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A #1 Album...TV Themes...Hecklers


Wednesday May 1, 2024

First day of May y’all. And it will be a warm one in Tennessee. 86 for the high.



Man, we had a beautiful sunny last day of April here. And with my calendar free I did a lot of catching up on stuff that needed catching up since I’ve been gone the last three weeks.


I did add a couple new shows to my online calendar here on the website.


July 6 at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with Steve Dean for a songwriter show.



And August 31 at Starstruck Farms with Steve and Victoria Venier and our “Hits and Grins” trio. Starstruck is the old estate in Lebanon, Tennessee that Reba used to own and it’s now an entertainment venue. The place we play in is called the Grand Ole Barn and was Reba’s big ole horse barn when she lived there. Believe it or not those old stables have been converted into rooms you can stay if you’d like.


So all the details on those shows and others are up on the website.



Wow! Some great news came in yesterday. The brand new Darin & Brooke Aldridge CD just debuted at #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart!


I’m so blessed to have not one but two songs on this #1 album. “Wildflower Too” that I wrote with the two of them that was their last single release and a new song “Where You’ll Find Me” that I wrote with my friends Lauren Mascitti and Kristen Leigh Bearfield.


Gosh. I’m happy for Darin & Brooke and my co-writers and all involved in this wonderful new album. A better couple you’d be hard to find and I’m just proud to be part of their writing team these days. Congrats to all!



The former America Idol held a couple of tickets for me for the “Three Times A Lady” album premier party at 3rd&Lindsley here in town the evening of May 16. This wonderful girl trio with Lauren, Kennedy Scott, and Hannah Blaylock put one of the songs I wrote with Lauren and Kristen Leigh Bearfield on this new “live” album that they recorded over a couple of evenings there. Our song is called “Come Back To Me”. Check it out HERE.


If you are in Nashville on May 16 do yourself a favor and come see this trio. You will thank me later.



Experts are saying that eating a small amount of avocado daily may lower a woman’s risk for Type 2 diabetes…but surprisingly it does not help men.


The FDA is investigating an outbreak of E-Coli linked to organic walnuts sold in Co-op or natural food stores.


Walmart says it’s shutting down all of its health care centers because of cost.




This is why proofreading was invented.



I recently wrote a song with a couple of other writers that we think is going to be used as a theme song for a TV show on cable to be titled “A Little More Country, A Little More Faith.” They just recorded the song in studio last week so I’m hopeful. I’ve had songs of mine used on TV and even a couple of them landed in movies but I’ve never had a TV theme song so that would be cool. 



And that got me thinking what are the greatest TV Theme Songs ever? So I pulled up Rolling Stone’s Top 100 choices. Here are the top 5.



5          Mr. Rogers Neighborhood


4          Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (I know…never heard of that show either)


3          Sanford and Son


2          A tie between the Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island


And Rolling Stone’s choice for bet TV Theme?


The Jeffersons “Moving on Up”.


All of us would probably choose different songs for our Top 5. I know I would. For me the Andy Griffith whistling song would have to be there along with “Cheers” and the “Flintstones”. How about you?


Here’s the Top 100 List from Rolling Stone.



Jeff Bezos can just keep building more mansions and super-yachts. In the first quarter of this year Amazon sales jumped 13%. They made 143.3 BILLION in just the first quarter. Less and less of us walking into brick and mortar stores. I know we’ve done our part to help Amazon grow. You’re welcome Jeff.



Get this. YouTube reportedly is experimenting with showing ads anytime you pause a video. So you get a couple before your video starts, and then if you hit pause, you get another commercial. The worst is when you’re watching something a little longer on YouTube and commercials pop in and then you have to wait before whatever you’re watching resumes.


I’m guessing one day we’ll lift the lid on our lap tops and a commercial will run before you can do anything. And it doesn’t behoove me to throw bricks at commercials as they helped pay my salary for a lot of years while working on the radio. But…a few less would be a good thing me thinks.



It’s part of the stand-up comedians world. If you do stand-up comedy long enough…you’ll get heckled. Most comedians are armed with great lines to deal with hecklers. I did stand up for a while…never got heckled…but I admire some of these comeback lines for the guys and girls on stage trying to do their show when they get rudely interrupted by a drunk or a heckler. As a general rule, you’re going to get embarrassed if you heckle, disrupt, or you’re a loud drunk at a show. And you may get picked on if you’re sitting on the front row.


Here are some great put down lines from comedians.


John Cooper Clark…”Your bus leaves in 10 minutes. Be under it.”


Arthur Smith…”Look, it’s all right to donate your brain to science but shouldn’t you have waited until you died?”


Jo Brand…”Where’s your girlfriend? Outside grazing I presume”.


I worked a few comedy clubs with my friend Heywood Banks years ago and he made me fall down laughing as I watched him deal with a guy who was sitting with his buddies on the front row. Heywood is EXTREMELY funny and was just killing the room as he always does. EXCEPT for the one guy on the front row who just sat there staring glumly, never changing his expression, and NEVER laughing at any of Heywood’s jokes or funny songs.


Finally (and I’d never seen him do this before) Heywood goes to the back of the stage and pulls out a catcher’s mitt from a box and tosses it to the guy and says, “Let me know if you catch the next one.” Still laughing at that one today. 




A USA Today article release a list of European cities that are the worst for pickpockets after polling its readers.


Here’s their top 5.



Netherlands, worst area the red light district. Germany, worst area Brandenburg Gate. Spain, worst area Las Ramblas. France, worst area Eiffel Tower.


And Italy is number one, worst area the Trevi fountain.


I consider myself lucky as my wife and I have been to the Netherlands, Germany AND we stood at the Trevi Fountain in Italy and our money was still in our pockets when we left. Except for the coins we tossed in the Trevi Fountain.



Experts encourage travelers to wear money belts, or cross -body bags and to leave jewelry, documents, and electronics in the hotel safe.



Researchers confirm 98% Of Communication Between Parents Is Shouting ‘What?’ Across The House. I think I might be guilty.



Nothing big on the calendar for the first day of May. Back to the songwriting table again starting tomorrow.


Have a great Wednesday!














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