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Show Dates Ahead...More Dunkin'...Incredible Shot


Thursday February 15, 2024


Thursday morning. Sunshine coming with a high of 67 today. The days are getting a little longer, the suns coming up a bit earlier, and baseball players are back in camp. Things are looking up.



It was Valentine Day so my wife and I celebrated yet another one. And I hope you and your Valentine had a great one as well.


I did a little pre-packing for a trip to Georgia then on to Florida that starts tomorrow with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Our “Evening in the Round Show” will stop in Hawkinsville, Georgia for a show Friday night then it’s on to Avon Park, Florida for a matinee show Tuesday.



I’m in Mobile, Alabama Friday night March 15, AND I’m about to get details for a show on the Thursday night before March 14 in Gulf Shores with my friend Brent Burns. Those are always a riot, and I’ll have venue details and ticket info to post here very soon. Always nice to hang on the beach in beautiful Gulf Shores.



Not sure how it happened but it’s looking like this is going to be the busiest year ever as far as road trips and show dates are concerned. Here’s a look at the rest of this month and March.


Saturday February 17…Hawkinsville, GA


Tuesday February 29…Avon Park, Florida


Sunday February 25…Westhaven Residence Club in Franklin, TN.


Thursday March 7…Hot Springs, Arkansas


Monday March 11…Dollywood


Friday March 15…Mobile, Alabama


Again, you can find all the details to these shows and others on the website under the TOUR tab.



A study says that doing acts of kindness helps alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.


A Colorado University study has found strict bedtimes for children could help them have healthier and bigger brains. (Makes me want to check and see what my brain size is)


Research says that taking blood thinners after a stroke does not improve outcomes.



Just like the song says that Brent Burns and I wrote, “TwentyBucks Is Twenty Bucks”…at least from the tooth fairies these days. A LOT of tooth fairies slip a $20 bill under the child’s pillow after they lose a teeth. One parent or more put a $100 bill under the pillow.


I had a lot cheaper teeth growing up…apparently. If I knew the tooth fairy was leaving hundred dollar bills…I might have grabbed my old Louisville Slugger and knocked out my top row.



We’re just pretty much numb to mindless horrific shootings anymore aren’t we?  They happen so frequently that one just goes numb. A fun celebration of a Super Bowl win means hundreds and hundreds of law enforcement folks on the scene in case something bad happens. And yesterday after the Chiefs parade…the awful happened again. Word is that Taylor Swift was warned by authorities not to show up for security concerns.


There’s no figuring out deranged folks with AK-47’s. And what more can police do to prevent such tragedies? I’m not smart enough to have an answer. Numb.



My friend, co-writer and American Idol star Alex Miller was on the way home to Kentucky a couple of days ago when a woman veered into the path of the band bus that Alex’s Father Roger was driving. The driver of the car was killed. Everyone on the bus was fine. Geez.


I’m writing with Alex later this month so I’ll have the chance to talk with him about the incident. Thinking about my friend this morning.




This is a real company’s sign…and name on the business.


I don’t suggest walking in there backwards.



The Dunkin’ Donuts commercial is getting a lot more play after it ran during the Super Bowl with Ben Affleck and his best friend Matt Damon and his wife J-Lo and oh yea…Tom Brady.


Now we find out that the funny line Matt Damon dropped, “Remember when I said I would do anything for you”? was not scripted. Matt Damon ad libbed the line and the producers had the good sense to leave it in the commercial.


Makes it even funnier to WATCH now.



The extended version of the commercial helped Dunkin’ sell out all of its merchandise in 19 minutes with the track suits they wore in the commercial selling out the fastest. Maybe the 7 million the spent on the ad was worth it.



Even if you’re not a basketball fan you should pull up Steph Curry shots on You Tube. Nobody has ever shot a ball better from long distance consistently that he. Makes him worth the price of an NBA ticket.


Before every game he comes out and fools around on the court and makes some trick shots. Fans show up early to not miss his warm up.


And look what he did yesterday before his NBA game…from the TUNNEL!



You can’t help but notice that the next holiday is President’s Day. It’s impossible to miss the Mattress Day sales offerings that are everywhere right now. How did the Presidents and mattresses get linked together?  Dunno. Makes one wonder if the My Pillow dude also sells My Mattress.



Woman Missing Since She Got Lost. Ya think?


I’m doing an online coaching-songwriting session with fellow Missourian Rachel Cintula…a follow up to a session we had a couple of months ago. Looking forward to working again with her.


Have a great Thursday!






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