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Beautiful Messes...Avon Park Show...Home


Wednesday February 21, 2024


Wednesday morning and I’m waking up in Ocala, Florida with a long trip home to Nashville in front of me this morning.



Our “Evening in the Round” trio was up early with Linda Davis, Lang Scott, and me and before the three of us checked out of our hotel in Avon Park we watched Lang & Linda’s daughter on NBC and the Today Show where she sang “Beautiful Messes” which is on the family’s Love Remains album that won two Grammy Awards. Hillary has become great friends with Savannah Guthrie of “The Today” show as Savannah has written a faith based book. So she invited Hillary to come to New York to sing the song as it’s one of Savannah’s favorite songs period. It was really a nice moment for Hillary, the album and of course her Mom and Dad. Very cool.


And then it was on the beautiful Performing Arts Center for our 1:30 pm matinee show that was truly spectacular in every way.



We had a crowd of 500 or 600 people who made us feel so welcome.



My old radio friend Jim Mantel and his wife Melinda made it to the show from The Villages where they retired. Jim in the Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame as I am and we’ve been long time friends. It was so great catching up with him and his wife Melinda and I know they had a great time. My brother Gary and his wife Kay were scheduled to be there but unfortunately my brother is nursing a cough and they had to pass on being there. Next time for sure.



All the staff, the technical crew, management team, everyone involved were so great to work with. The sound and lights for this show was really terrific and they just made our job so easy yesterday.


I met a lot of folks who had lived in different cities that I lived in when I worked radio. Cincinnati, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis were all in the house. Folks who had lived in those cities then came down and retired in Florida.  


We are looking SO forward to coming back and playing here once again.



My friend Jenny Tolman who’s a great country artist has just released a new stripped down version of some songs she and her producer-writer-musician husband Dave Brainard have produced. One of those songs is a tune the three of us wrote “If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Stay Out Of My Kitchen”. A really fun song that will be the first single being released soon. So that was some good news I received on this road trip for sure. Thank you Jenny and Dave.




I added a show on March 17 with my friend Brent Burns at Ginny Lane’s in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach in the Wharf area. Dinner at 5 pm with a funny show from 6-8 pm.


These are always very funny shows when you put two fools on stools next to each other.


I hope to see a bunch of my Gulf Shore friends at this one. Then the very next night I’ll drive over to Mobile for another funny show with my comedienne friend Juanita Smith. That show starts at 8 pm at the Peoples Room.



Bed bugs have been found at four different Las Vegas hotel in the last four months.


Men and women’s brains do work differently, scientists discover for the first time. (Was there ever any doubt?)


The CDC prompts measle awareness for health care providers. They’re asking them to be aware to look for symptoms because of the recent increase in measle cases.




The lotto is up to 500 million or more this morning. Once again, with zero chance of winning is when I’ll lay down my 2 bucks. It’s true. I’m a savvy investor no doubt.



Uber Eats will start using self-driving robots to deliver food in Japan.  That will start at the end of March in Tokyo. Wonder how those robots will ask for a tip?






On our drive from Avon Park to Ocala, Florida yesterday our little trio celebrated the good news we saw on Facebook that Vince Gill surprised T. Graham Brown asking him to be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. Lang and Linda know him well, and I know him a little…but more than enough to know how much he deserves the honor. He broke down and cried when Vince totally surprised him on T. Graham’s Sirius Radio show. Quite the moment. WATCH.



A woman goes to her Doctor. She has a breadstick up her nose, a potato in her right ear and a string bean in her left ear.


She says, “Doctor, can you help me? I don’t feel well, and I cannot figure out what’s wrong.


The Doctor replies, “Well, you are clearly not eating properly”.



It’s back to Nashville. We’ve got about 600 miles to get home so a full day rolling over asphalt.


Have a great Wednesday!


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