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A Trio...Dollywood...Groundhog Day


Friday February 2, 2024

Friday!  And here comes the first weekend of February. And it’s Groundhog Day. C’mon Phil…do the right thing. I’m tired of winter. Won’t feel like winter here today. 67 with sunshine today in Music City.



My co-writers on the first day of February were Lauren Mascitti whom many of you saw on American Idol a couple of years ago, and Kristen Bearfield who’s a wonderful female bluegrass artist and writer. We celebrated the fact that Darin and Brooke Aldridge just recorded a song we wrote together…and Lauren got to sing a harmony part on it. And Lauren’s female trio “Three Times A Lady” recorded the other song the three of us wrote. We’re on a roll!


Lauren’s trio is getting ready to do a residency at Dollywood playing the music of The Trio…Dolly, Emmy Lou, and Linda Ronstadt. The girls will be there almost 2 months I think.


And Kristen is getting ready to play Norway with a friend and a couple of other countries on a two week tour. So the girls are busy. My publisher told me there’s a grass group in Canada that’s well know that’s looking for songs right now so the three of us tried to write something they might like. We’ll see. But the song could not have turned out any better.


Great first day of February with these two talented folks.



Here’s the official poster for the songwriters series this year at Dollywood that I’m a part of. I’ll be there Monday March 11 and then again Sunday April 7 with “Hits & Grins” with my trio partners Steve Dean & Victoria Venier. We’ll do three shows each of those two days at Noon, 2 and 4 pm at the Palace Theater. Admission to the shows is free with your park admission. Come to the Smoky Mountains and see us!




The European Journal of Preventive Cardiology claims if you eat raw tomatoes and tomato centric foods you’ll have a 36% lower chance of developing high blood pressure.


Fitness experts say the right way to work out in a gym is to always stretch first before doing anything else. And then you should lift first before doing any kind of cardio. (I’m still trying to pay someone to work out for me)


New research is suggesting that music could be the secret to fighting off dementia. Crank some up folks.



Yep…old Punxsutawney Phil will poke his head out today and hopefully he will not see his shadow. OR…maybe I should root the other way as I just read that Phil has only been right 39% of the time.



Phil did NOT see his shadow this morning. So winter is done with. Unless he’s wrong…again.



This tweet from a parent.


Every conversation with a child getting ready for school in the winter ends with a parent yelling, “FINE…THEN FREEZE!”.



Survey says the most wanted gifts for Valentine Day would be these things.


48% want a nice dinner at a restaurant.


31% want chocolates.


31% want flowers.


So if you take your girl out for a dinner and then give her flowers and candy?  Home-run.



I saw an article with a list of things to give on Valentine’s Day for those that seemingly have everything. One of the suggestions was this.


It’s some kind of migraine headache cap. I think it’s a trick. I think sometimes women get sick of looking at us guys sometimes so they slip one of these on. Do not ask me how I know.



The George Richey Estate is suing Showtime over his depiction in the series “George and Tammy”. It was not a flattering portrayal. George Richey was married to Tammy Wynette after George Jones. And the stories about both George’s are legendary. We’ll see what happens with that lawsuit.



Darius Rucker was taken into custody here in Nashville. Two counts for being in possession of a controlled substance. Minor drug offense. No surprise right? I mean he was a member of the BLOW fish at one time.



To Edie Recagno Keenan Ceccarelli who will celebrate her 116th birthday this Sunday in Willets, California where the town plans to honor her long life with a parade. 116!  And she’s most excited about having carrot cake with strawberry ice cream on her birthday. We should all be so lucky.



When I turn 116 though…I want Mac N Cheese. Somebody take care of that please.  



I’m writing with a Georgia boy named Ethan Phillips for the second time. Looking forward to that.



Saturday night I’m at Puckett’s in Franklin with “Hits & Grins”. Great venue…terrific southern food. Show time is 8 pm. Hope to see some of you there. Do call for a reservation though.


Have a great weekend!