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Trio Write...Wildflower Too...Reds Baseball Today


Thursday May 23, 2024

Thursday morning on the road to Cincinnati to catch a couple of baseball games. Hoping I’ll get no rain there today as we’ve had so much in Nashville. More heavy rain yesterday…HEAVY and more coming for the next week. I’m going to have to start wearing a pair of floaties.


A shorter Blog today because of traveling.



1 dude and 2 girls yesterday as I wrote a new song with my friend Lauren Mascitti, and Kristen Leigh Bearfield. We wrote an idea that I brought with me that was fun and the mandolin that Kristen plays sounds like it belongs in this little tune.


Everyone is busy with their lives and careers. Kristen is about to be the host of a show called “A Little More Country, A Little More Faith” that will be airing on the Singing News cable channel. And she and I wrote what will be the theme song for that show with Bob Minner who’s out on the road playing guitar with Tim McGraw. Congrats to her.



And Lauren just stays busy a lot writing and playing solo shows and show with her great all girl trio “Three Times A Lady”.



 It’s hard getting the three of us together more than 2 or 3 times a year but we need to write more often as we’ve had two of our songs recorded over the past couple of months including this great song “Come Back To Me” that’s on the new Darin & Brooke Aldridge album that features Lauren singing harmony with Darin & Brooke.



Good writing day yesterday.



That will be June 18 & 19 when I’ll be in Heyworth, Illinois writing songs with veterans once again with Freedom Sings USA. This two day retreat will be held at the American Legion Post 624 there in Heyworth and we’ll have a songwriter show June 19 that’s free and open to the public and the writers will be introducing the veteran they wrote with, and then will sing that veteran’s song that was written earlier in the day. That show will start at 7 pm.




My friend Darin Aldridge gave me some good news yesterday when he told me the song Wildflower Too that he and his wife Brooke recorded was the most played song last month on Bluegrass Junction which is the go to radio station for bluegrass lovers on Sirius-SM. Wow. Thank you to the folks at Bluegrass Junction for loving the song so much!




A second person in the US has now been infected with bird flu.


Dentists warn that chewing ice can lead to chipped or fractured teeth and increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Okay, okay I’ll stop!


April 2nd became a notable and very good day in California when the state announced there was not a single COVID death reported.




Yep…some golfers are playing it where THEY lie.



Sales are everywhere for Memorial Day weekend. We already know about mattresses. Now comes word that Yeti coolers are 20% off the regular asking price. Cool. So you can reach for a cold one while lying on your new comfy mattress. Sounds like another “You might be a redneck if” from Jeff Foxworthy don’t it?



A new study says marijuana use now exceeds daily drinking in the United States. So I’m looking for Willie Nelson to run for President. Talk about a mellow White House. And I’d bet he’d replace the Rose Garden with something else.



You’ll find me in the ballpark in Cincinnati for the business man special as the Reds play the Padres. Hoping the rain they are calling for will get out of the way long enough to get the game in.


Have a great Thursday!



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