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Veteran Nurses Retreat...The Road Ahead...Dumb & Dumber


Wednesday March 6, 2024


Wednesday morning with a road trip in front of me today. Looks like it’s going to be a rainy trip most of the way. Here in Nashville it was ALL day rain yesterday. Water we got plenty of. High of 65 today in Music City.



Yesterday morning I sat with veteran Rachel Blankenship who made the trip up from Florida (near Tampa) to sit with me and let me turn her military service story and her story of being a nurse into a song with Freedom Sings USA in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. What a great spirit she has and a GREAT laugh. She was in Iraq for a year as a Medic and saw a lot of things that would be impossible to stomach for most of us. She rode in gun trucks some as a medic and held the hands of the wounded and dying.



She got out of the Army after three years and has served in ER rooms, in hospice care and is now doing phone triage calls with our veterans. And through it all she’s learned to laugh or you go crazy. She told me how true the TV show M*A*S*H was. She served several months in South Korea herself in the same kind of situation.  Tent city. And the “gallows” humor is a real thing with Doctors and Nurses and it’s because it helps lighten some of the horror those folks see and have to deal with.


So her song is titled “I Learned To Laugh” (So I Can Cope)



All 5 songwriters got on stage with their veteran nurses and sang the 5 songs written yesterday. This is me and Rachel.


And this is my friend Steve Dean alongside hit writer Don Goodman with their veteran who got emotional as Steve was singing his song of “Selfless Service”.



These are always amazing moments when we get to sing those songs we just wrote earlier in the day with these folks. A myriad of emotions show up every time. Sometime in the future all 5 songs for these nurses will be recorded on a Freedom Sings USA CD. 



Thank you to the Office Of Nursing Services for flying in five veteran nurses from all over the country to sit with us and allow us to write their stories into songs.



Here’s what’s on the calendar for the next few weeks. 


Hot Springs Arkansas this Thursday evening with “Hits & Grins”.


Dollywood Monday March 11 with “Hits & Grins”. 



Mile Marker 165 in Orange Beach, Alabama March 13 with Brent Burns.



The Peoples Listening Room in Mobile with Juanita Smith on March 15.


Back to Dollywood on April 7 with “Hits & Grins”. 


Details on all these upcoming shows and more are on the website in the TOUR section.



A new study claims that diet drinks boost the risk of dangerous heart condition by 20%.


A man in the UK died after consuming too much vitamin D and are now warning of risks.


If you believe what your read over a BILLION people around the world are officially obese.



Yep, those short arms don’t help T-Rex.



Nikki Haley just announced that she is dropping out of the Presidential Race. So here’s our choices folks.




The Waze App (that I don’t use enough) is getting ready to give us more help when we’re out navigating. The App will soon be able to direct us to parking garages and give us the price for parking there. It will also help guide us through roundabouts AND…it will alert us to when the speed limit drops. That would helpful.


I wish this technology had been available when I was driving on the left side of the road in Ireland when we were there several years ago. I found hitting a roundabout VERY confusing as I had to stop and think hard about where I was going…opposite way…which lane…yikes!




There are some cities in the USA that will pay for you to move there according to They include Topeka, Tulsa, Rochester, NY, and The Shoals in Alabama. Now if those places would offer to send a team to box, pack, move, and eliminate stuff one needs no more?  More folks might take them up on the offer and learn to love oil rigs in Tulsa.



Enthusiastic Man Vaccinated For COVID-19 More Than 200 Times…Leaving Scientists Stunned. Yep. And his arm should be stunned and numb as well.



I’m off to pick up Steve Dean and Victoria Venier for a long trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas today. We’ll be getting in late this evening and then Thursday night we’ll do our “Hits & Grins” show at Hot Springs Village in the Woodlands Theater. Miles to go.



Have a great Wednesday!





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