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Grass Song...Worst Driver Cities...Tornado Season


Friday March 1, 2024


Friday morning…first day of a new month. Just 50 for the high today here but it starts warming up again tomorrow.



My songwriting appointment was with North Carolina native Taylon Hope who’s been in Nashville for quite a while as she and her parents moved here to help her chase he dreams. She’s a Freshman here at Belmont University which has as good a music program as any college in the country. She decided to major in Mass Media, which was my major. So between that and singing and songwriting we have a lot in common despite the big difference in our ages. She stays busy playing venues like the Listening Room here in Nashville and Ole Reds in Gatlinburg.




Yesterday we wrote a new song that had a bit of a bluegrass flair. First time we’ve done that together. But…she’s from North Carolina, and if you’re from the Tarheel state I think it’s a law that you must love bluegrass. And she does.

 So we had a good time…got a new tune…so a good day.



I got this poster yesterday from my friend to help promote our show coming up at Mile Marker 158 located at the Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama coming up Wednesday night March 13. It will be a 6 pm start with a 5 pm meet and greet and we’ll be playing outdoors on their patio. Should be a very fun evening.



A surprising new study reveals that hair loss and prostate medication could reduce heart disease risk, lower cholesterol and more. Larger studies need to be done but encouraging news early.


An elementary school in Alabama had to close yesterday after 800 students were absent from a mysterious gastrointestinal illness that’s being investigated.


In Washington State they now have Kiosks where you can dispense a free flu or COVID test.



A guy asks his wife, “what are you burning up for dinner” and it turned out to be all my personal belongings.



Forbes released a list of cities that have the worst drivers in America. Here’s their top 5.


5…Kansas City





And the worst?  Albuquerque, New Mexico


Nashville ranked at #17. So we’ve got some work to do to catch up!



A frog with a mushroom growing out of its side?


Found in India, nobody has a clue how that happened.  All of us have had folks who have been a “thorn” in our sides, but anyone pop out a mushroom?



That’s what it is for us right now. The weather folk say from now through May to be on alert.


I remember being on air at KPCR Radio when I was young and tornado was coming through. I called the station owner at the time and asked what to do. Keep in mind this radio station was housed in a single wide trailer.


He instructed me to stay on the air to cover the tornado but to keep my eyes open. If I saw one coming to run outside and jump in the ditch alongside the road there. A ditch!  Meanwhile, he was in his basement. It didn’t hit the trailer obviously but it made me think about a DITCH being a place of safety during a tornado.


It made comedian Dusty Slay think about it as well. Listen to his TAKE on tornado ditches. Funny.



Do I have a tornado-trailer song?  Sure.  Got ya covered. Check out this "live" version of “Double Wide In The Sky” here that I co-wrote with Brent Burns. Love the crowd shouting "Double Wide" and "In The Sky"!



Husband Calls Woman Screaming After She Told His Wife Their Daughter’s Name Means “Nostrils”. Yep…that really blows.



I cancelled a songwriting appointment this morning because of needing to take care of some of those ole “catch up” things on my list. Funny how when you think you’re about to scratch off the last thing on those lists that other “catch up” things pop up and add to the list. Never ending.



I’ll spend some time pre-packing for a road trip to Hot Springs Arkansas for a show next Thursday night…and prepare a bit for a two day Freedom Sings USA writing retreat this Monday and Tuesday in Murfreesboro, TN to write with some Veteran VA Nurses that I’m looking forward to.


Have a great weekend!






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