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COVID Again...Two New Shows...Happy Birthday Daughter

BILL BLOG Friday December 29, 2023   Friday morning and the last weekend of 2024 is on us. Just 40 degrees in Nashville today for a high. And we have a chance of rain mixed with snow today and tomorrow but nothing serious. No need for a snowplow.   YESTERDAY It’s going around…again. COVID. My writing session with Christian songwriter Belinda Smith was cancelled yesterday because she came down with it. Both of us had been looking forward to writing as it’s been awhile. I wish I had made a notation on my calendar for each time an appointment has had to be cancelled because of it since it broke out in 2020. A bunch unfortunately.   We rescheduled a new date to write in late January. Get well Belinda.   NEW SHOWS I added two more new shows to my 2024 calendar yesterday. Saturday night February 3 I’ll be back at Puckett’s Grocery & Restaurant with “Hits & Grins” alongside my musical friends Victoria Venier and Steve Dean . We played there on that t

2025 Date...Tommy Smothers...Chipotle

BILL BLOG Thursday December 28, 2023   Thursday morning. A bit cooler in Nashville today with a high of just 43. And they are still saying we could see a speck of snow tomorrow. Kroger run!   YESTERDAY I got back to the writing table, albeit an online writing table and co-wrote a new gospel-bluegrass song with my friend from Maryland Rick Lang . Rick always sends good ideas before our appointment which makes the job easier for me as I’ll take what he’s written, tweak some of it, add a little and then by the time he pops up on my screen we’ve got a pretty good jump start on the tune. That was certainly the case yesterday and we piled a new one on the stack of songs we’ve written together now over the past few years. It will be fun to follow this song and see where it lands in the future.   VIRGINIA Another date is going on the tour calendar for next year. A return trip to Stephen City, Virginia on December 6 in 2025 with Linda Davis and Lang Scott as our

Quiet Time...Post Christmas Deals...Taylor Yoko

BILL BLOG Wednesday December 27, 2023   Wednesday morning on the rise. 59 for a high but I did see a 4-letter word in our forecast for this Friday. S N O W. We’ll see.   YESTERDAY And what a quiet Day After Christmas it was. Still feels like the holiday for sure…lazy. I did get to the gym though so I had that going for me. And so far it’s pretty uncrowded. I’m guessing that will change after New Year’s Eve when so many make a resolution of getting back in shape. That rush lasts about a week or so before folks return to their normal…normally.   Or they buy some workout equipment for the home and never use it. I did find out that treadmill is a darned good place to hang your laundry so that wasn’t a complete waste of money.     And I did watch a bit of a couple of the three college football bowl games that were on yesterday. You can tell we have not got to the great games yet as at least one of the teams playing had a losing record and STILL got into a Bo

Christmas...Missouri Show...Ice Cream

BILL BLOG Tuesday December 26, 2023   Tuesday morning the day after Christmas. And the weather is still great. High of 57 today.   YESTERDAY Our Christmas was pretty quiet. It rained all day but we didn’t care. My wife and I exchanged gifts and I got this winner.      I’m a big ice cream lover and can’t wait to make our own in this bad boy. First sample coming up later today.        And I also got this new ballcap from my wife. Not sure what she’s trying to tell me but I see me wearing this on stage and folks nodding their head thinking “isn’t that right”?     And we snuggled up on the couch and watched “Home Alone” with our kids over in Germany on the computer. That movie still makes me laugh every time.   And I hope you and yours had a great Christmas as well. And now it’s on to a New Year in a few days. Hard to believe.   NEXT SHOW That would be the show in Missouri for GCMA (Gateway Country Music Association) that I’m looking forward

Merry Christmas From The Whyte House

BILL BLOG Monday December 25, 2023 Christmas morning! No White Christmas. In fact we’ll have a high of 64 after reaching a high of 69 yesterday on Christmas Eve. We’re getting heavy rain today. I’m thankful the temperatures are warm…otherwise I’d be buying another snowblower.   THE WEEKEND A very quiet Christmas weekend at the Whyte House. Ate too much Christmas food for sure. We exchanged gifts virtually for the first time ever with my daughter and son in law over in Germany. This was the gift we opened on Christmas.   Really cool. The candles heat up, the blades spin and the scene turns round and round. I mentioned this on my Facebook and I’m still debating putting a mini weenie on the end of that shepherds crook leaning over the fire. Nothing says Christmas quite like a roasted weenies.   Watched some football, couple of Christmas movies and exchanged Merry Christmas greetings with friends all over the country and last night I joined a conference c

Canadian Homestead Song...Last Nights Show...Christmas Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday December 22, 2023   Friday morning. Christmas weekend with Christmas arriving Monday morning. Yesterday was the shortest day of the year so that means starting today each day will start getting at least a LITTLE longer. I’m past ready for that.   With that said, we’ll have sun today in Nashville with a high of 61. Not bad for the end of December.   YESTERDAY I had a great writing appointment with my talented red headed friend Andrea Pearson at my publishing company as we worked on a song that we had mostly written the last time we met and Andrea wanted to make the song even stronger. Good call on her part and it is a much stronger song about an old farm up in Canada that’s been part of her family for generations. It’s a wonderful true story that we poured into this tune that I’m pretty sure she will not only record but will shoot a video of the song on that property someday. She still sees that old farmhouse where her grandparents and grea

Road Ahead...Grandma Got A Glock...Last Show of the Year

BILL BLOG Thursday December 21, 2023   Thursday morning and it will be a busy day. High of 55 today in Twang Town.   YESTERDAY With an open day yesterday I took care of some Christmas things. Geez…4 danged Santa days away. A year flies by so fast. I think part of that comes from being busy. You stay busy and then one day you post in a blog, “A year flies by so fast”. It do. It really do.   SHOWS One last show for the year coming up and that’s it for 2023 dates. More on tonight’s show at the end of today’s Blog.   SHOWS AHEAD But…2024 looks to be at least as busy as 2023 has been. No complaints. Here’s a look at where I’ll be in the first quarter of the New Year so far with more dates to be added.   Jan 21 in Wright City, Missouri for a 2 pm show for the Gateway Country Music Association.   Jan 26 & 27 in Memphis with Freedom Sings USA writing songs with veterans.   Feb 17 in Hawkinsville, GA at the Opera House with Linda Davis , and