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Frank Brown...Bluegrass Winning Friends...Flying Cars

BILL BLOG Friday September 29, 2023 Friday morning and we’re into the last weekend of the month right into October…already. 86 today and up near 90 all weekend in Nashville.   YESTERDAY At the last second my writing appointment got cancelled as I was on the way to my publishing company for that appointment. We rescheduled and I used the time to finish up a comedy song idea I had started with Wil Nance and Brian White a couple of days ago. One of those tunes they call “Bus Songs” because you can only sing them on the bus for your friends.    And I spent some time on the phone with my friend Brent Burns in Gulf Shores as we’re talking about adding a show on Wednesday November 8 just before I’m down there to play the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival . Details should be coming on that within the next couple of weeks.      This year at Frank Brown I have two “Hits & Grins” show with “Hits & Grins”. One will be at Lulu’s and the second show will be a

Writing With Neighbors...Blast On The Bay Schedule...New Video

BILL BLOG Thursday September 28, 2023   Thursday morning arises in Nashville with a little noise outside my window. Some loud thunder and heavy rain going on in the wee hour of the morning that will give away later to a nice day with a high of   YESTERDAY I wrote with a couple of songwriters who are neighbors to each other out in the country. Wil Nance and Brian White both have beautiful properties that butt up against each other. So yesterday Wil walked across his yard into Brian’s and we wrote a fun song in Brian’s writing room that he built on his property that has a bunch of his music plaque’s and number one records hanging on the wall including “Watching You” for Rodney Atkins .   Wil too built a writing cabin on his lot that has his number one plaques on the wall including “She’s Everything” for Brad Paisley . I have GOT to get me a cabin like that!     All three of us will be in Port St. Joe, Florida in a couple of weeks for the songwriters festi

Funny Song Write...Mo Mo The Missouri Monster Film...The Po Po

BILL BLOG Wednesday September 27, 2023   Last Hump Day in September is here…Wednesday. A warm Wednesday. 88 for the high today.   YESTERDAY I had some writing something fun with Wil Nance yesterday out it his place and got a tour of the new home he’s building and that he hopes is ready to move into come December or so. Up high on a hill, three stories with balconies that have a gorgeous view. And a danged ELEVATOR!   How does a hillbilly from Missouri (like me) wind up with a house on the hill?   Well, if you write a smash hit like “ She’s Everything ” for Brad Paisley and “Roundabout Way” for George Strait …it helps. Proud for him and his family as he’s worked hard at his craft for a lot of years and it shows in his songs.     I’m pretty sure the song WE wrote won’t build his garage, but I do think it’s going to bring some laughter anytime either of us play the song.   Wil will be joining me and these other great songwriters at the “Blast on the Bay”

The Voice Kids...Shows Ahead...The Office

BILL BLOG Tuesday September 26, 2023 Hello Tuesday morning. It’s getting darker sooner, which I really hate. But it’s still warm like summer. 89 the high today.   YESTERDAY I wrote with The Voice 2020 winner Todd Tilghman for the second time yesterday. Todd’s been busy out on the road is getting ready to open a show for Josh Turner which is a great pairing. Todd has been a preacher, but these days because of the success he had on “The Voice” he’s doing a lot of singing dates, traveling, and writing songs.   So it was kind of cool to write a new song with him called “Preacher Man” which has part of his personal life in it. Fits him pretty well to say the least.   It’s great writing with kids from American Idol and The Voice because I get to hear their stories about their experiences on the show. Todd chose Blake Shelton for his coach after a 4 turn chair but told me he almost changed his mind and picked Kelly Clarkson who loved him. His audition was in A

The "Quacker"...Dollywood Again...Road Songs

BILL BLOG Monday September 25, 2023   Monday morning and we’re into the last week of September. And we are officially into Fall now. Although the temperatures don’t agree with that as we have a high of 87 expected here today in Nashville.   Out east where my sister Vickie lives they’re getting drenched with water from Ophelia. And in the mountain states of Idaho, Utah, Montana, Oregon, and Washington state?   Snow already. Then add another tropical storm named Phillipe forming out in the Atlantic and you can see the weather is all over the map right now. Literally.   THE WEEKEND Friday morning jump started my weekend with a songwriting session with the “Georgia Quacker” Gerald Smith. It was great seeing Gerald as it’s the first time I’ve sat with him since he’s been sick, and he had quite the battle to say the least. So to see him up and running and more importantly “rhyming” words with music again felt great. And our mutual friend and former American Id