board and puts a lot of the panels together, and he chose Troy to talk about the late great T

A Pilot's License...New Gulf Shores Show...Iguanas

BILL BLOG Monday September 19, 2022   Monday Monday….and the heat is rolling in. 93 today and we will hit almost 100 degrees this Wednesday! Isn’t Fall is September 22?!   THE WEEKEND Mine started early, Friday morning with Andrea Pearson & Steve Dean at Steve’s house. Andrea brought a cool melody with her and her guitar that allowed some cool lyrics to start spilling out. And in short order, we had a new song to add to the catalogs. My friend Steve has a bunch of #1 songs plaques hanging on his studio walls that’s inspiring, and it’s a wonderful thing to have someone who sings as well as Andrea does singing the new song in the writing room. I couldn’t be happier with the way this new one turned out.    AND… I did catch a little of this Friday night. The Sounds played the Jumbo Shrimp. How can you not go see a baseball team with the name of Jumbo Shrimp? Hard to believe the minor league baseball season wraps up this month.   GREAT FAMILY NEWS Congratulations to our d

Funny Christmas Song...Gulf Shores Show...Flying Bikes

BILL BLOG Friday September 16, 2022   Friday morning…ready for the weekend. Warm today with high of 88 on tap and MID-90’s by next Tuesday and Wednesday.   YESTERDAY I was online writing with Tim Stafford who was over in Knoxville at his Mom’s house. Tim is one of the great acoustic guitar players in bluegrass, heck of a writer, book author and a member of the acclaimed bluegrass group “ Blue Highway ”. It was great seeing him healthy as both he and his mom had a recent bout with COVID and after a struggle, they’re both doing much better. That was great to hear. Tim and his wife have been staying at his Mom’s as they’ve been building a new house over there. The great news is, by the time we write our next song, he’ll be in his new place that will have a beautiful view of the Smokey Mountains.   Yesterday we wrote an idea we already had on our books from the last time we had written. The song took a bit of a John Prine turn, and since both of us are big Prine fans?   That jus

A Radio Show...Finishing An Album...Crazy Goat

BILL BLOG Thursday September 15, 2022   Thursday morning in Nashville.   YESTERDAY My friend Brent Burns was a guest on the nationally syndicated Big D and Bubba radio show “ and I went along for the ride while Brent recorded three of his funny songs for their podcast and show that will air sometime next week. I’ll link that here on my blog once I found out when. He did one of our songs, “ Exercise Makes Me Look Good Naked” . So that will be nice having that funny song exposed to a national audience.    STUDIO 2 Once we wrapped up that recording for the radio show we headed right back to the recording studio and finished up some vocals and added a few harmony parts for the 5 songs being added to another 5 we recorded earlier this Spring. 10 songs coming on the new album with a title to be determined.   And from there I dropped him off at the airport to for his Southwest flight back home to the beach. We had a very fun and productive couple of days together and a LOT of lau