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Hawkinsville, Georgia...And OLD hotel...Ugly Early Folks


Monday February 19, 2024


And a good morning to you from Avon Park, Florida where we’re expecting sun and a high of 67 today.



Friday morning our “Evening in the Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself turned 7 and a half hour drive to Hawkinsville, Georgia into 10 hours or so. TRAFFIC. Chattanooga was one thing…and then good ole Atlanta was what you’d expect.


We had plenty of time to get to the small town of Hawkinsville, Georgia so we took it. Best part of the trip down was discovering a new cool place to eat in Jasper, Tennessee.


Great food with a great view at the top of the mountain. We’d go back for sure.




About 4,000 folks populate the town of Hawkinsville, Georgia. The towns been here awhile. And the little hotel we stayed at doubled up on us in the shower department.


Don’t know that I’ve seen a shower with two heads like this before. I finally figured out one must be for the North and the other for the South. Took me awhile.



The old Opera House in town is where we played Friday night. Built back in 1907 and loving restored and saved by the National Historic Society in the early 2000’s. 



Just a gorgeous theater with wonderful acoustics. And the nicest people run the venue. 



We had a GREAT show with a good turnout as some folks drove a couple of hours to see Linda and our show. 



Heck, we even found an old phone booth so Lang could do his Clark Kent thing before the show.



Our 90 minute set just flew by as we were having so much fun. And the good news is they really want us to come back, and we surely plan on doing that next time we’re headed south on a tour. 



Thank you to everyone involved for making our Saturday night show SO much fun!




We left Hawkinsville for Avon Park, Florida and it rained the entire trip. Heavy rain at times. So it was a slow go. But we finally got in around 5 pm or so and checked into the old historic hotel The Hotel Jacaranda.



You know it’s an old hotel when you find out Babe Ruth and Clark Gable slept here.




The elevator is like the one you climb into on the Tower of Terror ride at Disney World. You have to have an operator on the elevator with you to take you to your room. Complete with two doors that you have to close before the elevator will go up or down. Lang and I try to operate it ourselves which was a comical disaster and we got scolded loudly by older lady who had checked us in. She was not amused…and a comedy ensued that you could put into a Seinfeld episode. (You had to be there) It ended with me having to jump off the elevator as we could not even up the antique with the floor. Did I mention it was a comedy?  But…we’re here and we’ve got a story for the ages to remember. 




After analyzing blood and muscle tissue samples, researchers discovered that those with long COVID had various abnormalities in their muscle tissues. That helps destroy your ability to exercise or do simple tasks.


The FDA has approved a drug to treat severe food allergies, including milk, eggs, and nuts.


The CDC is saying “high” and ‘very’ high levels of respiratory virus activity is being seen in half of the country right now.





Or as I like to call it “Buy A Mattress Day”. I think the mattress shops should brand every mattress with a President’s name. “I’d like to buy the King Size Reagan mattress please.”



Nobody stepped forward to claim a 36 million dollar mega lotto in Florida. No winning ticket was ever turned in. Time expired so now whomever owns the ticket can’t claim the money. Somebody is going to check an old pants pocket one morning and then leave a big red mark on their forehead from slapping it so hard. Check your tickets folks.



American Idol has just cranked up for a new season. The three judges really don’t need to claim a lotto ticket winner either. Idol is paying Lionel Ritchie 10 million for the show. Luke Bryan gets 12 million.  Katy Perry will grab 25 million during her last season as a judge. Good to be a judge! Highest paid judge ever on the show is Simon Cowell who pocketed 36 million per season.



But gas prices are going up again…rapidly. Over $3 bucks a gallon again at a lot of pumps. Sigh. If nothing else, that’s going to make my “Dipstick” song popular again.



Well...Brent Burns and I wrote this song and we're grateful to this couple who proudly wear it on their backs. Thank you!




A guy buys an old Army tank on E-Bay. (Proof you can find anything on E-Bay). He buys it, and then finds 2.5 million dollars’ worth of gold bars in inside the danged thing! Looking to see if I can buy an aircraft carrier now.



Guy Pours Soup On Plane Passengers Seat He Was Taking Up Three Seats. (Surely the flight attendant scolded that passenger who did that by saying “No Soup For You!”.)



I’ve got the day off in Avon Park, Florida before a 1:30 pm show tomorrow afternoon at the Jay Wildstein Performing Arts Center with Linda Davis & Lang Scott.


The Daytona 500 was pushed back today because of all the rain down here so I may get to see some of that.


Have a great Monday.










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