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Buffalo Story...Top Of The Chart...Horse On A Ceiling


Monday June 10, 2024

Monday morning is here…you can’t stop it from coming. Back to work. 81 and sunny in Nashville today.



CMA Fest just wrapped up last night and Nashville will get a tad quieter now. Country music fans dropped over 70 million dollars while they were here going to concerts, renting hotel rooms, paying for Uber rides,, drinking on the pedal taverns and in the honkytonks, and buying fanny packs and cowboy boots. Thanks for coming y’all.



Mine got jump started Friday morning with a songwriting session with Georgia native Ethan Phillips as we sat down and wrote a new tune together. But not before he told me the craziest story about playing on a bison ranch out in Wyoming complete with a bison harvest. Uh huh. You had to be there, but Quinton Tarantino should be directing this story into a movie. All of that made the songwriting session way more interesting than normal.




Kristy’s new album “Let It Burn” got a heck of a great review online from Alan Cackett who writes about all things bluegrass and reviews those kinds of albums.



He said about the song “Sometimes Things Don’t Go Together” that I wrote with Wil Nance and Lisa Shaffer, “The buoyant Some Things Don’t Go Together is a rambunctious break-up song full of joyful positivity”. Thank you Alan. And here’s that JOYFUL POSITIVITY that you can listen to.


And Kristy put this VIDEO out where she talks about the song “God Never Made A Mountain” that I’m a writer on as well.



I find out over the weekend that the “Let It Burn” album became the #1 most downloaded bluegrass-folk album by radio last week.  Awesome. Congrats to Kristy, producer Jerry Salley, Billy Blue Records and all the songwriters on this great album.




Over the weekend the former CDC director admitted that COVID mandates (shots) were destructive and ineffective.


A new study says that for Alzheimer’s patients eating pomegranates can help alleviate symptoms and that the results they are seeing are promising.


A dietitian claims that eating a half spoon of cinnamon a day is good improving blood sugar, insulin resistance, blood pressure, cholesterol, and inflammation.




It’s important to hang to what ya got.



So, we have our own Cirque du Soleil show coming to Nashville July 2-28 that will be a mixture of acrobats mixed with country music. The show is called Songblazers.


I’ve seen three or 4 Cirque shows through the years. Always highly entertaining. Should be fun watching a gymnast contort to a Jellyroll song for sure.



Dollywood is America’s favorite theme park right now according to a poll taken by the National Amusement Park Historical Association nudging out Disney World. We’ll, I’ve played music in Dollywood a couple of times and it truly is a beautiful and fun park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.



They put out a list of world record “Largest Things In Each State”. So I checked every state I’ve ever live in to see what’s the largest danged thing.


Missouri…my home state…largest hot dog cart. Uh huh. (I would have thought they might have selected the largest “Arch”…but no.)


Illinois…has the largest thing ever removed from a stomach. (I don’t want to know)


Indiana…largest high heel race.


Ohio…largest chicken dance. (Been there…clucked that in Cincinnati.)



Tennessee…the largest gathering of people wearing duct tape.


Wisconsin…has the world’s largest lawn mower parade.


And now you know.



Did you see the 100 year old World War II vet who got married at the reunion of soldiers in Normandy last week on the anniversary of D-Day? Harold Terens is pictured here with his new bride Jeanne Swerlin who is 96. Wow. That’s not only cool…but it’s optimistic as well. 




104 year old New Yorker Vivian Levy gets up every morning and takes a taxi to the gym where she swims 45 minutes a day. And she bikes and she takes hikes.  Wow. She does crossword puzzles to help keep her mind active. That’s a lot of candles to blow out.



I do like a good steak so my attention was drawn to the list of Best Chain Steakhouses according to steak lovers in a poll. They ranked the top 13 with the worst being Logans.


The top 5 includes Black Angus, Morton’s, Flemings, Fogo de Chao (a Brazilian steak house) and the favorite at #1?


Capital Grille.



I kind of like Longhorn…these folks not so much as it was ranked #11.




Family Finds Beloved Horse Dangling From Ceiling: “We Aren’t Sure How This Happened”.

 Quite the ceiling ornament there.



I’m writing with Kennedy Scott for the second time. She’s a great solo artist as well as being a member of the all-girl group “Three Times A Lady”. This is her singing lead with them on a song that’s on their new album that’s out. The song is “You Don’t Knock”. 



 Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with this morning.


Have a great Monday!



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