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Mr. Fortune...New Show...Wild And Crazy Guy


Thursday February 1, 2024


Thursday morning and it’s the very first day in February. Sunny and 61 in Nashville today. Not bad.



I wrote with one of my favorite singer-songwriters in this town Jimmy Fortune. It’s been a bit as I’ve been busy…and he’s been REALLY busy. He and his wife Nina just got back from a country music cruise out in the Caribbean along with my “Evening in the Round” trio buddies Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Tracy Lawrence, Joe Nichols, Billy Dean, and many other artists were part of that cruise.



So we took some time to catch up at the kitchen table and talked a bit about the news that bluegrass artist Kristy Cox just recorded a song that Jimmy and I wrote with our friend Sydni Perry who is out touring with Carrie Underwood singing background vocals and playing some fiddle. 


Our song is titled “How Lucky Am I”?  I’ve not heard it yet…but can’t wait. And it will be on Kristy’s new album out soon. Jimmy, Sydni, and I are blessed to have already have one cut by Kristy titled “BlameIt On God” that was on one of her previous albums.

 And we did write a new gospel-bluegrass idea yesterday that I brought to the table that turned out great.


Jimmy stays really busy TOURING…dates with a band, solo dates and he sings with an amazing quartet produced by the Gaither Family called “Brothers Of The Heart”. Want to hear some great harmony?  Listen to their version of the old gospel song “Where No One Stands Alone” right HERE. Wait til the end when Jimmy sneaks in and hits the high notes. It gives me goose bumps every single time.



Always a pleasure being in Jimmy’s company. And I’m still jealous that he got a danged statue!



Speaking of Linda Davis and Lang Scott. We just confirmed a new show date for Saturday August 17 in Tullahoma, Tennessee at the South Jackson Performing Arts Center. Tullahoma in near Chattanooga. Show time will be 7:30 pm that evening. More details are in the TOUR section here at my website.



My friend and co-writer Adam Pope is out on the road doing a big Johnny Cash show right now.


He and his wife Amy also perform as a duet all over the country. Recently they released an album that has 3 songs I helped him or him and her write. “Playing Patsy”, "Alabama Coast" & this song “All I Need Is You”.


That album just garnered a wonderful review from the online publication “Lonesome Highway”. Click here to read the review if you like…it’s at the bottom of the page. Thank you to writer Paul McGee for the wonderful words. It doesn’t suck when folks say nice things about your tunes.



The FDA has identified potential safety concerns with the updated COVI-19 vaccines. Researchers are investigating links between the vaccines and health issues like heart inflammation and severe allergic reactions.


4 people in Washington State have tested positive for a rare fungal infection that can be deadly. Candida Auris is the name of that bad boy.


Doctor Terry Dubrow says he believes that Tylenol is far more dangerous than the new weight loss drug Ozempic.





NASA has issued a warning that a football sized asteroid is going to zoom by earth this Friday. Close enough for NASA to issue a warning. Somehow I don’t think the old “duck and cover” thing is going to help me if it hits.



Half the fun of watching the Super Bowl is getting to see some new creative commercials. The Clydesdales are going to be back for Budweiser this year…and so is Tom Brady in this funny commercial with actor Vince Vaughn.



A flight attendant suggest that you roll a water bottle under your hotel bed when you check in. If it rolls out to the other side…there’s nobody under the bed.  Tourists are targeted by trespassers and intruders…especially ground floor rooms. And now we know.



I don’t get Apple TV but I may have to subscribe when March rolls around because of comedian Steve Martin’s documentary that will be aired there. One of my all-time favorite comedians. I bought his bio “Steve Martin Born Standing Up” and took it to the beach a few years ago on vacation. I laughed out loud several times reading it. And I don’t do that a lot. If you need a few laughs…buy that book. 



It was Steve Martin who said, “Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you do criticize him, you’ll be a mile away and have his shoes.”



I’m writing with Lauren Mascitti and Kristen Bearfield. The three of us are excited because a song we wrote together last year “Where You’ll Find Me” was just recorded by Darin & Brooke Aldridge.

And Lauren was invited to sing harmony alongside Darin & Brooke! Very cool. This will be on Darin and Brookes new album coming out in the next few months.

Here’s hoping we can find some of that magic again today.