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Virginia Grass...Upcoming Schedule...Ghostbusters


Tuesday January 30, 2024


It do be Thursday morning and it’s the next to last day of January already. Starting an early spring warm up apparently. 60 for a high today and 68 by Saturday. No complaints from me.



It was back to writing again at my publishing company Billy Blue. Yesterday morning Addie Levy, a Virginia native joined me and we wrote a bluegrass song about her Virginia roots. Something specifically for her that might work well when she’s on stage singing and picking. And she does both. She sings, but also plays guitar, fiddle, and mandolin. With mandolin being her primary instrument of choice.


Addie played for years at Dollywood as a strolling musician for the tourists and in some of the shows there. These days she’s traveling the country and playing a lot in bands. She just returned from a tour of California, Idaho, and Colorado. So her name is getting out there more and more. She walked into a writing session I was leading in Gatlinburg a couple of years ago alongside my friend Brady Seals and it was easy to spot her talent. And you knew she was going to have a long career. I’m happy to be writing some tunes with her. Including the one we wrote yesterday.




Show schedule wise here’s what’s next on my calendar.


This Saturday night I’m with my “Hits & Grins” trio at Puckett’s in Franklin, TN. 8 pm show…reservations are a good idea.



February 17 at the Hawkinsville Opera House in Hawkinsville, Georgia with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott.



February 20 in Avon Park, Florida with Linda Davis, and Lang Scott at the SFSC University Center Auditorium.



February 25 at the Westhaven Resident’s Club in Franklin, TN with Steve Dean for their songwriter series.


March 7 in Hot Springs Village in Arkansas with “Hits & Grins” at the Woodland Theater.


March 11 at Dollywood with “Hits & Grins” for 3 shows. Noon, 2 and 4 pm.



March 15 at the Peoples Room in Mobile, Alabama with comedian Juanita Smith.


And I’m getting ready to add two more Freedom Sings USA veteran events. Both of them in Illinois cities. A songwriter night at a church in Westmoreland, Tennessee, and a possible Parrot Head show in Galveston. Look for details on those soon.



This picture made me smile. Jenny Tolman is an artist that I’ve written with a lot alongside her talented husband producer-writer-musician Dave Brainard. The last song she put out we wrote together is this one, “That's How I Got Married In A Honkytonk”. So the two of them had a baby boy they named Bear who just turned 1 year old this past New Year’s Eve. My daughter is a New Year’s baby so we share that in common.


When a female artist has a baby things change. It’s not as easy to tour or keep singing because of new demands on their time. Some quit the business altogether. And then some get creative like my friend Jenny here and keep singing with the little on in the studio. I’m trying to find out if “Bear” is singing harmony yet.



Elon Musk’s new company Neuralink just planted the first brain chip in a human. It’s designed to let you just think what you want a computer to do…and then the computer will do it. Sort of like a “look” and “click” type thing.


Plastic surgery deaths have spiked among US patients who traveled to the Dominican Republic.


A new health report shows the mortality rate is going down, but cancer is increasing in younger, middle aged patients.



That’s the name of a great song that Hall of Fame writer Matraca Berg wrote years ago. A lot of artists have sung the song. But yesterday I was reading an article about Don Henley of The Eagles (my favorite band) and he mentioned that every time he heard Trisha Yearwood sing “Dreaming Fields” it moves him to tears. Wow. That was good enough for me. So I looked it up and listened. I now understand why he said that. Just thought I’d share that with you HERE today.



I like this car wash much better than the Methodist Car Wash where they just sprinkle your car with water.



In Las Vegas all the private jet parking has been sold out. Dang. And this is the year that I SO wanted to take my own private jet to the game. Right.



There’s another Ghostbuster movie coming out in March. Bill Murray & Dan Akroyd will be back in “Ghostbusters Frozen Empire”. Who ya gonna thaw?  If they get slimed on in this one…it’s going to freeze. Can’t wait.




Now a train at Coney Island derailed. Why? Missing bolts. So they forgot to tighten the bolts on an airplane, and forgot to check for bolts on a train?  Do they not inspect planes and trains anymore?  Whenever we take a plane or a train I guess we need to do a walk around inspection before boarding. Oh…and take a screwdriver in your carry on…just in case.



A North Carolina school just removed all the bathroom mirrors to cut down on students filming TikTok videos. They discovered some students would visit the bathroom 9 times in one day to go in and shoot TikTok videos. Since they’ve been removed they have noticed a steep drop. Quite the addictive craze. I don’t Tik. Heck I don’t Tok either. I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate My Space.



I saw a sign that said, “Watch for children,” and I thought, that sounds like a fair trade.



I’m writing online with young Larry Frick over in North Carolina and a friend of his name Allie Lamb who I will be meeting for the first time today. She’s a friend of Larry’s and has a song idea so Larry reached out to me asking if I would like to help them write the idea. I’m in.


Have a great Tuesday!