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Bluegrass Folks...The Road Ahead...Sue Happy

BILL BLOG Wednesday November 30, 2022    Last Hump Day of the month…heck, last day of the month! And we sort of rumbled into the last day with loud storms rolling through last night. We were on the edge of that storm that spawned some twisters in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas last night. We got off lucky.   YESTERDAY I wrote a new bluegrass song with my longtime friend Steve Dean at my publishing company. When I walked into Billy Blue/Daywind yesterday, coming out of our recording studio was Joe Mullins of Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers . I’d never met Joe, and knew he had a radio-music background much like I’ve had. Found out he still has ownership in three small radio stations in Ohio, and that his Father was a legendary broadcaster I knew of “ Moon Mullins ” who worked radio for years in Middletown, Ohio just north of Cincinnati where I worked on air for 12 years at WUBE Radio.     I also found out that Joe and his great band are about to reco
BILL BLOG Tuesday November 29, 2022   Tuesday morning and it’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be the last day of November. Up to 68 degrees here in Nashville but with that comes the chance of some severe storms later today. 40 million in the country could be affected by severe weather today. Heads up.   YESTERDAY Gosh, what a wonderful evening I had last night helping celebrate the birthday of my dear friend and “Evening in the Round” music partner Linda Davis that was done in style last night at the Grand Ole Opry House Studio A where they used to film “Hee Haw” back in the day.    Linda’s husband Lang , and her daughters Hillary and Riley did an incredible job of putting this together. Linda had no idea how many folks would show up to help her celebrate her birthday. It truly was an evening full of talent and love. And family members of her from Texas made it in, including her sister, and Lang’s family including his sister were also in the house from South Carolina.   

Cyber Monday...Cowboy Christmas Song...Plane In The Wire

BILL BLOG Monday November 28, 2022    Happy Monday morning. The turkey’s gone, and Christmas is on the way. Yikes.   THE WEEKEND Lazy weekend for me. Leftover turkey, lots of football, and we got our Christmas tree up in the stand and it’s ready to decorate. My wife and I are both feeling better now after a bout of COVID so we’re grateful for that, and we’re ready to attack the week ahead. And no, I didn’t do any Black Friday shopping.    Apparently there were small lines at retail stores this year. Less people got run over by those trying to get that Big Screen TV and air fryer on sale. And all of that is because online sales this year is breaking all the records. 9.12 BILLION sold online on Black Friday.   CYBERMONDAY That’s today. Followed by Leftover Tuesday Sales then Wednesday’s “ We Still Got Stuff To Sell ”. I have a small Christmas gift list this year but have zero clue what to get any of them. Sigh. Apparently there a great deals to be. had on t

Cracker Barrel Turkey...New Show...TV Theme Songs

BILL BLOG Friday November 25, 2022    And now it is truly Black Friday. Let the pushing and shoving begin. 63 degrees here in Nashville today.   YESTERDAY Thanksgiving was a tad different around the Whyte House as my wife Kathy was still recovering a bit from COVID. Almost 100%, but we let her rest up, and that meant our daughter and son in law did not gather around what would normally be a bountiful turkey table. Turns out my great friend Lang Scott , who’s part of our “Evening in the Round” trio with Linda Davis and me found himself in a turkey conundrum too. Linda went to the beach with her girls, and Lang and to hang in Nashville because of work. So, we did what any good red-blooded good ole boys would do. We had turkey at Cracker Barrel. Uh huh.     We rocked the chairs and a caught up, had a great Thanksgiving meal, and left the checkers and golf tee game alone as we didn’t want to look “ignorant” playing that danged golf tee game.      Turned out

New Song...Last Night's Show...Happy Turkey Day

BILL BLOG Thursday November 24, 2022    Happy Happy Turkey Day to All. It’s going to be 69 for high today!   YESTERDAY On Thanksgiving Eve I had the pleasure of writing a new song with my friend Irene Kelley at my publishing company. And she came bearing this gift.   That’s Irene’s brand-new CD that’s SO good and I’m proud to have landed a song on this album that we wrote a couple of years ago, “Satan Get Behind Me”. Our mutual friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge stacked on some sterling harmony parts on the song as only they can do. Pretty nice early Christmas gift.     Irene is from Pennsylvania originally, was on a major record label for several years, and then transitioned into the bluegrass world. And the music more that fits her beautiful Appalachian voice as you can hear on the current single from her album “ Come Some Winter Morning ”. And…we did add a brand-new song to our catalog yesterday.   THANKSGIVING EVE NIGHT Folks were looking for s

Warm Turkey Day...A New Christmas Song...Musician Hall of Famers

BILL BLOG Wednesday November 23, 2022    Hey…it’s Thanksgiving Eve y’all. Start basting.   YESTERDAY I know I’m starting to sound like a broken needle weatherman, but gosh has it been beautiful in middle Tennessee for the past few days, and it will be better today on Thanksgiving Eve and spectacular for Turkey Day itself. Sunshine, few clouds and a high of almost 70 tomorrow. That made getting out of the house fun yesterday. Mundane things, servicing a car, washing it, doing a little Christmas shopping were all fun because of how gorgeous the day was, and the fact that I’m feeling so much better. I’ll take it.   AND While sitting in a Toyota shop waiting on them to service my car, I finished up the first new song I’ve written in a month and a half because of being gone on the road followed by a week of not feeling good. Every now and then one needs to turn in a song to their publisher, so it just felt good to be in a ‘normal mode again.   AND THIS DIDN

Thanksgiving Eve Eve...Two Golden Guitar Nominations...Show Tomorrow Night

 BILL BLOG Tuesday November 22, 2022   Tuesday morning. Two days until Turkey Day. Hard not to brag about the weather in middle Tennessee these days. 59 today, then lower 60’s on Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day.   YESTERDAY After being sick for several days, it was nice to just sit at my desk and address the stack of “stuff” that’s kind of piled up. Amazing how not much else matters except trying to get better when the ole sick bug gets ya. Certainly glad to be feeling more like me.   I’ve got a writing appointment tomorrow morning, the first in over a month after being on the road, and then feeling like a Peterbilt hit me, so I’m looking forward to getting back to rhyming again. And then tomorrow night I’m back on stage at the Listening Room here in Nashville with this group of talented songwriters, hosted by my young friend Taylon Hope who’s coming into her own these days. It’s a great venue for songwriters, great cold drinks, and food, so come on out and enjoy a musical

Out of the Woods...No Ocean In Missouri...Show This Week

BILL BLOG Monday November 21, 2022   Monday morning, and it’s officially Thanksgiving week…already. And I’m happy to be out of the woods with COVID. Something to be truly “thankful” for this week.   THE WEEKEND It was a pretty lazy weekend laying around and getting better and even back out into the world for a bit on Saturday. That felt good. The weather has been really nice here, cool, but sunny. But on Thanksgiving day in Nashville the high is going to be 63. This is not Buffalo…thank goodness. I don’t think they make snowblowers big enough for 80 inches of snow do they?   AIN’T NO OCEAN IN MISSOURI I saw that the song I wrote with fellow Missourian Becky Denton got the most airplay for a week this past October on Palm Tree Radio, which is a Trop Rock radio station in the UK that’s on the internet. Who knew they love Trop Rock music in Europe too?     I’ve loved this song since we wrote it, and I’m glad to see it’s getting some attention. Perfect timing as it’s gett