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The Hot Springs Show...Not A Hot Dog...Dollywood Ahead


Friday March 8, 2024


Friday morning in Hot Springs, Arkansas…getting ready to head home to Nashville. 62 with light rain here in Hot Springs Village after some very heavy rain with LOUD thunder last night.

Because I’m rolling out of Arkansas early this morning today’s Blog is a little shorter than most mornings.



Our show at the Woodlands Auditorium was so much fun last. Just a beautiful theater to play and it was “Hits & Grins” second time getting to play there and my third.



We had a great crowd and Steve Dean and Victoria Venier both had family and friends attending. All of us love it when friends and family show up to catch our little act.



And at the end we were blessed with a wonderful standing ovation from those who were kind enough to buy tickets and attend.



My thanks to Larry Wilson and Aubrey who chose to bring us back to The Village one more time. It’s truly beautiful here on the property that stretches over thousands of acres with lakes, golf courses, restaurants and all the amenities one would want in one location. I’m sure some of the retirees here rarely leave the property. 



So goodbye Hot Springs this morning and goodbye to our little lake view we were given with our accommodations. Can’t wait to come back a third time!




Gonorrhea cases have nearly doubled in Europe amid an “urgent” STI surge according to new data there.


More than 10,000 cases of shredded cheese has been recalled in 15 states due to listeria.


According to dietitians fried foods that contain high levels of trans fat is the worst choice for those with chronic inflammation.



Yep….sort of a cause and reaction sign here for all to see.



Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson says he will fight the You Tube sensation Jake Paul, who is 30 years younger in July in Texas and Netflix will carry the fight. I don’t really watch boxing, but I might advise Jake to cover his ears at the very least.



Oscar Mayer of all folks have announced they are making plant based hot dogs to be called “NotHotDogs”, and “NotSausages.” I have no idea there will be “NotBuns” or “NotMustard or “NotKetchup” so stay tuned. And I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get a NotHotDog at a “NotBaseballPark” or not either. 





Victoria Secrets stock dropped 30% yesterday in their worst day ever as lingerie sales for them has dipped and has been dipping for a while. Hmmm.  Bet will be seeing some “intimate” discounted sales soon which makes me think about the line I wrote in “The Question Song” that I sing on stage some. One of the “questions” in the song is, “what the heck do you see exactly in a Victoria Secret half-OFF sale? Anyone?



British Woman Brings Pet Hamster’s Ashes 1,500 Miles To Finally See His Favorite European Landmarks. Things that make you think ?????!



We roll back to Nashville this morning with a bag full of great memories from last night here in Hot Springs. This was my 4th time getting to play here and each time has been a great experience. My thanks to Larry Wilson, our sound folks and everyone who helped make last night so much fun.



Next Blog will be coming to you from Gatlinburg, Tennessee as I’m getting ready to play Dollywood this coming Monday.


Have a great weekend!


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