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Memorial Day Song...Reds Ballgame...Swinging High


Monday, May 27, 2024


Monday morning and I’m back in Nashville. I hope that we all spent a minute or two over Memorial Day weekend being grateful to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. At the end of today’s Blog I’m sharing a memorable song I helped write that’s appropriate today, more than any other day of the year. Be sure to check that out.


And yea…people got out and traveled. On Friday TSA broke a record as 3 million passengers went through airports. Busiest ever on record.



Friday night I saw some kind of great Reds baseball game as the Reds beat the visiting Dodgers. And Great America Ballpark that sits on the Ohio River was packed…sold out.



There were a LOT of Dodger fans in the house. Funny story. A husband and wife sat down right in front of our little group and the husband was wearing a Reds shirt, but his wife was wearing a Dodgers jersey shirt. I told him that he seemed like a nice man, HOW could he let this happen?  He replied, “Happy wife, happy life”. Nuff said.



The Reds got ahead, then the Dodger came back with a three run lead, and then Jonathan India made the stadium go bonkers when he hit a grand slam. Reds win.


Our pitcher hit a couple of their players and then the Dodgers hit two of ours and I’ve never heard such loud booing. And I did get to see Shohei Ohtani play who went hitless. There were a lot of Dodger fans and Shohei fans in the house.



Such a good time. My thanks to the Menninger brothers Jack and Jim for getting tickets right behind home plate. And it was good to see Jack’s wife Cheryl who I had not seen for a long while. Great night in Cincinnati at the ballpark.




I saw that my old steel guitar play Kenny Holycross was playing for Bobby Mackey who I’ve known forever. Bobby has his own nightclub that he’s rebuilding so he’s playing in a temporary building for a couple of years. And the place was 5 miles from my hotel.



So I made a very late stop just to walk in and see Bobby and Kenny and the guys in the band whom I also know. Lots of old music stories and lies went around a table while I was sitting there. The band and Kenny sound as great as ever.



Bobby actually recorded this song of mine “Looking for Audrey” that I wrote with Linda Davis & Bobby Tomberlin so it was really great visiting with him and the band again.



Some great chart news came in over the weekend as two songs I helped write landed on the top 10 list for Bluegrass Today one of the leading charts in bluegrass music.


Blue Collar Gospel” by Jerry Salley & The Oak Ridge Boys is at #6 that I wrote with Jerry & Rick Lang.


And “Never Too Lost” that I wrote with the artist Troy Engle is at #10.


 Yep…that do be some good news for sure.



Man we have had our share of storms this spring. We had another healthy dose of tornado watches and warnings and lots of rain over the past couple of days. It just won’t seem to stop this year. We were luckier than folks in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and parts of Texas though as at least 15 died from tornadoes. Sunshine is expected here today with a high of 84 which will be welcomed.



A health coach says that one cup of hot chocolate a day can help shed pounds as the cocoa is packed with fiber, which satiates hunger.


A man claims he lost 40 pounds and cut 10 inches off his waistline by walking, making protein swaps, and drinking vinegar. (If me losing weight depends on me drinking vinegar?  I got no shot)


For those of you who like your fish uncooked…some good news. Some food experts say sushi is MOSTLY healthy.



My daughter Heather picked up my love of roller coasters when she was very young. And she and her husband love anything that gives one a thrill. They’ve ridden coasters all over Europe now, and we rode a few with them when we were in Germany recently.


She once parasailed over the country of Columbia when she was an airline attendant which I so would have done, but over the weekend and during her wedding anniversary she got on the world’s highest swing in the Netherlands…Amsterdam.


I THINK I would have done that. Life to me is FEELING like you’re living. I wrote a song called “Heart Up In My Throat” that talks about that.


I’ve hiked down a canyon full of rattlesnakes

Rode every roller coaster that’ll roller coast

I Ain’t got a death wish

Make no mistake

I just love to feel my heart up in my throat


Yep. LIVE your life folks. Do something that makes you feel like you’re really living.


Experts here in middle Tennessee are saying the cicadas will be gone shortly. They have been really loud. REALLY loud this go around. I don’t think many here are going to miss them. I’m hoping some of the heavy rain we had yesterday floated some of them out of here.



A Tara Terry just captured a Guinness record for being the female with the most body art of the same musician. Yes. There’s a Guinness Record for that too. She has 18 tattoos of Madonna on her skin now. 18! I’m not sure what makes a person wake up one day and think to themselves, “I have a great idea….”



Want to hear a true funny tattoo story? A musician friend of mine played a songwriter show a few years ago in the round. Three songwriters in a circle in this little venue. A woman seated behind my friend said more than once, “I have your name tattooed on my butt!” (Except she didn’t use the word butt). When their show was over she and her friend approached my friend and made the declaration again. Then her friend (both had had a few) said “show him”!  And the woman then pulls her pants down a bit to reveal a tattoo that says, “Your Name”. No telling how many times she’s told someone that…and I don’t think I want to know exactly how many have seen her “Your Name” tattoo.


22 older adults were asked what they’ve grown tired of?  Here’s a few answers I can heartily agree with.  


Flying. Yep. If possible, I’ll drive. Way too much hassle, way too many delays, way too much downtime in airports, way too expensive to park.


Daylight Saving Time. Why do we still do that? One of my favorite things about living in Indiana for a couple of years was not having to mess with the clock twice a year.


Grocery stores. More and more folks are ordering their groceries online and they show up on the porch. We do.


Going out “clubbing”.  If I’m not playing in one I have to have a really good reason to go into one these days.


Going anywhere that doesn’t have its own parking lot. On weekends in Nashville you can pay 30-50 bucks or more just to park your car near where you want to be.


Yep. I’ve grown older.



Guess who was asked to be the first Golden Bachelorette?  Susan Lucci. She said nope. She made her living as a huge soap opera star and though the Golden Bachelorette does have “soap opera” qualities about it…she politely refused. Maybe they can get Cher to say yes.



I’m so proud of this song and this moment that was created a few years ago with my friends Jenny Tolman and her husband Dave Brainard. I went to their house for a songwriting appointment with a title “Lonely In The Lonestar Tonight”. Jenny loves Texas and has recorded a couple of “Texas” like songs so I thought they might like the title. They did. I also thought the song might be written about a wife who was missing her husband, maybe a truck driver, when he was away from home doing his job. Dave Brainard had a better idea


Dave played in the Airforce Band at one time. He was stationed in Lackland, Texas. His thought was to write it about a wife from Texas who lost her husband in a war. And the song took on another life.


Jenny decided to post a simple video of her singing this song on her Instagram account. Just her and the guitar. Someway, somehow, it found its way to the widow of solider Ryan McCollom was one of 13 soldiers killed in the Kabul bombing in Afghanistan. And the family reached out to see if Jenny would come to Wyoming and sing our song at his moving memorial. She and Dave did just that. And then Fox News found out about it and did a “live” interview with Jenny and played our song right after that on “Fox and Friends.” It went viral and became the most downloaded song that day in America. 



We gave all the proceeds to the widow and son of Private McCollum and the other Gold Star Moms who lost their kids in Kabul.


Here is the VIDEO of both that interview and our song “Lonely In The Lonestar”.


God bless those who gave all this Memorial Day. May we never forget.



I’m writing online this morning with young Larry Frick who will be on his farm in North Carolina while I’m looking at him on my computer here in Music City. Larry is really great traditional country singer so it will be fun writing something that might fit him.


Have a great Monday!







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