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Road Ahead...Hall of Famers...Eagle's Residency


Tuesday March 19, 2024

And a good Tuesday morning….happy FIRST DAY OF SPRING to ya! A high of 58 here in Nashville on this Spring Day.



A pretty non-eventful day to kick off the week after a pretty good string of road dates. So I spent some if working on my “catch up” list that seems grow whenever I’m out of town.


My road schedule eases up a bit now before it gets crazy starting around August again. Part of the inactivity is because of a trip coming up to Germany to see my daughter and son in a law for a couple of weeks in April but here’s a look at where I’m at from now until July.


Sunday April 7 at Dollywood with Steve Dean & Victoria Venier for three shows at the Palace Theater.



Sunday April 28 in Kemah, Texas for “Gulf Coast Days” with Brent Burns. A big Trop Rock event that will be held at T-Bone Tom’s right on the water.




June 18 & 19 in Heyworth, Illinois with Freedom Sings USA writing songs with veterans.


You can always check my calendar here on the website for additional shows and details on those shows that are already booked.



The Country Music Hall of Fame has selected John Anderson, James Burton, and Toby Keith as the next inductees. All so deserving.


James Burton,, the great guitar player who played on so many huge iconic hits and led the band for Elvis all those years on tour. Mr. Burton is in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame AND now the Country Music Hall of Fame just as Elvis is.


John Anderson, one of the great traditional country singers ever.


And the now late Toby Keith. Sure would have been nice if he were alive for this wonderful news.


Congratulations to the 2024 class.



The hypertension drug rilmenidine has been shown to slow down aging in worms and some scientists think somewhere in the future it could extend human life as well.


A popular intermittent fasting system used by some celebrities like Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston has been connected to a severe increased risk of cardiovascular death. The 16:8 diet is about eating only during an 8 hour window and fasting the other 16 hours.


Some Doctors are now saying that a liquid-only diet before a colonoscopy is unnecessary.



This quote from the late and brilliant comedian Robin Williams.


A woman would never make a nuclear bomb. They would never make a weapon that kills-no, no. They’d make a weapon that makes you feel bad for a while.



We have a couple of Bradford Pear trees in our yard. Beautiful to look at right now but the danged things do stink like rotten eggs. Experts say they threaten the surrounding ecosystem. South Carolina is getting ready to ban the purchase of them and the planting of them and Missouri and Kansas are not far behind. Who knew?  Some even think they should be cut down.

Right now they’re in full bloom so I’m going to enjoy the view as long as I can.



Check out this map that gives the literal translation of each state and famous places in each state.



My home state of Missouri really means “Dugout Canoe” while Tennessee translates to “The Bends of a River”?



I think I found my voting t-shirt.



The Eagles are going to do a residency at that gigantic new SPHERE venue in Las Vegas. No dates announced yet but that for me would be a ticket I’d want. I’ve mentioned before that I once saw the Eagles “live” in Milwaukee when Glenn Frey was still alive and it’s my favorite concert of all time. And I would not mind seeing them in Vegas with Vince Gill who may be the best “have to replace” someone guy ever.



I’ve got a birthday coming up. So I hope my wife is reading this.




Why would Mike Tyson climb back in the boxing ring at the age of 57 to fight You Tube sensation Jake Paul?  He’s going to make 20 million dollars. Guess that answers that.



The funny folks at Babylon Bee just printed what some of your texts that you get from your wife REALLY mean. Here’s my favorite.


Text: Can u pick up some bread?”


Translation: I will text you after you wait in line and have just checked out.?



I’m off to write with Rick Lang at my publishing company today. Normally the two of us write on line but he’s in town from Maryland today so we get to write in person. Rick’s news CD of gospel-grass songs is going to be released in just a few weeks. The amazing first single “JustBeyond” is out right now and getting a lot of airplay, and one of two songs I have on this great project titled “Blue Collar Gospel” (which is the title track) will also be released in a few weeks and it features my friend Jerry Salley AND the Oak Ridge Boys.


Can’ wait to be able to share that song shortly.


Have a great Tuesday!




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