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Opening Day...Odd Garth Movie...Show In Virginia

BILL BLOG Friday March 31, 2023   Friday morning, the last day of March, and a road trip to Virginia happens this morning. Got a little rain to deal with along the way.   YESTERDAY Man, we are having some gorgeous days in middle Tennessee right now. Sunshine and the temperatures have been hanging around 70 degrees. We have a little view of Old Hickory Lake outside our windows and when the sun is out like it is these days it’s truly a serene sight. Good way to start my morning every morning. Cup of coffee, sun coming up over the lake outside my blogging window…hard to beat.   I got to the gym, got completely packed for the 9-hour trip to Virginia that starts in a couple of hours with Linda Davis and Lang Scott for our show in Stephens City VA tomorrow evening. Looking forward to seeing and spending a little time with my sister Vickie over there.      BASEBALL I did take in a bit of Opening Day baseball yesterday. All is right with the world now!   

Great Music News...An Ohio Show...Opening Day Baseball!

BILL BLOG Thursday March 30, 2023   Thursday morning and it’s time to pack for another road trip. Sunshine and 72 for a high today.   YESTERDAY With no writing appointment yesterday I had zero excuse for not getting out and helping trim shrubs and pick up leaves and doing a little landscaping. Remind me to never not have a writing appointment. If I ranked the things I hate doing most, lawn work would be somewhere near the top. Today I’m finally getting estimates for how much it will cost me to asphalt the entire lawn and the beds that grow weeds. They’ll be calling me a lawn pioneer once it’s done, and my back will thank me. But it was a beautiful day in Nashville…and today is Opening Day for baseball!   GREAT MUSIC NEWS My friend Brady Seals has been in the recording studio a bunch. The former member of Little Texa s and Hot Apple Pie is one of the most creative guys in this town for my money and sings his tail off. So he tells for his solo album the fi

A Fox...Studio Songs...Potholes

BILL BLOG Wednesday March 29, 2023   The last Hump Day of March is rolling in…Wednesday. A high of just 63 today with sunshine.   YESTERDAY It was a lazy Tuesday with nothing big on the calendar. We did mow our lawn for the first time this year, a sign that real Spring weather is coming soon off this cooler weather we’ve been having lately. So a quiet day of catching up on a few of those catching up things and checking out a BIG OLE red fox that decided to drop by in our backyard that my wife caught on her cellphone. Made me thankful that we have no hens in a hen house.   MUSIC I did spend some time lining up a recording session on a song with my co-writers Andrea Pearson and Josh Shilling on a song we re-wrote this week. Josh actually recorded a male version of our song in his home studio and in a few days Andrea will go in studio to record a female version of this Contemporary Christian song the three of us co-wrote and love. Josh just slayed his version

Rewriting...A Tragedy...Upcoming Shows

BILL BLOG Tuesday March 28, 2023   Tuesday morning in Nashville and it’s turned cooler here at the end of March. Just 60 for the high today with a low dipping down to 36 tonight.   YESTERDAY It was a morning of re-writing with my talented friends Josh Shilling and Andrea Pearson . A few months ago we wrote a song we all loved but it didn’t feel completely finished. Josh caught that, as did my publisher. So yesterday we sat down and did a re-write of this faith-based song and added a new verse and changed the title. Pretty sure we took something good and turned it into something better. Andrea recorded a version and Josh will do the same so the song can be pitched either female, male or duo acts looking for songs with this kind of content in the lyrics.        Josh and Andrea are both incredible singers. Andrea is in high demand singing background vocals on a ton of hit records and Josh is the leader of the incredible group Mountain Heart and also is record

Busy Weekend...New Shows...Great Movie

BILL BLOG Monday March 27, 2023   Monday morning…last week of March has rolled around believe it or not. Nothing but sunshine ad a high of 70 in Music City today.   THE WEEKEND Mine started Friday morning with a co-write with Thomm Jutz at his house where he built a recording studio onto the house he bought several   years ago. And like me, Thomm tends to be a pretty fast writer as he can spit out amazing lyrics SO quickly. So Friday morning I showed up at his house at 10 and played him the first verse of an idea to see if he liked it. He did, and by 11:15 or so we had this wonderful new song with a great message about being grateful for the blessings in one’s life.   Besides teaching songwriter classes at Belmont University here in Nashville Thomm is a gifted guitar player and producer. So the minute we finished writing this song, he spun his chair around in his studio and had me to into the vocal booth and we recorded the song in “demo” form so we could

Boston Rhymes...Shiloh...March Madness Weekend

BILL BOG Friday March 24, 2023   Friday morning and the weekend is on us. 78 for high today and we’re on alert for what could be some nasty weather tonight.   YESTERDAY I caught up with Rob Bellamy out in the Boston area online and wrote a new song from an idea he brought to the table about simple living and how it’s not a bad way to live. Sort of like how I grew up in Missouri. I got a nice bonus out of it when his wife Ayla Brown who does mornings for the country radio station in Boston and is a talented singer songwriter herself. In fact Ayla finished top 5 one year on American Idol .   She had been out walking and came in and introduced me to their 8-month baby boy Barrett better known as “Bear” who was of course too cute for the room. It was nice to see how greet things are going for the entire family. Could not be happier for them.      GETTING READY FOR VIRGINIA I had lunch with my friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott at Cracker Barrel. I was d

Replenishing...Rewriting...New Show

BILL BLOG Thursday March 23, 2023 Thursday morning and it’s warming up. 76 today, heating up, with storms on the way because of the rising temps.   YESTERDAY I had an off day that sorta kinda got filled up with stuff to do. Guess that’s what happens when you have an off day. I ran and got a new order of CD’s for our “ Hits & Grins ” trio as we sold all of our second CD. And with road dates ahead in Texas, Louisiana, Virginia, Alabama, and Arkansas…we’re going to need them.     REWRITE I tweaked the song I wrote with my Air Force veteran Christine Brooks this past Saturday at our Freedom Sings USA retreat in Murfreesboro, TN and sent that to her. Her story now in a song that we’ll record sometime later this year which will be special.   FRANKLIN TENNESSEE And I also added another show to the calendar with  Steve Dean and Victoria Venier and our “Hits & Grins” at the Terry and Wanda Seay house concert in Franklin, Tennessee on Saturday evening Aug