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Road Ahead...Mozambique...Weird Lawsuits

BILL BLOG Monday November 6, 2023   Monday morning…start of a busy couple of days and then it’s road trip time again. Oh, and you turned your clock back one hour right?   THE WEEKEND A largely uneventful weekend as I took some more time to put this cold to rest. Whew. Most surely feeling better but it was a dandy to say the least. And I know a lot of others who are down with it as well. The good news is I’ll be “road ready” for the trip this week that includes a house concert with Brent Burns Wednesday night in Foley, Alabama.   And then Thursday through Saturday I’ll be playing at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival once again in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach with my “Hits & Grins” trio that features Steve Dean & Victoria Venier and me. Looking forward to that.   A MOVIE I did watch a movie that I liked over the weekend on Prime “ Gran Turismo ” which is based on a true story about Nissan racing finding a kid who was a gamer and played their very realistic rac

Poke In The Arm...New Song Release...Mr. Knight

BILL BLOG Thursday November 2, 2023   Thursday morning arises in Music City. It’s just 29 degrees as I begin this blog early this morning but it will warm up to 61 and keep warming up for several days after. Back in the 70’s come the weekend.   YESTERDAY It was one more day of cancelled appointments because of this lingering cold. I finally got so tired of feeling bad that I called my Doctor who got me in and gave me a little steroid shot combined with a prescription and the good news is I think I’m feeling a bit better this morning. What’s the old saying?   “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired”. Yep. That’s how I’ve been feeling.   I’m grateful for a little relief this morning knowing I have four shows starting next Wednesday down in Gulf Shores.   NEW MUSIC I got a nice surprise in my e-mail this morning from Australian artist Alan Mackey who is set to release a song I wrote with him and young producer Angus Gill last year titled “ She Always Da